管理 / 2018-08-15

Window closing a window, or when to go home, we will see a ginkgo tree.One is surrounded by tall buildings, the body was dressed in golden clothes ginkgo tree.    It is not high not low, it coincided with a long body of a teenager.Already winter, from afar, it is striking to a golden extraordinarily angry.Although the wet weather as it has been painted on the vicissitudes of expression, although it occasionally passing pedestrians cast indifferent expression, it is still standing upright with robust body is not for me or show pedestrian pupil yellow color, every night as the transfer of personnel weather forecast for pointing us to be where the winter sun.But, my heart felt out of it alone.    Completed a busy day of work, I would hide in warm houses can be himself, to the whistling wind, the world’s indifference, the night of the desolate are shut out.Open the oven, take a book, light orange will warm up the room.At this point, I think lonely ginkgo tree, for me to imagine that carrying a small orange light to warm its icy Bing Xin’s body, and I think it brought a book, let it dry hot tears moisten soul , filled the desolate drive away around it.It responded to my silence, moonlight looked, I can still see straight trunk determination to meet the cold sting in an open-minded.    Lonely ginkgo tree, experienced a busy spring and summer of lush fruits of autumn, winter withered.There are only warmth in the winter to replace a set of dazzling clothes.And after leaving it crazy to show off is terrible trembling, naked exposed to the sun in the rain.It is set off that was on it suck milk through yellow leaves, and finally reluctantly but helpless drift down, falling fancy stepping on sidewalk.    I think it should not be afraid of loneliness.In the lively during the day or in the silence of the night, our hearts will have a lonely existence.And so I face the lonely white ceiling almost suffocating, become more sober.I like a lonely lane in the rain, like a paper umbrella propped lilac girl, seems hopeless and full of hope.Let me lonely in the face of materialistic society intrigues, inner moment of sorrow, after a restless anxiety will be quiet, if Autumn.    The lively greeting set off a lonely quiet beauty, warm sunshine spilled lonely soft, scant night shows deep loneliness, lonely expanse of prairie rolled out calm, but winter was singing the ginkgo tree lonely tragic.    We should not be afraid of loneliness, it is impetuous the fruit, it is the crystallization of reflection after countless times.    Written on December 17, 2013