Dandelion spiritual terraced rice paddies

管理 / 2018-09-02

Childhood lost, in addition to time and trajectory of life, and once owned.Hold true owners, the heart will suddenly see the light.Life, the past will eventually come, go also remain high, coming and going around people and things, all fades away, and soon after we were too old, too old, everything is as misty clouds.Only, engraved with the words crush faithful silent and watch, there have been stories and memories still clear, but not deliberately recall and put down, no longer obsessed with Gouqiu.  Like childhood memories of flying dandelion, face the fate of the dark and wasted years, what little dandelion no change, but it has its own unchanging faith.Although dandelion looks weak, go through rain and wind, all the way to stumble, but still will not say bitter, not sore, stuck to their dream of flying.And a dandelion, flew into childhood small skylight, take root in the mind desolate land.  Dark, bitter, pain and parting, life test of life.Let us know, in this world, in addition to Elixir of Love, as well as wind, frost, snow and rain, thunder and lightning.As Buddhism “This is nothing more than the Buddhist hell ages, a Buddha, a study magic,” we have to remove the shadow of the heart, to get the heart of the beautiful and happy.Eternal love and courage is our hearts endless dandelion!  Finishing the old thing, I remember fragments are incomplete, but it is to continue every minute.During the day busy with no time to pay attention to their fat or thin, only at night to pick up some read like, immersed in those unfathomable music and text, get addicted to reading some of the shallow, indifferent to the loss of some.Like, with wings text, thoughts exile in the mountains between clouds, free flying, everywhere shelter.Ye Hao rain, snow worth mentioning are the natural condensation, falling naturally, I also want to delight nature, natural to do.Just as the moon rises the same time every night.  Years of wind and rain tempered, gentle blossoming pick, or stiff petals, strung spring, summer, autumn and winter wind chimes, listen quietly, slowly goods.Companionship of Books, in word soul, the soul of walking in terraced rice paddies, rightly, does not leave sigh.Personality varied, some forbear, some generous, some rich, some broad, some deep, some wisdom, as I say, as long as there is a good heart full alas!What will settle after more or less regardless of superficial or not, life is experienced joy tempered.Like with ink-oriented, character, supplemented, when put to the outward fragrant flowers are planted.Exactly between the lines, how many puzzling mystery, the magic number has favored, deserves left not abandon?  Causal relationship between life and thought, is like saying the relationship between doing.Perhaps, only the text can be unified with their thinking, so that some of the frustrating things disappear without a trace.Sadness and joy are also melt in time brewing Yuye Joan stuffed in dance.The memory of the dandelion, mountains and plains, lush countryside, rich Mizusawa.Supports the weight of the wind gentle feather, I do not know where Huhu leisurely drifting.So, young dandelion dream follower track Huhu leisurely.  Xi Murong poetry, wrote: “Let us sail away it, even a dream, I am willing, crossed with you, joys and sorrows of this intersection valleys and peaks.”.Some stories thin, some personnel faded, some of the love away, some of the lingering moved.A friend said self-love and treasure, only to live this life bother to go back; love it or hate it, the time can not turn the clock back.Like a friend’s words, now popular on the network a “if you well, I was glad,” it expresses the friendship between friends and cherish.Deliver warmth and comfort and a better mood is so simple!  Everyone’s heart, there is always a Wang Qingquan, flowing pure image.It is to his young fountain of youth, as long as still flowing, people will not grow old.  Childhood is gone, but took off a tender coat, but put on a thicker mask.