As proud as the plant alive

管理 / 2018-08-24

Since the plant-like pride alive text / Shannon hit the books for many years, and used to like to walk alone to the suburbs, looking at those plants, the heart is quiet and joy.Side of the road, mountain, covered with plant shadow.Walking the way, when the hand of the will against the wind, with a special atmosphere share, blowing.Roadside lot of unknown plants and flowers, cocklebur, when read, do not know what plant, under that day to return home on the hillside I saw this cried cocklebur plant.    Cindy flowers on the hillside, plain, yellow.Reed fluttering in the wind, sweet-scented osmanthus tree flowers Montreal.Will there be personal, like plants, always, always be by your side?Seasons, intertwined roots in the ground, shoulder-length leaf in the air.There is a state of life, it is as proud as a plant alive.Mountains and plains of greenery in the spring, they told people, this is a good time.    Grass, wildflowers, trees, with their vitality, showing the nature of spring.With hope, with the strength and vitality of the efforts up.It is like our youth, dreams leap, trek in the footsteps of former Fangyou Guang.Not afraid of the dark and frustration, courage firm.And spring plants, together, growth, flying ideal.In the summer heat endurance test of the plant, is walking on the road of thorns and difficult rapids us to be met, these plants are small, with small body, with high temperature resistance attacks.In the wild wanton, under pressure growing    .We gradually matured, through the summer, the plants bloom season, we enrich the experience.Is the harvest season, and the fall, full to the brim of joy, happiness firmly Dangdang, many plants bear a rich fruit.Plants in autumn, laughing, slapstick.Fruits of the earth, like we went to the autumn of life, the experiences have been through a lot, the Institute also learned a lot.Plant this time, head bowed, all the joy ah.We do it not?Autumn come to life, stable career, children grow up independent, stable families properly, emotional maturing.What also find it?Only release, pay.    Fruit plants give to the world, we give life to tender.If winter comes, all the plants have put away their own publicity, content and depth, silently thinking.People will grow old, will be more wisdom.Come a long river of life, saw, heard, done, love the pain, everything is clear sky.Winter plants are bred in energy, waiting for the next spring, exudes own color.Snow pressure pine, plum blossom in full bloom cool.Really the winter, they are more charm when the external is no longer important.It became the last journey of strength of character support, old, calm.Life, as proud as the plant alive.    Not those in power, not to bow to reality, do not pay the price for the hypocritical, not to worry about things not want to see.Just so proud to live, regardless of spring and transformation, regardless of precarious, always with their own roots to absorb nutrients, always leaves to breathe the air.In reality, to see more luxury downtown to see more destitute poor, saw a lot of wind spend snowy night.I thought, when can like plants, clean and pure alive.Just as quiet listening to the voice of the earth, just as the sun is passionate affectionate look.Simple and pure.We are all alive a plant ah, grown in the rain, singing at sunset, smile in the morning, in the four seasons of reincarnation.Most with a clean heart, guarding the sun and the moon, placid.    Micro-channel public number: ZL523704792