A rogue state

管理 / 2018-09-16

Qingping is happy in Qian Fan, where does the sunset return. The flowers bloom like mist, but the mountains are like tigers. Don’t say last night stars, should say immediately deep. Just high – spirited, engaging once more the world of mortals. When Yu Gongjin, a country that occasionally became a rogue, was talking with several friends, a friend suddenly came up with a topic for everyone to guess: The country in the world is the most shameless, the most rogue, and the country that likes nothing but trouble.? A few people thought for a moment and gave the answer one after another, and the answer is the same, with no exception: America. Although the friend did not say which country in the world was the most unreasonable, the most bandit, the most fond of being a world policeman and the most fond of intrigue ( of course, this answer is no different from the original one, referring to the United States ), he still gave an accurate answer.. It turns out that if it was 50 or 60 years ago, when speech was not very free, and I did not know what was going on outside, I would only keep the territory of our country divided into three parts. It is likely that I would envy the freedom and democracy of the United States.. However, does the United States have freedom and democracy? Never. They are just white people who are high above the sky. It is impossible for them to have any democracy or freedom. Democracy and freedom belong to white Americans. Many people are likely to disagree with me, but what I want to say is that when we Chinese come to the United States and want to buy American companies, the United States will probably hold a special meeting to pass a bill from the U.S. Congress declaring the acquisition illegal. The Chinese will lose their wives and lose their soldiers. This is democracy in the United States. If they buy our enterprises, even sensitive ones, they will clamor for us to abide by the law. As for what to keep and what to keep, only Americans understand about it. Everyone is unconvinced. Wang An Company was the most obvious example at that time.. Also, at that time, Americans were not so shameless. Therefore, at that time, it was still possible for Chinese to acquire, or be able to acquire, American companies. If it were now, it would probably not exist. This is because Americans have always done so. America’s brazenness and inaction far exceed the imagination of people all over the world. They are not only targeting us in China, they are mainly targeting us in China.. In the Middle East, because Iraq did not listen to the Americans, the Americans used excuses to start a war. Then they walked away irresponsibly, threw down the mess and let the Iraqis clean up. Because Americans have already achieved what they need to achieve, they will voluntarily withdraw, and they will not be able to control the lives of people in other countries.. Take the Korean War as an example, they used bacteriological weapons prohibited by international conventions, and Li Chengwan was also called General Bacterium. They also do everything they can to treat prisoners. However, they shouted’ human rights’ and’ international conventions’, which is a typical trick for thieves to catch thieves.. This is what they call’ human rights’. Even in Europe and the United States, once they listen to the United States, they will be beaten with chickens and eggs.. At the time of the economic crisis in Argentina, Americans seemed to be thinking of Argentines.. Fortunately, the Argentines did not trust the Americans and guessed that the Americans did not have any good ideas. Therefore, the Argentines acted wisely in the opposite direction according to the economic rescue plan given by the Americans. Therefore, Argentina soon emerged from the economic crisis.. What would happen if it were in accordance with the American plan to save the economy? It is hard to imagine that it is likely to be mired in mud, and from then on, like Venezuela, it will not be able to walk out of a state of economic hardship.. This is about America. The shameless behavior of Americans is not only aimed at foreigners, but also at their civilians.. They can use their power to monitor every American citizen, euphemistically called’ for national security’. ‘ For national security’? The name is too big to refute. From here, we can also guess that every citizen of the United States is likely to endanger the security of the United States. From another point of view, every American citizen should be put into prison. I agree with this very much, because Americans have never done anything beneficial to the world. Also, Americans are always waving the world’s human rights baton and always like to make trouble everywhere. Originally, the country was very good and calm, but once Americans stepped in, even a good thing would become a bad thing. Nothing will happen, too. We in China, and in the countries around us, are often safe and sound.. However, once Americans step in, they will become very restless. Moreover, they also have the euphemistic name’ for world peace’. This is a grandiose statement. For the sake of world peace? If it is really for the sake of world peace, how could it be so? Nothing will happen? What would happen without America? I think the world will be much more peaceful. Countries around us, countries that have received our help from China, such as Vietnam and North Korea, although they are also very shameless and rogue, also do not have much shame. However, for the first time, they are still a little rational because they are weak. Because of this, they are dwarfed by Americans.