Beijing Haidian snow sports league set up primary and secondary schools to speak wu dajing Initiative

管理 / 2018-03-26

Beijing Haidian snow Alliance announced future primary and secondary school mascot, the specific tasks of the Alliance include: the spirit of full members of the League of resources and advantages, resource sharing within the Union social venues, businesses and educational research institutions; organize educational teaching and research institutions around the schoolchildren to carry out snow sports thematic studies; organize regular snow sports and cultural promotional activities to create a strong atmosphere of ice and snow sports; snow sports venues within the coalition of organizations under the premise of cost accounting, to give students a discount below the market price, to a year in Haidian District, winter Olympic education pupils complimentary tickets winter sports experience。 At present, Beijing Sports University sports academy snow, winter sports office Haidian District, Beijing, Haidian District, Beijing Research Institute of Sports, Culture and Sports Authority of Huaxi Guo occasion such as twelve units become the first members。   As of March 2018, Haidian District, the pilot education system altogether snow sports school 41, about 10 million students participate in snow sports, deputy head of the Haidian District Liusheng Guo said, Haidian District, students Winter Sports Alliance's original intention was to "practice measure 3 million people involved in snow sports "through targeted, guidance, strong operational mechanism of social resources, and enhance regional co-ordinate scheduling carry out winter sports, Haidian District, students physical health of。

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