Eat bitter gourd

管理 / 2018-09-06

“Boys anger Wang, eat bitter gourd, to be sure,” This is a child my grandmother always told me a word.    Every time is high, when the hot angry, grandmother would pick on the home garden trees for fresh vegetables Hsia, wherein the essential bitter.Children of bitterness there is always indescribable resist, I am no exception, can be considered quasi-grandmother happens to my mind, always put bitter toward my bowl clip.At that time the family as rich spices like today, coupled with the elderly love carefully, sugar is not going to pay more, often sprinkle some salt rub a little bit, put in the bowls, and serve it so.    My conflict, grandmother saw this, she always heads gently patted my child, kindly he said: “The baby ah, eat, eat bitter Well”.But I always looked puzzled grandmother, heart muttered, “indescribably unpalatable,” and can often have it right mouth, choked down to the mouth of the bitter gourd.I do not know how long, I slowly like the bitter taste of this crunchy.    Later, outside the school, from home to work, the cafeteria food eaten a lot of bitter gourd, spices and more side dishes a lot, but never a child’s taste, it began to slowly understand that sentence grandmother mouth, “not bitter bitter does not taste good. “.    Still later, the degree of acceptance of more and more bitter, I will try to do at home, bitter vegetables, fried bitter gourd, bitter cold, bitter fill time.Especially like the cold bitter gourd, bitter melon green, black fungus, red pepper, in a clear glass bowl, a look that is a refreshing color matching system.Entrance, crunchy bitter, waxy waxy fungus, all with a bit of acid, with a bit of spicy, very tasty, it seems not to eat bitter gourd.    Hong Kong singer Eason Chan sang a Cantonese song, is called “bitter”.Every word that is to eat, but also in life, let this thing eat bitter melon has become deeply philosophical and up – I wonder, when we hate eating bitter gourd, eat today actually come to that wisdom, more and miss.    Some endure at the start of the bitter, never planted flowers at Credit goes hard lead the way, without too sweet oligo.Fast food youth only requires fast, ignore which one, how interesting the air when, to enjoy the meticulous and elegant.To Toru Dawu large, the tiger pharynx sublimation Gastroenterology tea, were you to feel bitter nor bad.