At the end of the boom, Xu I Qing ning[ author selection issue[ 10 ]

管理 / 2018-09-17

Seen the prosperity of life, or plain the most true. After the storm, we no longer care whether there is a rainbow in our life. The most important thing is that we have passed by.. In life, we should not pursue perfection in everything. Holding a common heart, I was fortunate enough to miss my life and let go of all sorts of unsatisfactory things in my life.. Perhaps you will feel the ease and contentment of life.     Many times in your life, the more you insist, the less you can get. The more afraid of something, the more likely it is to meet something. One more free and easy, one less complaint, let oneself feel life and interpret life in an open-minded state of mind. Life is too short to embarrass yourself. Let’s go through life’s spring, summer, autumn and winter happily.     Flowers fall silently, leaves fall in autumn. On this autumn afternoon, I gather a beam of sunshine, listen to a piano piece, read a few volumes of poems and books, and taste a cup of tea. I feel like I forgot my day and was full of contentment.. Perhaps, I was born to be a quiet person. Some people have turned loneliness into desolation, but I just like to enjoy loneliness..     Xu is the passage of time, the superposition of years has virtually precipitated me. Once upon a time, the pursuit of vigorous, now, everything has been cool. Life is like water, and tolerance is great. We always have to learn to accept the wind, frost, rain and snow of life with a simple heart.. No matter which stage of life we go to, we should all like that time, deliver the feelings that it should deliver, and fulfill the commitments that it should fulfill at that stage..     It is best not to indulge in the past unnecessarily, nor to look forward to the future feverishly, but to live and cherish..     Most of the time, when a past has become unrecoverable, caring is unnecessary. Although all sentient beings are sentient beings, all sentient beings are past. When you miss someone like crazy, you may have imagined countless images full of warmth in your heart, imagining that your heart is like mine, thinking is strong, and your heart is the same.. However, when you go out of the dreamland, you find that everything is just a curtain of your own dreams. The person you want to read doesn’t have the slightest influence on your deep feeling. Everything is so light and indifferent..     At this point, you can finally have a profound understanding of what cool thin is. This life, dream, can’t do too deep, too deep to wake up, wake up is pain. Love, can’t put too true, true is full of injuries, injuries beyond measure.     To love a person is to love and miss. When I needed you most, you ignored me and looked at me coldly. I loved you with tears for seven points, which made me suffer a lot, but I was so indifferent. You can see that indifference has already hurt people’s hearts.? One day, when the pain has become numb and the wound has scabbed, you just look back and see me standing in the same place, stretch out your hand and want to pick up the scattered time, but I can only give you a cool smile and tell you that your life is done, then turn gracefully and disappear into a sea of people..     Do you not understand or have you never interpreted the Iraqi people? When a person can really miss and miss no more, you may not feel bored or bored, but you do not know that indifference devours enthusiasm, which is a sign that love has vanished. Since then, you have been free, and the ends of the earth are at peace with each other. How about that?     Finally, in the course of growing up, I vaguely felt the power of time. It can cut everything and repair everything. Only time is the touchstone of oath. The veil of truth and falsehood will be lifted when it is handed over to time..     There are always many regrets in life. Sometimes, when you meet someone, you have a feeling. I really want to be able to hold my hand and grow old together, and I will not leave without it.. I found out that his appearance was just a passer-by arranged by heaven to give you an experience lesson. You laugh helplessly, cry wearily, complain that the fake play is too real and hurt too deeply, but it is already a trace that cannot be erased.     In fact, life is like this, stumbling, crying, laughing, bumpy and moving forward all the way. Since the world is sorry, it should be forgiven. Believe that no one is willing to hurt who, forgive others, is also kind to oneself. Longitudinal is deep and shallow, but it is also a difficult fate to meet a sea of people.. If you love, you will never leave it. If you don’t love, you will also see peace..     Love is the same as being loved, as long as it has been sincere, it is a good thing in life. Young love may be frivolous, or just the scenery along the way, and nothing is important anymore. Time has already turned yellow, so how can we not get past it is already past!     Life is like tea. Meditate to be right.Time is like water, precipitation is clear.     Heart soft, formerly known as Tan Chengyan. He was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in March 1989. Host broadcasting major. Due to the love of writing, he wrote in March 2014 and began publishing articles on various websites such as prose net, Jiujiu Post and Hongxiu Tianxiang, and has repeatedly made headlines and recommendations.. He is an outstanding author of several literary websites and editor of a literary website. Holding a heart like a proverb, Xu I is tender and gentle. The pen expresses its feelings only for the sake of freehand brushwork in one’s own life..