A wave of three fold into Tibet road

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We took the train to Wuchang. At that time, the Yangtze River Bridge had not been built, and people and trains were ferried through the Yangtze River.. When the train came to Zhengzhou, our car was left alone and grouped again to Xi ‘an. The Tibet office in Xi ‘an arranged for us to stay at the Zhongzhou Hotel on Jiefang Road and eat at the Juchuan Garden Hotel.. The office seems to be just looking after our life, and other things will be arranged by the temporary party branch and team leaders on the team.. Several of them went into Tibet together and lived in a single room, while the remaining bachelors lived in a single room. I live with a comrade named Tian Anfeng. Laotian is a Tujia nationality, the section chief of the provincial public security department for criminal investigation, and a temporary party branch member on the team. The provincial public security department, criminal investigation and party branch members, all of which are dazzling diamond grains in my eyes, are the unattainable mount Everest! I admire Mr. Oda for his good background and work, and feel even more ashamed of himself. I think it is a dirty and broken tablecloth, and who casually throws it next to a pile of shining diamonds.. I feel ashamed and ashamed. I feel ashamed! Although I lived in the same room, I never dared to take the initiative to say a word to him or even look at him in the eye.. But Mr. Tian took the initiative to say hello to me, even intentionally teasing me. He treated me like a brother and also talked with me many times to persuade me to throw away my baggage and choose my own path.     One day, comrade Liu from the office sent several Tibetan guests to talk while walking, but I didn’t understand a word. I thought to myself that I met Tibetan comrades today, which is a good opportunity to learn Tibetan language, so I went over and looked at it.. Comrade Liu is saying goodbye to them at the door. I hurried forward to say hello to him and asked him to help me talk to some Tibetan comrades and teach me some Tibetan language.. Liu nodded with a smile and said, ” It is certainly good for you to enter Tibet to carry out democratic reforms and learn Tibetan language earlier.”! He talked with those comrades in Tibetan, and a middle-aged man smiled and said to me, ” My Chinese, Yakuzadu, you have to learn Tibetan, the two of us …” Speaking of which, he clenched his fists and touched the two thumb points together several times, then said, ” Bam Village Lobujun, Yakuzadu.”! In his words, I didn’t understand anything except’ Chinese’,’ Tibetan’,’ you and me’. Liu translated for me: ” Tashi said that his own Chinese is not good, you should learn Tibetan, you two learn from each other, very well.”. ‘ From that day on, as long as Tashi is in the hotel, we will learn from each other. I know that there are 30 letters in the Tibetan language, plus the characters above and below. The phonetic method is quite different from the Chinese phonetic method.. I decided to learn only some simple words and dialogues first. Tashi also told me that when the People’s Liberation Army entered Tibet in 1950, someone made up a rhyme: ” Heaven is called Lang, Earth is called Sha, and eating is called Samasha, please sit down and call Sa Deng Jia, please walk slowly and call Galpei, and come quickly and call Jiao Bo Xue. Water is called Qu, people are called Mi, and reading the letter is called Egeda. The plane is called Langmuzhu, the ship is called Zhusen, and the car is called Muza … ” I have really learned many words and phrases in a few days.. But then Tashi and several of them left Xi ‘an and went back to Tibet, and so did my study plan.     One day I went to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda alone and saw an old book stall by the roadside. I went over and flipped through it.. I saw a book named ” Regulations for Participating in Wild Dust Dreams of Gentiana Marcrophyllae” by Chen Quzhen, a native of Hunan Province. He described the story of his own experience in Tibet. As soon as my eyes are bright, this is really’ stepping through iron shoes without finding a place to get them all without any effort’. I immediately bought the book and went back to the hotel to read it carefully.     According to the book, the British invaded Tibet in the first year of Xuantong ( 1909 ) and the 13th Dalai Lama requested the Qing government to send troops to support him, but he was afraid that the Qing army would stay in Tibet and not go away and ordered the Tibetan army to stop him.. At that time, the Qing army had assembled in Chengdu. In July of that year, Zhong Ying led the army into Tibet.. Chen Quzhen was the commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Standard. After entering Tibet, he took part in the battle of Gongbujiangda, Bomi and other places.. Chen volunteered to go out for reconnaissance and was unfortunately wounded and captured, but with his personal charm, he won the admiration of the Tibetan army chief and sent him back to the Han camp.. Later, the famous Zhao Erfeng came to Changdu, Zhao Huiyan knew beads, jumped into the position of a pipe belt and led the garrison in Gongbu River Delta.. Chen thus got to know the Tibetan army officer Jiaguapeng Cuo and became a good friend.. During a dinner for colleagues, Chen occasionally met Jia Guapeng’s niece, Xiyuan. Xiyuan was skillful in riding and shooting and attracted Chen’s attention. Later, the two became husband and wife, from which a touching love story was derived.. Later, Chen led his troops to attack Bomi, and Nishihara went to the battlefield with his husband. In a critical moment, Nishihara gave up his life and saved the lives of Chen and his soldiers.. Finally, on the way back to the mainland with more than 100 soldiers led by Chen, the lamas who led the way took the wrong road, lost themselves in the vast crimson plains ( that is, today’s Naqu region in Tibet ) and were forced to venture across the Tanggula Mountains in cold winter.. In the ice and snow, food was cut off for more than July, hunger was endured, Ru Mao drank blood, and only seven lives were returned to Xi ‘an. Soon after, Xiyuan unfortunately suffered from smallpox, and many treatments were ineffective and abandoned Chen. Chen wrote in the book: … by the fourth watch, Xiyuan will wake Chen up, sob to her words’:’ Xiyuan has been following you for thousands of miles, and doesn’t want to be seriously ill and have to leave with you in the middle of the road.. If you are lucky enough to get help and get out of here, I will die in peace. At present, letters from home should arrive in a few days, wishing you well on your way back to the south, and Xiyuan can no longer accompany you.. Xiyuan’s voice dropped, heaved a sigh and died. Chen Fu’s body wept bitterly and almost died of anger.A few words vividly describe the touching words of strange girl, a Tibetan who is deeply attached to righteousness, when he was in where will you go.. Then, Chen’s pen turned: … After noon, he was finally encoffined and buried in Yanta Temple outside Xi ‘an City.. Chen recalled the hardships of Xiyuan following her, caressing the coffin and crying. When I got back to my place of residence, I could not see the figure of Xiyuan. ” Only the room was cold and the drapes were flying. Suddenly, I could not help crying up to heaven and crying with tears. I cried out,” Heaven and Hu don’t hang, I’m here. ”! After reading the book, I recall the two good films about Tibetan areas I saw in Changsha – ” Golden Silver Beach” and ” Dawn of Fierce Rivers”. I wish I could grow a pair of wings and fly to Tibet immediately – the magical and beautiful plateau.     One day in February 1957, everyone was still waiting anxiously for the notice from the office, and the hotel checked in several new guests, two of whom happened to be living in the room next to me and Ota.. One was a middle-aged man in his thirties, dressed in an old military uniform washed white. One is a young man, who can tell from his appearance that he is a student who has just left school.. One day, I was reading while lying in bed bored, and there was a strange sound next door, which was a bit like Tashi’s teaching me Tibetan for a few days. I immediately got up and wanted to see it.. The door next door was wide open and a young man was reading a pamphlet aloud.. A middle-aged man sitting next to him saw me poking around outside the door, stood up and smiled at me and asked, ” What’s the matter? ‘ I kept saying, ” It’s okay, it’s okay.”. ‘ The middle-aged man is a” meet each other well”, and he came out in a few steps and enthusiastically said, ” Come on, come on, please come in and sit down.”. I went into the room and said, ” I just heard what he was reading, and I wanted to come and listen.”. He was learning Tibetan, he said with a smile. The word ” Tibetan” is like a fishing hook, which suddenly catches my interest. I asked’ Meet Me Well’:’ Comrades, do you also work in Tibet? He said, ” We have just entered Tibet, and this time we have come to Xi ‘an on business.”. Then he asked me, ” What do you live here for?”? I told him that we were cadres from Hunan who went to Tibet. Upon hearing this, the Tibetan – speaking young man stopped studying and raised his head to interject: ” I heard that the democratic reform in Tibet has been delayed, and the Han cadres and troops will soon be transferred internally in large numbers, and you are still waiting here to enter Tibet.”? I asked him, ” why do we have to turn back before we even reach the edge of Tibet? ‘ The young man said with a smile: ” This question, it will take a long time to talk.”. I said, ” Then please tell me about it.”. The following is what the young man said ( to be more accurate, I now quote a passage from the regulations on participation in Tibet’s revolutionary history ): on November 22 last year ( 1956 ), Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama went to India at the invitation of the Indian government to attend the commemoration of Sakyamuni’s 2500th anniversary. a few upper-class Tibetan reactionaries took advantage of this opportunity to collude with imperialism to carry out a criminal campaign against Tibet’s democratic reform and provoke Dalai Lama to stay in India for’ independence’. Later, Premier Zhou talked to the Dalai Lama in New Delhi, India, for three consecutive times during his overseas visit, conveying Chairman Mao’s instructions that Tibet is not carrying out reform at present, indicating the central government’s attitude towards reform.. On January 1, 1957, the prime minister once again conveyed chairman Mao’s decision to Dalai, saying that Tibet would not carry out reform in the second five-year plan, and that it would be up to Dalai to decide whether to reform after six years..     I said, ” But now Director Liu of Xi ‘an Office also said that we should wait patiently for notification, and also said that we should arrange for our school to study in Xi ‘an.”. The young man said with a smile, ” I think the notice will certainly come soon.”. That is: halt, turn back, quick march! ‘ Say that finish this sentence, he smiled and turned to” Meet and Know” and said: ” Captain, do I shout this password like a soldier? The captain nodded repeatedly and responded with a smile: ” like, like, like. But you will quickly learn Tibetan words like’ that would be better. I asked the captain, ” Do you also want to tune in?”? Captain said: ” You administrative cadres heard that where you came from and where you went, we guerrillas may stay in Qinghai.”. ‘ I asked again: ” Then why does he still learn to speak Tibetan?”? The captain said: ” Qinghai is rich in mineral resources and also has vast Tibetan areas. Learning Tibetan dialect will be of great benefit to us, the geologists who live all over the world.”. ‘ I met in this way.” Meet each other well.” I also learned that he is the newly formed Zhao Bin captain of the Tibet Geological Bureau.. The Tibetan – speaking young man surnamed Jiang is a graduate of Nanjing Geological School. Later, we had more contact with each other. I think captain Zhao is similar to section chief Han of Hengyang county in many places.. I asked Xiao Jiang about him. Xiao Jiang’s eyes showed admiration and said, ” Our captain was a battalion commander of the Independent Battalion, who joined the revolution in 1938 and joined the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea in 1950.”. After returning home, he transferred to the Ministry of Geology. It is said that Minister He Changgong approved his entry into Tibet.. I think this captain Zhao is not only a ” familiar person” but also compassionate and willing to help people.. Once, while Chiang Kai – shek was on the streets, he was alone in the house to rest. I went over and told him all about myself, including the ” landlord + bureaucrat” family composition that I was ashamed to say, as well as the ” bamboo tube poured beans” that failed the military political review in 1953. I also told him why I didn’t want to go back to Hunan.. After listening to my words, Captain Zhao, who has ” never opened his mouth to smile” at ordinary times, did not have a smile on his face, but from his eyes I saw his understanding and sympathy for me.. He said: ” The party’s policy is to” go out of your way and choose a path. I believe this sentence, and you must also believe it. ”. In 1951 in North Korea, our superiors sent a clerk with your same surname to our camp, a college student, and a good command of English.. But his family is capitalist. When I heard the three words ” capitalist”, my head was big at the time. I found a political commissar and begged him to change another person.Political commissar said:’ Now the enemy opposite us is not the Kuomintang, but American soldiers who are full of Harrow. They can only speak English. We also need people who understand English. I can’t speak English. Can you speak Zhao Bin? I said: I came from a bitter family and didn’t go to school for a day. Where can I speak English. Political commissar smiled and said:’ I am the same as you. But are we still rushing to learn English again now? You Zhao Bin caught a ” tongue”, also can only be a mute. Besides, Secretary Wang volunteered to sign up for North Korea. We should warmly welcome such comrades and help them reform their minds so that they can make continuous progress.. In my heart, I also admit that the political commissar was right, but I felt a little awkward at the time, but I couldn’t turn the curve.. Later, the king clerk did very well, and later became my savior in Zhao Bin.! Speaking of which, captain Zhao’s voice sank down and his eyes lost their original luster. he continued: ” once, the U.S. devils bombed our positions, I was directing everyone to evacuate and hide, only listening to a’ whoop’ —’ from the top of the head, and then someone gave me a sudden push from behind. I was pushed out for a long time, and the man also pressed on me tightly.”. Then a bomb exploded behind my back. My life was saved, but the man who covered me was camp clerk Wang Shangzhi! He remained on North Korea’s land forever. Speaking of which, captain Zhao bowed his head sadly. After a long time, he raised his head and cleared his throat, then said, ” I am still an old saying: believe in the party’s policies,” and ” go out of your way and choose the way.”. If you don’t want to go back to Hunan, then simply follow me to the geological team. can you study hard and work well? it’s up to you, but I can assure you that the stones, balls and mud in the valley will never look down upon you because of your poor family composition! This is the first time in my life that I have ever heard such a heart-to-heart talk! My heart was hot and I kept my head on the spot, and the tears that unwillingly fell down uncontrollably again.. Captain Zhao held my hand tightly and repeatedly said, ” Don’t do this. Don’t do this quickly.”. ‘ and immediately smiled brightly and said: ” comrade Wang, if you really don’t want to go back to Hunan, just come to our geological team if your original unit agrees.”. I can still do it. ‘ At that time, I was alone and left my hometown in Hunan for the first time. Whenever it was still in the night, I would think of my dear mother and her rough but gentle hands. Think of the delicious fried rice with egg. Think of her worried eyes when she left this time. Think of. The feeling of’ leaving home thousands of miles away and without friends’ really burned me in five. I will also think of Hao, Han, Ren and Li Yumei, as well as the concern and help that several Communist Party cadres have given me.. In particular, Hao minister said in 1953 that he seemed to feel helpless even himself.’ …’ your family background . ah, now the length of service is less than three years, and this political review did not pass. ‘ It will also ring in my ear. My heart is really” knocked over five bottles”: The taste of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty is all over, and my heart is like being stuffed with a lump of disorderly hemp.. Dear friends, where are you now? At this moment, Mr. Tian, who lives in the same room with me, is sleeping soundly and snoring softly. I think of Mr. Tian again. Yes, Mr. Oda is a good man. He didn’t regard me as’ alternative’ because of his good political conditions. He took me as his little brother. He cared about me and wanted to give me a hand, but we were not’ fellow passers – by’ after all.. Think about it, can I ask to follow him back to Hunan Provincial Public Security Department to conduct criminal investigation? Thought of here, even I myself was scared to stare big eyes by this ridiculous idea. Later, I remembered captain Zhao who was sleeping next door to me and Mr. Oda. although our time together was very short, a cadre at the county and regiment level ( at that time, the geological brigade was at the regiment level ) could open up to me with my ” word of one side” of ” meeting by chance” and ” other people”. isn’t this what people call ” fate”? . Ah, all kinds of ideas, like fish, swim in my mind and swim in the past. I feel more and more that Captain Zhao’s words have gone into my heart’s nest.. I really can’t bear to leave him.     At first light the next day, the first thing I remembered was that I should call Minister Ren and report the situation. But in the 1950s, it was more difficult to make a long-distance call across several provinces than ascend to heaven. Thanks again to Captain Zhao, who had such great skill, he quickly helped me dial the phone to Hengyang through a special line from a certain unit in Shaanxi Province and let me talk to the same minister on the phone.. I will tell Minister Ren everything about’ cadres entering Tibet may want to return to the mainland’,’ and’ I want to stay’, and’ I met a fellow member of the Eighth Route Army who joined you in 1938 and is also your fellow countryman from Hebei Province, who is now working in Tibet’s Geological Bureau, he said that he can take me to Tibet’s geological team’ as long as the original unit agrees.. The minister listened to me on the phone all the time’ well, well’, then simply told me: ” Be sure to obey the organizational arrangement,”’ and said nothing else.. On that day, I felt like I was really a broken kite, slouching, limping feet, unable to eat rice, returning to the hotel and getting into bed to shed tears . ah, captain Zhao and Chiang will soon be hiding in Tibet. When saying goodbye to them, the captain held my hand tightly and said sincerely, ” Comrade Wang, although we have been together for a short time, you are smart, have strength and have ideal, and I like your character.”. According to the current situation, I estimate that the newly established Tibet Geological Bureau will soon withdraw from Qinghai, and you will still obey the organization and go back to Hunan first. He handed me a thin mimeograph pamphlet, telling me that there was an introduction to local conditions and customs in Tibetan areas and that there was respect for national customs and habits, so you can have a look at it when you have time.. He also wrote down the address of his family ( his wife ) in Xining, saying that we will have good contact in the future.     In March 1957, Hunan Provincial Committee went to Tibet Cadre Brigade in Xi ‘an to wait for Tibet to ” stay” for more than four months. A female comrade surnamed Wen moved to the office to wait for a bus to enter Tibet because her husband was still working in Tibet. All 37 of us returned to Hunan..