Affectionate autumn Ying, Wan fleeting pity

管理 / 2018-09-12

Cool autumn, the autumn cold, she seems to bring a melancholy temperament, are deeply sad.This has nothing to do with love, and fleeting affair.Siyu swirling accompanied the fall, pulled me to another season of maturity.Rain silent, cool and calm, kicked off this season in the silent, elegant broad-minded.Evening enveloped in dense city in neon, psychedelic hazy.I promised to give you a fall, hand mature Autumn, in this season of our interpretation of the fairy tale, not to wither all emotion, no passion to Maple Nama burning joy, my sight you omitted the angels grace and intelligence, swaying light.Year round precipitation is steady, more a soft spot for you!  Perhaps my age and your charm are the same season, you keep quiet moments, kissed the years, not like the hustle and bustle, not like busy, like you quietly leaning against the corner, clinging to a piece of text, quietly savor the corner picture, listen to a light tone, so Song, Shenyang and gentle memories, a Nianxiang.Looking back on the past years, it seems like a dream, spearmint ink breakdown feelings, knowing each other once again look back, once the heart of the ripples rippling.Glowing orange recall, soulful weariness in your mind Houde.I raise my eyes to heaven Goose flying south, a white feather to shake off, you said that you miss, I am speechless, tears heartstrings.I know you are gurgling water fiery feelings, your emotions linger leisurely Heartsongs, also ends of the earth your remembrance, I count the fleeting pity Wan.  Remember the Grand Canal it?Remember swamp you, remember when we went to catch frogs do?There are piles of black tadpoles that time do not know what the ecological balance, just know that frogs are food, tadpoles can feed the chickens, chickens love to eat eggs.Green everywhere childhood, you chase me covered in mud trouble playing, but now it becomes confusing.Lead dust in the past, I have drunk in your scenery.Every time we catch tadpoles, I have fun, secretly put your floral style gown rubbed mud over, put your fee evil effort to catch tadpoles, quietly into the jars in my.You always pretending to see, so I think I did vanity heart seamless.Or are you raise your hand, when you have not falling, my head in desperately shouting: “Sister mercy!Sister mercy!”It is not grimace when accompanied.Then I fled in your Jiaochen.Also remember that willow flute sound of it?Remember you hold my hand yellowing wheat shy thing?Now autumn fall Love, how many times back home, but no trace of your message.Even if there are too many lost and sad, silent on the sky only silent, worried about your safe life.  I jealously guarding a solitary, such as Zen meditation.Indulge yourself in the hands of careful analysis, that babbling Yiyi mother pregnant with warm, long flash succeed, just as staged drama.When looking at your own life dream to watch their love, they hate themselves, their own fought, every step of their own experience, moving it, Leila sounded.Wiped away tears, as if the ashes of fantasy.That flash of the day, climbing struggle that day, the same color as the canvas, I use my life, painted with its colors, because after so know, so cherish.Quiet month solitary clear, cool autumn water, staring at the palm of my meditation, I feel catharsis.Or because of the season, a paper and ink incense, Xu I am full of love War, such as egrets flew one after another, as the evening ended chilling.Moonlight spread from the folds of time, devour my soul, faint tall, brightly early on, everything tends to Enron, all the joys and sorrows of falling into verse.  Cicadas long consumption of water cloud lofty, all falling leaf delicious.This is the year in Feng won the season.Just like you fall in life?Experienced a childish simple, young and frivolous, tend to calm season.It is no longer the wind and two buttons to open the chest, as well as highlighting the sturdy Naples days.Cup of green tea is sitting, recollections autumn rain, leaf withered, barren not the entire autumn, proud that put chrysanthemums, faint fragrance, loaded trimmed atrium.Open up the mountains, so quiet you can hear the heartbeat seems even, uncertain clouds that drift, such as a touch, but after the ink Dan, outlined dreamlike.  On a night like to exercise, go for a walk, often walking Shiji Li Road.Night alone, and quiet as partners, time, touch, feel the cool autumn silky slip as.My mind swirls bell Drum, Red Dust swirls.Brush thousands of style, indulge mind blowing.Listen to your tell fleeting past, feel the warmth of his own time with his mother; his father displaced dates back to frustration.Soul-blue sea for a while, staring at the head of a dark blue, at the moment I’m alone.Shenxianjuanlv better than any past sorrow and grief, either sweet memories, either frozen earth, any of Acacia Yu Xiaoxiao, anything the night cover.Autumn Song as partners, cold hand in hand, to dissipate the vicissitudes of this world, as “Thunderstorm” wanton splash.Any “from the song” touching words.  This temperament, often given to all color, tint emotion.Sad reminder of the demolition left a vine, because stray cats homeless sad, Resentment dry vegetation decline.Resentment because of a mother’s eyes through the night; because the son of an anxious minds of thousands; because of a friend’s exhortations toil running; will make every effort to work because.It is because of these because, become attached to the pride loyalty of friends.Uncomplaining devotion to the cause, even though autumn fall Love, a cavity blood still unchanged.The case of the stage, facing the working material spread out often late at night tired I do not know.That bright round moon face eternal, burning the rest live in.Pot liquor, a cup of tea, but for mind share of perseverance, would the commitment, as well as the happiness of others is happy self.    Ran aground winter, spring, summer and autumn of listening to the scattered light sleep aftertaste Love Life is like a beautiful meteor is very short in the wind disappearing rings hold together for the lonely moments waiting for you at the end of the season bustling scattered under the layers of life Amidst the storm gazing leaf litter, but you sent a gentle “a dream” dense autumn