Everyone should have a label of their own

管理 / 2018-09-07

Think of the label, a lot of people think we will definitely send information on the network, send time, the need for labels that we write, because the more time is needed in order to search.Many people do not value this, in fact, this is really important.  In particular, we in life, in business, you can let others look at us remember, we find the.    Yesterday to meet with friends, he said, business is better now, and I said, two years ago, I know, because you do not like other people, I do not find you will not.He is a salesman to run, 2 years ago, I have written in the text, with a hat to run the business.  This year even more peculiar, and just on business cards, direct name written with a hat, he is doing design and printing business.    2 years ago I wrote her article, I say, bring along a hat, performance can be more than 20%.  At that time I said, not only 20% more, certainly a lot more, but at that time I told him to stick.    As we all know, it looks like they’re sweeping the streets, Fuzhou such a small market, home of people are doing it every day, especially to do the design, printing, with such basic needs of every company, it is common business , who has done more.  And he can stand out from many, many people, and why, is because the label.  Because that he always wore a hat to run the business, he had just taken off the hot weather, many people called back and asked if he was with the salesman’s hat, simply, he has been wearing a hat, and also this He made his own label.    Think of this, I thought of a story, that is, there are a beggar, he planned to make a master plan.  Originally, he was a very ordinary beggar, general do not have to be more ordinary, looking for a planning company behind the plan, and this plan is the owner of the company like to play, so he applied his theory of planning, to help plan a beggar brand.    For instance, he first of all, because the beggar did not sign, then called the beggar to the place must have the name, flower Jiaojiao Li.Like this have their own brand, just like other people is not the same as other beggars did not name, he has a name.  But light can not form their own name or label.  Next, the plan to help him locate the owner, said that every time begging only 1 yuan, more than not, nor less.    So really form a label, a lot of people to think, is not really Yeah, not that ordinary beggar Well, money can not be proud.How could a lot more, nor less of it, but this really is obedient beggar.  For example, someone give him a 5 hair, he would just say, sorry, must be a.  Gradually fame went out, that there was a beggar in the world, as long as one yuan.Do more, many people view it.Some people deliberately try him, and gave 100, he’ll find 99 people, a lot of people do not believe that money again.  Back to do more, and is the newspaper, is still doing the chain.    In fact, this also really is the role of the label, that label belongs to a friend of the first level, it is to make people remember, and this beggars belong to the second level, is positioned so that they are not only being remember, the more word of mouth.  In fact, word of mouth is also a friend, just as in my article.    Why my words in this example would be to take a friend to do it, because he took his hat, really own label.  He more than earned by the main a lot of money than others, and we can really learn.    Thought of this, in fact, we live in a lot of people also have their own label of.Of course, most people are not Kazakh, because what they do not have their own subdivision, not have their own dedicated.Life in this way too many people.  For example, we asked them to do, they say, we are doing at home, we are doing crafts.  For example, we asked them to do what they say, I was doing the electricity business.    In fact, we think also know that tens of thousands of household products, he is doing what in the end it home, that is like this, it is difficult to promote himself, we remember them too hard, we just remember they are at home, but we do not they will find buy.  Why do not we not looking to buy them, we do not know what they sell.  Selling arts and crafts as well, in the end is what crafts sell it, in the end what is it broken down.    Electricity supplier is like this, it is to do Ali, Baidu, or wholesale, or to join the investment is doing, or what looks to be doing well, saying what he feels are included, but really are not included.    Of course, in life, on the Web, we see a lot of people have their own label.  Some are added to their own, and some others to him.Added to their own than with, a gift will be better.    Added to their own, such as our selling computers, computer called brother, like we do marketing, marketing Guiguzi called, or what the.In short, is to let more people remember him.Of course, it really is Effective.  Others go together, such as martial arts television generally those are basically more fierce.    For example, we think of screws, whom we think of it, right.  For example, we think of electrical appliances, who we think of it, right.  There are, for example, is a romantic novels, such as martial arts is that they have a corresponding person, I think of him a glance.    He is not got these people, basically a more powerful.Because they rely on strength, by precipitating the thing to do it.  Their label, it really is part of the result of their work.    Such as a friend, that he was on a hat to run the business, the business gradually getting better and better, because a lot of people will help him word of mouth, and he bought a house now, and more will be spread, and everyone would say, by a hat, buy a house.  For example, the above beggar, if he has become the most cattle beggar.Speaking of beggars, we will think of him.  Of course, the first thing she should do it say.    In fact, from the perspective of the brand to count, have a good name, easy to remember, representatives of industries, label, this is a part of brand marketing.And do brand marketing a purpose, which is to do the maximum label purpose is to save costs.  100 would make the cost required 50, with the label, may be enough as long as three.  Therefore the final analysis, the effect of cost savings tag.    Think of this, I think of a friend who is doing screws, micro screws, but his pen name is the hardware, I said, you modify it under.Screws do pseudonym, he said, no, for the future, have to make the brand, made him like this really is not very good.  Because we see a lot of broken destroyed large companies do it, but he had never seen the beginning of an industry is done by major categories of.It is, for example, the United States together became cosmetics, Dangdang become a book, it became Jingdong 3C genuine label as.    In fact, each of us has really all the focus of their own, have the label of their own.  Like this can really make someone relatively simple to remember us, they make us think of first impression.  We seriously think our VIP2000 group, those who are sharing like this, I introduce them, also have put a label like this, even though many people think that label, it is easy to find that person the.    The same work, the same career, life is the same.To create a label, you can let people remember us, reduce costs.  And this label does not just go up to our own label, it is more important is to do real things out, and so he naturally formed label.Because this way, others think that the industry will think of us, and so was the industry’s brand.  I asked: 838,504,315, welcome to add.