Interpretation of the Female Poet Yu Xiuhua

管理 / 2018-09-22

The river goes east, the waves are washed out, the romantic figures of the ages. The country is picturesque, how many heroes are there for a while! ‘ was born, overnight fame. Yu Xiuhua, a female poet born in Hubei Province and running with blood, shocked the whole poetry world today! As a result, I was awed. Full of their own inner reverie . Ah, maybe we are very happy, all enjoying a happy swim in the river of life slowly.! In the lonely, desolate and regretful journey, at the same time, there must be a sense of happiness and warmth.!     When I turned on the computer, the most striking topic I saw in the column of the latest news regulations was the title of the book by Yu Xiuhua, a poet with cerebral palsy, which was shocking to the world. I always felt a little shocked.! There is an allure of novelty, wonder and feeling: ” What’s new” is that the shocking work took part in your ” Regulations” to go to sleep across most of China; ‘ odd” is, overnight fame; The’ feeling’ is that the label was affixed to the cerebral palsy poet. Don’t have a novelty, wildness and novelty. I was dumped under her feet!     I settled down to read carefully and learned that she was a female poet and generally understood her life story.. Yu Xiuhua was born in 1976, an ordinary villager in Hengdian Village, Shipai Town, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province. Cerebral palsy was caused by labor collapse and lack of oxygen at birth, making it inconvenient to move and leaving home after graduating from high school.. Yu Xiuhua began to write poems in 2009, and has written nearly 2,000 poems so far, mainly about her love, affection, life feeling, and her disabled and closed village that cannot be broken away from reality.. A flowing poem of longing for love has gone so far as to ” become popular overnight”!     In 1995, 19 – year – old Yu Xiuhua married in a non-free love affair. This marriage not only caused her a lot of pain. The son, who is now 18 years old and studying in Wuhan University, is more unhappy and depressed. Although the two have not divorced up to now, they have had little contact for many years.. I think: her depression, loneliness, longing and beauty for love are all expressed in her poems. I do not fully agree with her poems in my view of understanding, but think that her poems are flesh and blood and attract people’s attention.. The evaluation by writers and scholars is also supreme!     Here, I also learned that female poet Yu Xiuhua did not like to be labeled ” cerebral palsy” by the media.. Yeah! This is a sore scar. Do you want to: It is simply unreasonable for a cerebral palsy poet to write a poem that is shocking to the world. Her thoughts, thoughts and inspirations are normal or higher than those of ordinary people. Even if it is cerebral palsy, don’t label it the best. However, there are some disabilities, which I think are still called ” peasant female poet or female poet Yu Xiuhua” as well. She wrote this passage in her blog: ” The order of my identity is this: women, farmers and poets.”. This order will never change, but if you forget all my identity while reading my poems, I will respect you. ‘ yes! The label can’t be affixed to the wound. She will bleed if she does so. It should be affixed to the smiling face. It is still the best thing to do.!     Let’s have a taste of her shocking work together. The original poem is: Go to sleep through most of China. In fact, sleeping you is the same as sleeping by you. It’s nothing more than the force of the collision between two bodies. It’s nothing more than the flower’s virtual spring that makes us think life is being reopened … Ah, it’s all the reason why I go to sleep. I also watched her TV interview. I have a preliminary interpretation of this poem. Although she is a little disabled in some aspects of her body, she doesn’t lag behind the trend of the times and will also surf the Internet, and she also has a buckle group.. He also said that there was no motive or reason for this, that is, the poem was written with a joke.. ( This poem is especially popular now. ) This poem was turned mad by netizens and caught fire overnight, and all major media reporters and writers were overwhelmed with interviews.. She said it was the subject party. At this moment, she smiled happily for a while . Ah, the following is the real record of my interview with her from a reporter ( repeatedly listened to ). In order to help us better understand the origin of this female poet, it is of great benefit!     Interviewer: Why do you write poems? This is not what I want to do, because it is really a personal hobby. Because I like it so much, I don’t have to say that I have to write poetry. I don’t have this idea about the success of writing poetry. I like this thing very much. I want to write it all the time. I think all poets are like this.. The true poets all have love, not to say to what extent I am going to write this poem or write it down to fame and achievement. These ideas are neither existent nor realistic..     Why do you write love and ask: Where did you get these feelings from when you wrote poetry?     A: How do you feel! When I was young, who didn’t have that thing? Now I’m getting old and I’m getting old and yellow. I can put it down as soon as I can.! In fact, I think writing love poems is one of my own emotions. It doesn’t need to be so deep. I also want to have something crazy and pure..So most of what I wrote was a wish, an imagination.     The biggest wish answer: My biggest wish is to run out. A person has a job and a person stays in a small place. This wish is very good.. How does life change? Others can’t rely on, and I don’t expect to rely on others either. This idea must not exist, this fluke psychology cannot exist! Do you think I’m smart and calm? I’m really helpless. I want to go for a walk and find something to do outside and get out of the countryside. But this idea has been thought for decades and is even more impossible! Others won’t want you to do anything more.     Go to sleep through most of China. Answer: Because I have a group of buckles, all of which are friends who write poems, we talked and joked together and wrote this poem without any motive or reason. It is a poem written with jokes.. This is a subject party. My greatest desire is to go through most of China to sleep with you.. She smiled shyly and happily! – comments from Qing dynasty ) true and false, half true and half false. I don’t have any desire, but I want to say that there are many desires: writing poetry is one of them, and then can I find a job that I can do, find my own, get out of this environment, and do it myself? That’s the best thing I can do..     Which poem do you like best: Which poem do you like best? Answer: No.! This question was asked by every reporter, and it was really not up to standard. ( She is laughing again – my comment ) I think writing poetry is a continuous process of progress. He didn’t say this poem is very good. I like it best. That’s not enough! No one can have this idea.     About Loneliness Answer: Desperate things, patience will pass, and it will be good to spend that time. There are many despairs! This kind of loneliness, as I see it today, is something everyone can have. It is something deep in the soul, and there is no way to solve it. I also feel lonely is not a bad thing, sometimes even a good thing. Only your own mind, your own thinking and your own thinking are actually good. Loneliness is not a bad thing.     In the face of the sudden attention, answer: I still live my life after the gust of wind blew through. My life is estimated to have not changed, nor has it changed.     – ( from the clear record of participating in the TV interview ) In her poem, she also wrote: I just live dead and alive, until my parents need my help, and until my son marries a girl to go home.. We see that Yu Xiuhua here is actually living with confidence and tenacity. His disability has troubled him, but he will not bow down and give in. After watching it, I won’t be too strange to her. At least it’s a face-to-face answer to a real question. I also like to write poetry. After all, it is also an interest. The style of the poem I wrote may not be the same as that of the female poet Yu Xiuhua. In my poems, it is a portrayal of my life. The material contained in my poems is the shadow of no true or false statement. My two poems are that my first work is to participate in the regulation of drunk poetry.. A few days ago, a second book of poetry was published to take part in Xibo River’s Song Bill, which is also a pure thing in my soul. It is also based on the real life, society and country around it. So, his heart is as pleased as poet Yu Xiuhua’s. The poem of peasant poet Yu Xiuhua has a special flavor from the heart. I didn’t know what Emily Dickenson was. I only knew one or two through online inquiry.. However, Emily Dickenson, who identified her as China, has been placed in such a position, which is really honorable enough.. The woman poet never dreamed of using such gorgeous and provocative words and words to her. She was really popular overnight and shocked the poetry world.!     Next, we will carefully read one of her love poems to participate in my love regulations: I love you to live, fetch water every day, cook rice, take medicine on time and put yourself in when the sun is good, like putting a piece of dried orange peel tea to drink alternately: chrysanthemum, jasmine, rose and lemon … ah, tell you a piece of tares that I think is a prose poem.. Although it is not so novel and unique, it is still true inner pain and feeling. Liu nian, editor of the journal of poetry, said: ” her poems are as striking in the poems of Chinese female poets as murderers are in a group of ladies – everyone else is dressed up, painted with powder and sprayed with perfume, white and black, and can’t smell any sweat, but she is smoky and dusty, with obvious blood stains between words.”. ‘ I think this female poet is very lucky to be held high by the poetry editor. It’s really a fire! Fire! I really marvel at it! You are not a disabled person, you are a healthy person, even a person who really belongs to a healthy person is hard to reach. She still stressed her independence and the identification of labels: ” I hope that the poems I write are only from Yu Xiuhua, not from Yu Xiuhua, a cerebral palsy person, or Yu Xiuhua, a farmer.”. It seems that some media were clearly wrong to label her, which is also a weight of respect for personality. Writer Shen Rui also questioned this, but his words were more sharp. Writer Shen Rui also said: ” The first feeling is genius – a poet born out of nowhere is in front of us and she writes really well.”. I read it again, word by word, and after reading it, I sat up straight in bed and immediately turned the woman poet on WeChat and wrote: This is the real poem!’ this evaluation, I’m afraid is to reach the top of another praise!.     I learned the poet Yu Xiuhua’s blog from the Internet. She is called ” Cloud Dreaming”. I entered his blog with a new and appreciative eye, but did not leave her a footprint because I am not a Sina blog, but another blog. First of all, I looked at her number of visits, which reached about 940,000. The main topic of all microblogs was 357 articles, including prose, most of which were prose poems. I was extremely amazed.! It is also rare for a woman with a disability to walk into microblog. I think the space of her blog is dominated by her inner thoughts, where purification, venting and grooming are quite a back garden of her heart.. She also said, ” Poetry has been cleaning me up and pity me.”. After reading several poems and essays, I learned that her heart is full of blood and tears and mingled with joy and joy. Her words and sentences are metaphorically open, hazy, free and easy, vigorous and hit the nail on the head.. She used her own characteristics and poetic language to interpret and sing about life! In short, the real psychological vent, spit as fast as possible! She took part in the private letter regulations and said:’ .” Yes, I chose the hardest and most difficult path, which was almost cruel.. But compared with death, this is already a great favor. I need time to get rid of all the dirt on my body. I need time to turn cocoons into butterflies, whether I fly to you or not.. ‘ This is what she wrote on November 26, 2014. It can be seen that she is a woman of integrity and integrity. I also learned that her poetry anthology has been published. I learned from her netizen’s message: ” You have already published your book. Congratulations.”!!! ‘ and the other is: ” Do you consider presenting your daily poems in the form of books in a timely and daily update?? We can do it for you by taking pictures of our time, and we have a lot of viewers.! ‘ really makes people dumbfounded! After all, it is a person whose body and mouth are not so easy, but fortunately, his quick thinking and a hot heart are constantly struggling and yearning for his own ideal.!     On September 30, 2011, Li Shuxin, then head of Jingmen People’s Broadcasting Station, posted a real-name post on Jingmen Forum. The name of the post was called ” Attending Reporters Walk to the Grass – roots Level: Approaching Yu Xiuhua Regulations for Peasant Poets with Cerebral Palsy.”. Li Shuxin wrote: ” She struggled, surfing the Internet and banging on the doors and windows of this society.”. She knows what she wants and she wants to be closer to society. ‘ I concluded that because the media and society are paying attention, many people will be close to her.. She won’t be lonely and lonely, and will certainly welcome many warm sunshine!     Last year, on the 17th of twelve, she had the privilege of attending a poetry recital in Beijing and reading her poetry at Renmin university.. Back to the home of Group 8, Hengdian Village, Shibei Town, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province. Sina Weibo’s ” cloud talking” published a draft regulation on attending a trip to Beijing, and the last sentence was: ” I hope that the poem I wrote is only from Yu Xiuhua, not from Yu Xiuhua, a cerebral palsy person, or Yu Xiuhua, a farmer.”. ‘ Her words are self-evident to us … Ah, here I choose a few comments on the poet Yu Xiuhua so that we can better understand her. Please see: Writer Shen Rui spoke highly of Xiuhua’s poetry again.’ .” It seems like he walked into the colorful autumn woods, each leaf is a good poem, condensed the weight of life and turned into a brilliant language, dazzled you, made you feel distressed and hurt, and made you feel bleeding with the bayonet of the poem.. Some people also have negative comments on this: ” What kind of poem did you write, my God?”! Shen Rui, a scholar and poet, said: ” I think Yu Xiuhua is Emily Dickenson of China, surprisingly imaginative and powerful in language. Compared with most female poets in China, Yu Xiuhua’s poetry is pure poetry, a poem of life, rather than a feast full of decoration or a family dinner written out, but a meteor shower of language, which dazzles you and strikes you with the depth of feelings, causing your heart to ache.”. ‘ These evaluations are really high. Look again, the poet Shen Haobo said, ” As far as poetry is concerned, Yu Xiuhua is not good at writing and has no artistic height.”. This kind of writing is really easy to be popular. Of course, this is also good, but this popularity will slightly lower the style of poetry. But how to pull down again, compared with frivolous black body, is not always a disgrace. Physical illness added a sympathetic score to Yu Xiuhua’s creation. ” ( —” critic and vice president of Shanghai translation publishing house Zhao Wuping ” ) we read some writers’ and scholars’ comments, each with its own merits and different commendations and criticisms, but there are still many people who are favored, just different tastes and appreciation points.     In early February 2015, her poetry anthology took part in the news that moonlight fell on the left-hand regulations, and WeChat forwarded millions of times, triggering a hot online frenzy of CCTV 1 and participating in dozens of media reports such as the Beijing News Regulations of the new york Times. ‘ Emile Dickenson of China” Selected Poems by Yu Xiuhua. She said full of sunshine: ” Dear friends, thank you for your support and care for me.”. My first book of poetry has been published in the regulations on moonlight landing on the left hand, and can now be booked: my book of poetry will be purchased at Dangdang, the online address for moonlight landing on the left hand.. Yu Xiuhua was published by Guangxi Normal University Press from February to January 2015. This time, I saw her picture and no longer saw her gloomy, lonely, bleeding, haggard and yearning face.. This is indeed a pleasant thing, it is like a change of person. However, judging from the name of her poetry anthology, I suppose the name is really good and interesting.! I took part in the poetry collection ” Moonlight Falling on the Left Hand” and bought this book of female poet Yu Xiuhua on the Internet for appreciation and reference for the first time..     Yeah! The birth of a poet will certainly be echoed and echoed by different people. I tend to love poetry and write poems to appreciate ordinary people, only as onlookers, plus a little bit of my own feelings for writers, scholars and readers to criticize and correct. This is also the original intention of my writing this essay. I will also merge my thoughts and opinions into the keyboard to send out my own words of mind and share them with readers who are keen to pay attention to her..     QQ 1337029931