34 childhood memories

管理 / 2018-08-17

34 childhood memories, the magic of autumn fall, the crops have been recovered barn, showing a school of earth laid-back scene.Rural people, the beginning of the large trees in the village, leisurely enjoying the breeze.In fact, the weather is not too hot, people of the village, sitting under a tree, but the harvest is brought in to relieve their inner joy.It is a comfortable breeze blowing, people began to talk with a number of related topics happy harvest.  Leaves of the tree, then began to have a few pieces fall to the ground as the autumn wind swept up the.Ordinary people, does not care for such leaves; the elderly it is different, they will be at a time like this, no reason to sigh up.The sound of the old man’s sigh, usually do not disappear with a touch of sadness; children do, pick up the leaves in his hand and makes a nice pattern of leaves and looked at him, and then leaves again thrown on the ground, foot smash.For children, this season leaves worthless, but is readily pick up a plaything short of it.  A couple of days time, at first very warm autumn, suddenly changed the pace of travel, like a frightened deer, autumn began to frantically run up in every corner of the village and the mountains, their rapid pace and panic , no matter rampage hard rock or soft leaves, shall not give way to so stiff collision with.Sometimes, you will hear the wind hit the stone body, issued crisp sound, you follow the sound of the wind to see the stone is struck, it seems like the stones intact.You might think that perhaps the wind suffered heavy losses it?However, the wind was still running and in the wild in.Wind and Stone, who suffered a heavy crash it?It takes time to make a judgment.  Year after year, time for people to see, and wind hit those rocks, changed the original appearance, but the wind is still solid in the wild in my dancing.Some stones, scattered into pieces even under the impact of the wind!In this light, the wind is from the heart to hurt stones; invisible fist with the wind, the stones hit into internal injuries, so that the stones in the passage of time, bear the suffering and distress of heart illness.  It leaves on the trees, running wildly in the autumn wind, after another out of the branches, fell to the ground constantly up.Sometimes the wind would catch the leaves in his hand, and let the orphans from the mother, to show the last moments of life in the beautiful sky.Child, watching the sky floating leaves, hearts will be excited joy.Children do not know that it is the demise of life.Or in the child’s eyes, even if it is to understand the demise of life, as it is also beautiful demise.The old man’s sad, this time also mixed with a dash of joy, or the old man to see would be a similar beautiful paradise right?  Common people, in the autumn season crash into the village, can not help but give birth to life is too short to feel sad.Indeed, in that wild autumn crash, the demise of life is too fast too shocking a.Autumn with its own form of sculpture and the destruction of all things dare to compete with it, even if it is hard stone, still can not resist the autumn in accordance with their wishes it carved into a beautiful legend, or destruction fragmented into a pile of rubble child.  Standing in the autumn of farmers, although sad, but it does not stop the hands of manual labor, they used baskets home hug from being blown autumn leaves, warm home livestock pens, get a good fertilizer for the coming year.Rustic farmers know, by the autumn winds have destroyed all the good that will be next year’s spring wakes up and re-shape.