Fear of Life ( Selected Writers )

管理 / 2018-09-20

Life is everywhere, fear of life! This is the most direct and strong idea that I have had after watching the film and participating in Horton and Anonymous Regulations.! Some friends may have seen it, but please don’t abandon my nagging. Let me summarize the story of the movie here as follows: A little elephant named Horton overheard an unintelligible sound from somewhere during a visit.. After searching carefully, it found that the sound came from a tiny particle of dust! It firmly believed that it heard a faint sound from the tiny dust. However, the particles are too frivolous to be noticed and will be blown away by the wind and kicked away by other animals.. Horton is constantly searching for the particle that it believes exists in life. At the same time, a group of people who live happily inside the particle gradually surfaced.. As Horton kept on pursuing and trying to contact the particle, the particle had a serious crisis and terrible disaster because of the conflict, and they looked helpless and pitiful.! At this time, a child inside the particle also seemed to feel the sound from the outside world.. At his appeal, the people inside the particle finally transmitted their voice to the outside world after hard work, but they did not believe that Horton’s animals began to be surprised after hearing the distress signal from inside the particle, and then they successfully saved the life inside the particle together.. This is an aesthetic, abstract and humorous animation film. The life inside the particles is just like those in the Peach Blossom Garden. They don’t know what’s happening outside, just like the earth where we live together, carrying billions of human beings and countless animals and plants. When we live on the earth that has been ravaged and hurt by ourselves and encounter all kinds of disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, abnormal weather and so on, will our rescue be heard by outsiders? When the vulnerable and insignificant groups or lives were ravaged, did we hear their voice close to desperate rescue? Are we also being watched by other lives? Are we paying attention to other life around us? Suddenly, I realized the insignificance and greatness of life! I began to immerse myself in Socratic or Platonic thinking of life – perhaps I tend to think more about Perra’s schema, and many questions and puzzles linger in my mind for a long time..     It was dusk when I pulled open the heavy curtain, and the sunset showed a magnificent and spectacular color, enveloping me layer by layer. Smoke was dancing in the golden sunset, but gradually dispersed until it disappeared.. Outside the window are busy people, and those who rush home are all sentient beings. For a long time, I just locked myself in a piece of heaven belonging to myself, looked at my favorite books, wrote the words I wanted to write, drank wine, smoked cigarettes, stayed up late, did not eat on time, and somehow I abused my life! At the same time, to the outside world and life outside, how many beautiful things have I neglected and how many deep-rooted feelings have I abandoned??! I closed the computer, gently closed the door and went to the courtyard outside.     The yard was planted with fruit trees, tomatoes, cucumbers, Dali chrysanthemum, morning glory and cockscomb. It was early autumn, and the golden red fruits hung on the branches and heavily pressed the branches of the fruit trees. The fruit trees lost their graceful posture in spring and summer and looked bloated and scattered.. The leaves of tomatoes and cucumbers have withered, and some fruits that have not been picked are lying on the ground, showing signs of decay, while those flowers are surprisingly brilliant, red, yellow, green, purple and colorful.. At this point, thinking about life has occupied all the space in my mind! They are silent, but they use their colors and their fruits confirm their existence – they are great life forms of silence! And when we inadvertently or intentionally climb and trample them, are they also shouting pain and crying out for help? One flower, one world, one tree, one bodhi! Have we ever really fallen in love with them? Perhaps only the Buddhist people have real compassion and cognition, and only the literati have chanted when they were lonely! I walked with a heavy heart and suddenly found ants coming and going to feed or go home on the concrete floor.. I slowed down my steps, tried my best to avoid these busy small animals, and bent down to look at them carefully. I wonder if they are also thinking about many things in their mind.? Are you thinking about your home? I broke a piece of wooden stick and tried to disturb them, but they fled in panic! For disasters, for sudden interruptions, as ants with life, they are extremely sensitive and have the idea of avoiding disaster and going to Kyrgyzstan.! I suddenly remembered what Master Hongyi had said to his disciple Miaolian before his death: ” After seeing the Buddha, I must take the four commonly used bowls and fill the four corners of the niches with water to prevent ants from smelling and harming their lives during incineration. Care should be taken.”!”. After a lifetime of practicing Buddhism and destroying it, I still think about the tiny life in the world, with a lofty Buddhist doctrine of how much I respect for life? Perhaps this is the Dharma of Dacheng! I hesitated to stop disturbing the tiny lives and let them drag away the food and let them go home calmly..     A long time ago, when I read the diary regulations of Gu Zhun, I told such a story: in the 1960s, when there was a lot of food in Nanshan, people all ran to Nanshan.. Young women can’t tell whether they are girls or daughters – in – law. As long as they have food, they voluntarily stay there and become other people’s wives.. This is caused by hunger, but it also reflects people’s desire for life and their respect and love for life.! Buddha said that everything is empty, but life is only once, so in front of death, in front of all the threatening factors that may lead to the loss of life, everyone will rise up and fight for the power of life.! This includes traitors, lackeys whom the world is ashamed of: they are afraid of death, but this is the nature and the desire of people as individuals for the existence of life.! So fear of death is the most primitive fear of life!    However, in the real world, we humans have wantonly destroyed innocent lives while satisfying our own desires.! In order to eat the fresh monkey brain, someone opened the monkey’s skull while the monkey was still alive and ate the bloody brain marrow during the monkey’s struggle. In order to eat dog meat with no peculiar smell, someone lifted the dog and forced boiling water from the dog’s mouth!…. The cruelty of animals is self-evident and well known to the world, and some extremely cruel practices are regarded as elegant moves to be imitated.! For human beings themselves, the many homicides now are creepy and chilling.! dismemberment, dismemberment. Chemical substances, toxic substances, illegal cooking oil, blood eggs and dyed steamed bread are frantically added to food. The cruel, abominable and shocking events have already caused great fear and unease, even disappointment, to the world while frightening people with a little conscience.! In the long run, the earth on which we live will surely be hit and destroyed as never before, and will there be other life groups to save us at that time?     Think of a car accident that happened in the town more than ten days ago: a butcher from the town went to work in the city, suffered a car accident halfway, his head burst, and was killed instantly. The scene was horrible! After the incident, there were reports of butchers’ cruel behavior on weekdays, and the most widely spread was that butchers can kill a cow with a magnificent figure without any help from others.! His approach was to tie the cow to a pillar in the backyard, then swing a huge hammer and strike the cow’s head with vicious force.. The cow’s skull was broken with a hammer. The cow kept circling around in the same place and then died of massive intracranial hemorrhage.. So it is rumored that the butcher deserved it! Although this is a superstitious statement, we should really ask ourselves: for life, for all life, we should fear, otherwise, we human beings will surely reap the consequences!     The fear of life is the fear of the environment in which we live and the fear of the earth in which we coexist!     Qin Yu: QQ: 971376983