All the way to Long Song

管理 / 2018-08-23

Total immersion in the dream dim, shallow sing a yellowing of mind.Showers early break leaving a residue of the night, washed out dust, alone evening lamp swaying Love.  - Inscription (a) those songs swing in the mortal world, and still my heart sing, never forget.  Life, always hear this song, how to listen, listen to enough.  My favorite type of Xian Xia Song.Song, there is the distant and unreal arena; songs, Jiangnan misty rain misty my dreams; songs, there are teenagers ribbon with Pathetic; song, a little bit down the roots of cinnabar.Love dash mill consumer, search cents tone, wear rings lack of independence, the original gentleman, still jade.Singing all the way, the vast Red, Song Weiyang.  So, I love the Dong Zhen, like the natural heart.As if I was the song sung by the roots.Luoshan light solution, alone on the cold boat, nostalgia pulp sound lights in love is to ask the wine month.Willow sound, watertight Lianmei, eat only some red yarn Man, startled nocturnal flying.Who saw me, pretty crescent, such as waist month.  (B) Mo song, a cappella me all the way, never stop.  Song Weiyang, on the road, consider difficult.Climb a thousand mountains, is not dangerous journey.  I use three feet long sword, cut off clusters of thorns; I use cool song, sing to make the earth desolate.I like the end of the horizon singer, long piano, playing the finger injury strings broke, the old Yan Yan new fall.Spring and autumn, even before the desperation, the people until it is tired, remains the same.  I wandered in reincarnation Cheng pulls this world, let me wandering footsteps, pulling my dream song to make peach memories.Carry a sword, I gently singing in the mortal world, sing my youth without any regrets, I sing together for years of infatuation and love.I believe that between heaven and earth this tiny I will have difficult Yan Qu glory.  (3) failing to consider Yonder cents tone, singing songs to the days of famine around the soul, a cappella Happy wind, sway Jian Qi, such as rainbow, drunk alone among shady.Numerous and flourishing, sigh long-cherished wish, to come to an end even magic, they still laughed: do not regret this life.  Suiyueruge, search cents tone, I always believe, to the days of famine song, still Xiuyun full summit.  August 19, 2010