A boiling mother e weekly

管理 / 2018-09-24

It’s already summer in this city, but it’s not very hot yet. The sun is setting and the moon is rising, reducing the flow of people and silencing the turbid and dull air. However, at the beginning of the lights, the neon lights still can’t calm down, so it’s not easy to find a place to empty yourself here or there and breathe smoothly once..     On the street lane came A Jun with a clash. Tonight, friends gather in a happy family of three, sitting around and talking to each other. Children can’t eat anything, that is, the fruity orange juice is their favorite, sucking and feeling sweet among them.. They won’t listen to the topics of the adults, only the sweat streaming down their cheeks realized that it was their season and hot surroundings. Jun A came by himself, a mother who worked outside for many years to earn money and whose children were not around.     Slowly she stopped, she wanted to let herself not think about the warm scene just now, the happy children, the girl who hugged her mother and kissed her little face, and how sweet a kiss she wanted to bring to her daughter thousands of miles away. In this strange city, I don’t know how many days and nights I have survived, how many footprints I have shed in the corners of the city, and how many days I have ushered in and sent away the changes of the city. These days are no longer important, and my thoughts on my children have not stopped for a moment.. After half a year’s work, I remember boarding the bus to the north, my daughter’s dim eyes, her young hands waving, no longer having strength, still holding the toys my mother bought for her, and few of them had any toys in that place.. Whether it’s a plane that can fly to heaven or a brave warrior with a submachine gun crawling on the ground. Jun A stares at her daughter’s direction from outside the window. She is too eager to stay with her child and give her a warm home, even if there are no red walls, green tiles, pavilions and attractive flowers.. As long as it is one room, one house, one table and one chair, one bed and one stool is enough.     But the barren countryside, the small town of size, the closed traffic, the hundreds of families, the mountains in front of the gate are green but barrier, and the roads are tortuous but familiar. She doesn’t want to grow old in this Shan Ye all her life, but she wants to make her children happy.. She chose to leave her hometown, a woman, a mother, a hope, an adventure, a hard journey and a bitter experience.. I always believe that there will be an unusual story behind every woman..     She will also make a phone call to the child. She can’t tolerate any pain from her daughter. She is standing at the school gate, looking around and waiting, drizzling, dribbling and dribbling. The rain is clearly the mother’s tears.. Can be on the phone. I have never heard my daughter say that she is not good and always gives good news but not worries. She always said that she took a little red flower in the exam and said that this is a good student.. It is unfair for a child under the age of 7 to take on the thoughts and promises of an adult when his parents are not around and the child can only stay with his relatives.. A child who doesn’t boil will think of some way to protect himself and make himself the same as others.. However, in the corner of the city, there is a mother who has already been boiling. She will feel dejected and cry silently. The mother also does not know how to release the expression pressed in her heart. She will pass through the fields, fly over the hillside, jump over the stream, cut off thorns, float to her daughter’s side, brush away the dust from her body, wipe away the sorrow in her heart and accompany her forever..