Turned into a bird

管理 / 2018-08-16

Leisure day, his thoughts are easy to fly.Reading, writing, thinking, seemingly perfect rhythm of life is moving very slowly.Directionless day, emotions come and go, meet people and see things beyond the mind seems to be free door.    Reading Cao Wenxuan’s “mountains, there are statues,” read the root when the birds are long-legged coaxed back to the mountains of ore that section, I was very worried about the fate of the bird root.For a dream to a girl named Zi Yan, the birds leave the mountain root of his life, began his dream trip.However naive kind of fool was the root of birds covered with lily of the Grand Canyon in the ore, the root of the bird’s fate seems to have become elusive.But good heart and God’s arrangement while filling the root of the birds can get rid of the immediate difficulties, again to chase his dream.With the help of the Grand Canyon one-eyed old man who, after a piece of burned roots birds eat the seed can make people forget the past memories of pearl fruit in a deep valley, and finally re riding on his white horse back, He fled the nightmare of many days to.Story in the book about the roots of the bird is only so for some, but I was curious to know the story with roots birds fled after the Grand Canyon.The reading process, the root of the birds and the fate of my fate closely linked together, as if Cao Wenxuan described by none other than the root of the bird, and it is my own.Cao Wenxuan good at writing children’s literature, he seems to be able fictional story reminiscent of the text is the hero of our own.Reading, thinking I put input, so I put into the embodiment of teenager.The story of childhood dreams, childhood, landscape of childhood, and never found pleasure as if they are back.With the way the hero adventure, smiling all the way, all the way to dream, my joy and courage seem to be renewed.    Had also read about another book “bronze sunflower” Cao Wenxuan, that piece of the world as described in the text gave me a very moving.Bronze and sunflower, two unrelated siblings but allows people to continue to move forward.Inside every scene as if all I had the same dream many times.Warm, kind-hearted, sincere, simple.All the love and all the views are enough people to tears.    It seems that we really have to have a dream, whether it can be achieved, keeping in mind always makes the road look forward to.