Composing New farewell to the old Huan strong

管理 / 2018-09-01

Aloof, chaotic days the only spiritual dream; elegant earth, there are thousands of beautiful fairy love!    Those who wish all actuated by the hibernation, peach blossom want without anger.A while two fish swimming Chuk Yuen, two cottages, a chilly river spirit, in.Youcao call the two sides across the intoxicating Italy, floating step Qingyun see Wan grass a little red, and instantly see all new clothes, view of the river clouds filled the air, regardless of what.There is a raft in the river, from passers-by to be normalized.Arrow into rafts, Penny a support, a grip Sheng Xiao, Ying smoke and the inlet, then see kiosks.    Ting good, old inscriptions diffuse off, stick a finger seat, smooth as new, amazing man.Guzheng a booth, incense ash as a new off shore.Look around, the river of smoke long, there will be thousands of miles away who Fuqin No?Sitting for a long time, puzzled and puzzled it out of the hand, her garments breeze floating hair, quite the feeling, Fu Qin said, “Cheonggyecheon pavilion song”.Qu said: strike makeup, makeup strike for Liu Fu Yi Fu new wide; see Sound of the new pavilion welcome song, one thousand hundred pro-life situation.Stream shadows, blue sky clouds, looking over the water, the sun can not afford to static too busy, noisy downtown.    Bomb, bomb, tired of empty booths led past; people can dream beauty way to come, a recall thousands of silk thread.Thatched flies outside the bamboo mountains, mist long, green thing to wake up tired, trouble too quiet, quiet quietly.    I think past their girl Jianjun and red gills, fog Sijun miss today and not see, feel the beginning of yesterday’s dream return and clouds of fog, wind and rain scared broken sad lament Yen.    Man River Dance boiling steaming wave regret, that home will be many new flowers?Thinking back to the moon and the stars the fearless care, early sonata white men intended to regret.    Faint, Soul gutting, what boat?Whistling, travel thousands of magic, chaotic, busy saving people stream.    Qu strike, days of street light rain, cool breeze suddenly do, do not shout shade, attitudes and sad, why also cover?    Boat no boats, no Peng row houses, where are born for, why and go?Rain is more than tears, long days at, there are people today who seek?PC World Phi carrying a paper umbrella and look for people today, Chennai, Chennai!How to find it coming, I take hold cloth cry, the king can no security?Void flip down booth dripping, piano curl, and a hybrid stream accompanied by one thousand tear bomb.Boarded the raft, sailing line, but not when I do not know pavilion, pavilion not see me.Four weeks filled with river mist, I go where to go?    Wake up, no fog cheeks Lian Lian, want to stream more than, anyone remember?Last night dream around the kiosk, touch the piano and love.Recalling the matter still more than today, thousands of survivors of the situation Shijue.Have you not dream of Iraqis haggard, sighed outside the Castle, and the king can help me with a long memory, it can be a lonely person I Zhongjue.Heart pain, and who may be able to Chennai with complaints?    Sit dressing table mirror, see the man in the mirror Utah United States.I, peony beautiful and fragrant flowers, the immortal beauty of integration and the name, and persevering love one thousand troubled.Si stricken outer birds such as green shadow, is finally drops hit the window paper.The paper has been wet, can not break.In view of the years, several flower embroidered on the window paper plum, branches and dependencies, not long off.    Live off the wind, rain go off, people never forget plum fall.Sin worry visitors as unripe, bird calls sunny, avoid dark day, the only tears pouring without breakdown, Chennai I go, I went to Chennai?Depressed empty house, no matter new nor innovative, Hunhundundun too, today and as of yesterday, Yi Ting fog after me, I do not know a few people depart, also fluttering into the sea, also fell ashore.Moon sea life, this time horizon altogether, I read that people can not forget once selfless and months, if so, I can do nothing; jade demeanor off the shore, alone in the desert to what I read that people had not ever forget the selfless, If so, why do not I Chennai?    See Pavilion away love, missing fog pavilions, to round tears, vanilla where I can at Chennai?Wind swing I wake up, when good Beihen, also according to management chaos, how boring do not worry about me Peony?Pieces harm pavilions, echo waves come, return to the past, tragic pain that I can no more?