管理 / 2018-08-26

Every year you pick a bunch of azalea, hold back thoughts inserted in vase.Then her face, silently in frustration and lost in melancholy.whether?That is a worry from afar and blessings?Why always unforgettable lonely state of mind?What seemed like a previous life owed?This life but unconditional repayment?We can not forget the memory of the story very sad in.Always stand up to stir the past, only the tip of the tongue could set off another world.    Disappeared before I fall collection of mature, survived the winter of hypocrisy, the shame people can not see Acacia, dropped into tenderness in spring.Rain stroked my poor, let me beautiful once again in front of you, let you immersed infatuation to wither.Even a brick vulgar roots, even flowers to Si Yi people even if your heart never to leave another person, I have given much thought to do everything possible to meet in the.Without waiting for the merciless heat, I will retire with the youth to find the final resting place at Cheng Cheng loess.    For many years, do you still have not found that I was open for you red Xinrui?whatever you?Which one to take, I will for you to share a melancholy, I appreciate every time you are near me, maybe you do not care about, your eyes already burning in my heart.Nags you really want to ask loudly: Why love is so unfair?    Love in the sigh sad to the extreme, but you do not want to forget.Million times asked myself, why is this?A thousand times the answers are somehow.Heart liquid penetration in your indifference to the face to smile.While my gaze was fixed, would not easily Looking back, but when you fudge midnight, I dare to do a scumbag, act as your dreams, or sleeping exposed bare hands, imprison me too excited new love, obsession with the love of the white peek.    April is intolerable memorable days of my life.Despite all the beauty, desire and expectation, just to get you Yubi hug, just to be able to close your mind before, just to pull me from the distant to you.    I azalea