Demolition staff in the eyes of many colors Lane

管理 / 2018-09-13

Technicolor Lane I’d rather put this small alley named Technicolor Dreamcoat Lane, plus give it a legend: the words of the early years, this place is a summer, every family to drying clothes, though narrow streets, but people and agreeable, children chase playing frolic among drying clothes shuttle cruising, like a small black strip loach.One to two to go, the alley was called a clothesline Lane, it was also felt indecent, as called Technicolor Dreamcoat Lane, we take the hint, convention, slowly turned into a coat of many colors Lane.Just as graceful woman wearing a dress, luxurious coat of many colors, bearing grace, this simple idea is to add a lot of luster alley.    Of course, this is just my own wishful thinking.More people call this a unit dormitory, is well delivery room units.    But I would like to write something for this little alley.I go to work, when a four-year-old boy, bare little ass, crouching leisurely playing with sand that, I walked over, he raised his head, dark eyes looked at me, represents the strange.To break the embarrassment, I said, come to eat uncle dig a Signs.Children very stingy, quickly squat deeper, hands cover your crotch, he broke and said, do not give, this is for my grandfather to stay.This child really sensible.    There is a large golden alley, named Mei Mei, really good to see a large dog, always kind, always see people wheezy breathing heavily, like licking your hand rough tongue, do not bite.And out of men and women, are related to Mimi hellos, a long tone shouted its name.Please give me tickle it, it is very fit, be it lying on the ground, Naoliao for a while, it up, I thought it was impatient of it, the results of these days, this guy change side lie down, feeling that dogs require duplex services.Large golden Mimi eat very fat, very picky, I saw, one afternoon, it did not shut up, just that eating a few pieces of bones.Big dog called Mimi, estimated to be women, is really a snack separated from the mouth ah.    This alley a few dozen families live, most of the old neighbors have moved out, rented out to foreign people doing business, or have children who need to read with their parents, who lives in this.Set foot on cement board, walking in the alley in less than three meters wide, will see a black patches of green grass, it is estimated that the tenants live, inadvertently pick up, will see planted with forty-five gherkin cucumber frame top top flower prickly cucumber has grown, it is suitable off, empty mouth to eat, there are people in front of their own to take a small shed, which stood wide variety of pots, pots of flowers bloom Zhengwang: everything is alive, and this gradually aging, gradually became a lonely alley contrasts.    Perhaps each piece also their posts are engraved with the red-brick alley has been brilliant, also helplessly witnessed the alley now lonely.Yes, it is true that overwhelming.The girl had previously been married into someone’s home here, the girls are now rushing to marry out.    To transform this place, not the first time, people are a little numb, he said the still, certainly can not split.We certainly agree with the demolition, but the price you have to give place.    We just smiled and said that he say the words, To do good.Some people cook at the door of a coke oven with corn, although covered with the cover, but the water has been opened, hissing steaming, corn scent spread out very far.I was chatting with an old lady, old lady very talkative, hear the slight Shandong accent.    I asked her, ma’am, you are what’s Shandong?She surprised a moment, Shouguang, told me that.    I say it, we are fellow, are the cities of our household, I said,.    She happily smiled and said nothing if Shandong, then, must have roots in the Northeast.Previous pass through the East, now, all have the ability to go back.    I also smiled, yes, chanting era.    I asked her case each household, she understood, give me a lot of clues.I say goodbye with the old lady to go home, but also to her neighbors and I said, you do not tell the old lady spade, her mouth it can be lax.    I hesitated, I see someone have lakes, the water deep ah.I nodded, considered response.You may remember ah, young man.That very sincere neighbor.    We were having a conversation, dress up a fashionable girl carries the package, leisurely walking, a dog came out, wagging his tail, like joy, the girl leaned over to pick up the dog, with the doors cool dozing child the man said, dad, I’m back, my mom does?    Your mother in the house to cook it, the man did not look up, did not seem to see the same girl back.    Rattled pots and pans concerto room came the sound of a woman being lifted the skirt wiping his sweaty forehead, cucumber frame, a cluster of new tentacles stretch gently, as if audible jointing growth rhythm, look up , a spider weaving a web in a leisurely, painted their own circle, doing posters gossip.