Butcher Knife Set preface

管理 / 2018-08-29

EDITORIAL As long as Lu Xun, you can often see such comments, saying his words like a dagger, like spears, meaning that Lu Xun’s article is very powerful, powerful lethal.Today, nine out zixuanji dish and the name of the said knife, does the dishes nine thought your own text even more severe than his old clan Lu Xun?of course not.Good knowledge of Lu Xun, the fight should be a strong public opinion, or that dish nine, when he Lu Xun elderly and people struggle, often home to play, and nine food is sitting in his office who marked the site come.Lu Qiang dishes weak, without saying men.As for knowledge, it is nothing more dishes nine academic foundation; notoriety know who militancy Well, not nine dishes to communicate with people very public, not fond of competing with them would also be conducted as one of nine signature dishes; it is really impossible ratio of Lu Xun start.If the dish nine out of character a little value, is nothing more than Quweicunzhen to do some work, which should be calm and kind words, facts and reason.As a result, food nine text should not only nothing to do with the knife, even with daggers, spears also suffer not touch.But the final text of these dishes nine out of its proper trajectory, and gradually less calm, and became daggers, spears and even a butcher’s knife, I can not completely blame dish Nine, it is mood of the times dictates, the so-called situation than people strong is also.  Originally Well, dishes ninety-one academic layman, happened to be purely academic territory in a cameo, things that minor, purely entertain, to have been beneficial and harmless.If the first Internet era, nine dishes without nationality nationality in the name of the head a little too familiar, would like to make it quite easy to Opinion, in order to influence, even more never expect.But in the Internet age, it’s all changed, no head unfamiliar opportunities, can not be an obstacle, as long as find a suitable site to register, you can put your own private Opinion was posted out, over time, will also have a lot of audience.Ever since, entertain you, it may become widely known, became public circulation point of view, it is a matter of course will be judged with the non.Although the dish nine always feel good about themselves, but also prepared to accept a negative situation, after all, mortal Well, how can you not make mistakes.Misfortune but the food is much more to blame than nine out of breath, more of a diatribe.I do not know ye, vegetable nine of talking the outrage committed, aroused public manure, surrounded by all kinds of bad language coming, sometimes Shan eyes to see, but also considerable momentum.Because these are often too spectacular sight, even folly dull as dish Nine, we can not help but be of a scene in the flesh to be explored.Originally Well, just brandish nine dishes on their own sites guys, feel good, then poor self skill, but also entirely their own thing, and no one else.But the principle of things are unpredictable, nine food stations on the ground, where the graves might just be the brightest hero, Ever since, vegetables brandish nine will inevitably move people’s graves, moved people of the pregnancy, in which case, people acrimony is forgiven.Truculent face of the world, moving the graves of nine people will feel uneasy dish it, of course not.Nine ground stations vegetables, has always been their own sites, as you put in graves security here, or that the graves at the foot of the dish Nine, it is definitely not wrong dish nine.Yes also scolded, nine vegetables Well, how can there be so much virtue, of course, also like to add some emotional content in their text, so the guy is equivalent to their own hands quench the fire as a result, aroused the public will more manure.Nine dishes once said that he is open tanks, various size of the vehicle and collided with nine dishes given no absolute good, Han Shan Yi, hard to shake the dish Kau Well.This does not, dish nine more hard to brandish his own guy, a closer look, surrounded by a broken arm and a broken leg, an ear, Shino surging Swear sound mixed with the graves were dug wail again and again, the food can not help the hearts of nine a move: Could your guy is the type knife.But the food nine hard-hearted enough, and therefore will not stop there.Not to say the rookie also has the virtue it, I do not know how 放下屠刀立地成佛?Here is a bucket, in order to fool vegetables Nine, crossed the really difficult – because of the word vegetables Nine, have fame or fortune, but also hated.Dish nine stop, it will offend the favorite dish nine, and no dishes to please the nasty nine.When this occasion, although nine dishes stupid, but also know how to choose.  Recently Mongolia flying military grove of bamboo moderator please, to come up with a dish nine wangwen zixuanji, so the dish nine first thought his lethal quite strong words for the collection with the publication of a.Forest Brothers friendship, in this first thanked, as to smooth the publication, the Commission may carry on in the day.Choreography about the content, the first three are nine dishes such text in the most representative, most self-rated health were slaughtered force.Three did not intend to income on the basis of this “eternal ghost Banquet” re-structure, as long as a little known vegetable nine, most will read this article.But the network is there anywhere to join later, the world is never the Internet resembles the people, for the convenience of the reader, not only to avoid duplication, the article income.He Zhili, Wang Shuo and other ancient poem inclusion in the event, quite obviously neither fish nor fowl, vegetables nine move, this is a little light for the amount of body text, interspersed among long-winded, with flaccid nerve reader.This is used to do a little editing trick nine dishes, the reader dwellers do not look to be the wrong Jane.Forever Cheng Qianfan a text selected, so that dishes nine hesitated again, this article really infuriating is absorbed, there really is the most authentic butcher’s knife, but the big play of the 900 killed vegetables, will inevitably undermine the worthies Qingyu.But in order to understand the process of nine pairs of old dishes, or the old man is also quite happy to see this dish nine super knife handle of it to the edge of the.Nine dishes virtually do without the old man and wanted to do or inconvenient to do, Mr. Dawei also carry old pregnant.  This collection is not yet regarded as zixuanji nine dishes, since Empress Wu, Sima Qian Zhu Wen dish nine Yipo proud, it is not selected, only because they can not conform to the image of a butcher’s knife, can only afford to spare.Focus on the text of a little veteran users, it should all be seen, you can skip without looking, I inform you.    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