Competition of Life – Realm

管理 / 2018-09-19

Time has no fault, has not left us in the middle school entrance examination, the college entrance examination or any crisis-ridden exam whirlpool, and has taken us away from the high-pressure areas without any surprise.. Although it was not as good as the trail blazers, they trekked hard, but also went through battle-hardened and weather-beaten paths in their studies.. Along the way, there is always competition along the way. In every contest, we always have to separate the first and the second. For this reason, we will do all we can to get a place in the honor position..   From a class to a competition between people to a world and between countries, there are tens of millions of styles and each has its own characteristics.. As people often say, only when there is competition can there be development, born of worry and died of happiness, and I personally believe that if there is a competition, it will win life..   People often say that no matter what you do, it is the most important state of mind, and I think it reflects a person’s state of mind, just like a person’s personal temperament reflected in his appearance..   Positive and depressed state of mind are apparent relative to state, and they all reflect the elegance and vulgarity of a person’s state of mind..   Looking at history, every big man’s life is full of ups and downs, none of which is smooth sailing, with peaks and valleys, which is the common saying that people who are rich and expensive will have great disasters.. It can be seen that all the honors in this world are not easily obtainable. All the splendor needs to go through the price like phoenix nirvana. What you need is a good state of mind when going through those hardships, that is, a state of mind that can allow you to ride the wind and break the waves without moving forward, like Li Bai’s saying that ” riding the wind and breaking the waves will sometimes help the sea with a long sail.”.   Among the many historical figures, the most famous is Deng Xiaoping’s three ups and downs. A person with ups and downs at the top of the political hierarchy can be welcomed by all and respond to the wind, but will become a prisoner for everyone in a flash. How can the difference in treatment have no effect on his mood?   As a result, I have to admire Deng’s realm. I think he has a kind of leisure and comfort beyond worldly fame and fortune, ” prized and not surprised, watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court. Whether or not you want to stay or not, follow the clouds in outer space and roll up the clouds’ and not change your own values because of the change of the outside world or the joy of things or your own sorrow..   In the history of China, there is also a story with dramatic overtones: grieve Wu Shu and laugh to death Niu Hao, saying that after Niu Hao, the valiant leader of the Southern Song Dynasty, captured his old rival, Jin Wu Shu, he was unwilling to be humiliated and grieved alive, while Niu Hao died of overjoyment and laughter, and couldn’t help lamenting that they were really qualified opponents and died due to the excessive intensity of their emotions, and their realm was too personal and led to their demise in succession..   Just think, if both of them can endure the emotion for a while, there may be a big change in history, but without thinking, we can see how important the state of mind is to life.!   If you don’t want to be rich or poor, care about personal gains or losses, leave your personal honor or disgrace out of the way of life and death, and accept prosperity and adversity naturally, then your life will be in your hands.!