Dreaming Seamless

管理 / 2018-09-05

Tan Meng Si yo no trace, month Manjuan curtain hanging fragrance.Elegant butterfly fluttering light, fragrant Ferries sail wind Yi.Dreaming Seamless, Fangfei bloom, fragrance Man whisk, in this beautiful night, flying thoughts, quiet Enron, quietly fall asleep Tian, sunny morning, dream no trace, sail swing incense, fragrant overflow and, after lingering in the gentle swing of harbor…    ———————— Inscription Tonight Light Shusi Xu leisurely, quiet month, intended to dim, small building fiber dream last night quiet.Flipping, playing open string, string string ensemble v Heart Yin.Peach wedding day coincided with sweets, water-borne fiber clouds dream, XingHuaYu Splendor elegant, Zhuyuanyurun rhyme, poetry drunk according pillow dream, Dreaming Seamless swing, waving played chord Yin.    You Meng month down, sigh wedding day, thousands of miles, wings to fly, heart Xiangxi, parting Italy, Su Jian frequent complaint affair, geese think of returning home carrying a dream flight.Dream flower sweet flower Think of the phrase, Faldo Zen Buddhism comfortable.Flowers before a flower condensate tears, tenderness Hearts Department of dreams.Charming flower sections breeze, swaying light dance harps Yin.    Illusion intoxicated intended concentration, the surplus volume fragrance, lotus dream drunk Yin, hibiscus tea v aryl, Yun Fu word flowers, ink drop fragrance alcohol.    Monopoly End of the World, Jie Yuhua flowers do not dream, to worry Xiaoyu chilling rain, for whom no return date, for whom lower your eyes Lei Yu Fun?The wind blows, the night quiet, Aria read it slowly, solitary worry difficult to sleep soundly.Volume curtain, candlelight shake, past sigh, meditate Review rhyme sadness, melancholy meaning, read endless, yet the dream send Qingchou quiet, diffuse sway, roll worry about soft, thousand year old dream thoughts Yau.Lin Yun Yang Spring, Chi Bi Qin Yuet Wah.Man Yi fragrance whisk, spread upward graceful dance.    Spring hearted sad relieved and the cool chill a few days of heavy, rippling pool of condensation flowers, green radish pink skirts still drunk.I can not bear to blow off Rui Yun floating, flying light line Fanghun.At present spring hearted, deep night, star bright, Aria cold.Solitary hanging bead curtain, fishes playing light strings, according to the window, pull thoughts, heart quiet read, the Iraqi Red dream around the heart, knitted brows frown, the Department no way, intended to dim review, the final day is Lihen.    Liu Yi seaside failing banks, who now know the moon?Tan Meng trace, curtain westerly Lihen days, I feel another year to go, thinking chord continued quiet secluded dream.The first, how a worry?Hope horizon, dream hard to pull.Everything is hurried between review.Drunk hand in hand, mind even, red raw silk flower scent off dream curtain, ask Dongfeng Italy?Spring is drawing near, behaved in shame, Lu Ying sweet peach open, laughing with noodles beauty, sweet smile, putting modesty Italy, where incense boat crossing?    Dreaming Seamless, censer slowly, Zen goodness, according to the static time-hearted Man.Italian enemy, love, then rolling.Drunken flush shallow, transverse wave, Yaner charming.Hong Zhou River, between mandarin duck surplus warm, pillow drunk Shuiyun.    Currently, a wing do not think, meditate on the infinite month.Executive Helping Hands, Dreaming Seamless, after Serra Lian.Gentle enough, wedding day a dream, a dream to bring leisurely outing, Ewha rippling waves, singing and melody, played stringed, the world Taoyuan reproduction.. Dreaming Seamless, ma’am, indifferent like water, gentle memories, mildly Youmeng.Sweet smile, face Hongxia dye.Lonely sad, Message prime volume.Fuqin playing strings, heartstrings v. Valente, a curtain You Meng, diffuse light curtain.Past dream, running water away, stubbornly persists, accompanied Xiangxie.    Dreaming Seamless, Xi Road distant landscape, such as hooks hanging months slightly cold, diffuse fragrance beauty meditation, day and night fell in love, my heart Yingying, thought Yi Pianfei, spread upward, nine days.Yo thoughts, Stopped?Ruhuasiyu, a Bing condensate Yuhu, Fu Yong dream ride Lanzhou, after the Red Yat meditate, go hand in hand hand in hand with Chaomu, Trinidad dream quiet Waxing.    In this wonderful world, warm and brilliant and moving because of sublimation, play a chord with the heart, I heard the beautiful voice, and that is the heart of the sea waves in mind, I heard the voice of the world’s most beautiful.Dreaming Seamless, Looking back feeling like the sea, past, such as clouds.Song played flute melody, wine into the feeling of sadness.Tan dream Hanzui Seamless, quiet down yarn on hazy diffuse, aryl lectins encroach ink volume, Avon quiet dream diem.    Dreaming Seamless, thoughts pull memories linger, diffuse light hearted, Butterfly fly, pinch flower sweet smile.Looking back thousands of years raglan, cut clouds dream, playing a chord in the hearts among each other, Shuiyun mildly fragrant sail, fly Pina dance aromatic and elegant, soft scent of ink Liuniansishui.    Spring bath heart surplus warm, quiet months curtain Yin Huarong, remote Siyun in May, flowers daydreams Pina.King House Man-hearted, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves Shu.    Dreaming Seamless, a fragrant flower, the central buoyant in water, it is your sweet dreams.Co fantastic fragrance, I appreciate in the next month, as the word chapter taste classic, quiet month child hanging curtains, willow singing on the shore.Tonight dream-hearted, plain roll by singing beautiful music with graceful cleanse fragrance.Between spiritual poetic language, such as trickling springs, endless mind Chung swing chapter.    Dreaming trace, and into my dream, to join hands to ride the clouds of water, and into my poetry, dancing butterflies dancing among flowers.Hong dream boat load, ride Lanzhou, the heart of the sea ripples flute leisurely song, bamboo waves, elegant You Meng Fu word chapters, books and wandering around, word fragrance alcohol Fang Yi.Continued Millennium Dream, and the heart Yuning prime volume, diffuse Yilianyoumeng veil, the movable shade fragrant bead Yi, thousand lives cycle carrier Youmeng!    Dreaming Seamless, boating clear meaning a lengthy song, bring swim Wen Xinyi heart, the good times were here.In the distant dream, floating white sails, warm ocean breezes, Shuiyun dream diem, between heart Chung swing a gentle soul-stirring songs.. Text / Limbo fairy made in April 3, 2014 QQ: 1264580833