Be jealous

管理 / 2018-09-27

Maradona turned round with a stick, but without hitting her son, she plunged herself into the corn field.. The field had just been filled with water, and he fluttered a few times and completely turned into a clay figurine..   The son who ran a long way saw Lao Tzu trapped in mud and water, scratching around with his eyes like two tadpoles jumping in the mud, which were visible for a while and invisible for a while.. He turned back and pulled Lao Tzu out.   The old horse yelled, ” I can’t spare you for a donkey day.”! The son listened to Lao Tzu’s fierce roar, was afraid of fighting, and ran away again. As a result, Shin Lao Tzu was once again planted in muddy water..   People from the nearby fields came and pulled the horse out. While the horse’s ears and eyes were still muddy, they all covered their mouths and laughed enough..   Someone advised Maradona to jump into the canal and wash himself.   Maradona said impatiently, ” I can’t see any balls in the mud.”! ‘ someone came to hold him down to the canal.   Maradona washed her face and opened her eyes. Climbing out of the canal, Maradona’s whole body of water was pouring. He was so cold that he knocked his teeth and asked angrily, ” Where did my chop suey run?”? ‘ They said they had run too early to have a shadow.   Someone asked: What happened to your father and son? Like a rival in love.   It’s really a crooked red – handed, in a word! The old horse looked like an ox that had been whipped, stared at him, jumped up, stood unsteadily, and almost planted in the canal..   They even asked, ” What is this?”?   Maradona snorted heavily in her nose and did not speak, nor could she say that she was just trying to wring the water on her skirt … ah, at lunch today, Maradona said to her son, ” son, your eldest brother is not small. I asked your aunt to tell you about the heishan Zhou family woman and marry her at the end of the year.”! Hearing this, the son pushed his rice bowl. ” What? What did you say? Women of the Zhou Family? I don’t want to die! Hey, you moron and unintelligent, what’s the difference between the women of the Zhou family? Want me to say, the somebody else deserve you that is not ma da! I don’t want to die anyway. If you don’t think there’s Mada, you’ll marry her! ‘ Maradona was so angry when he heard his son speak out that he clapped his chopsticks around the table.!   ‘ you broken donkey day zha so to speak! What happened to my speech? Anyway, you don’t have a wife, who is not to marry? ‘ son’s words rushed and hurt the horse’s forehead sweating, and the stubble – covered face was red, green and white … ah, the horse scooped a gourd ladle of cold water from the jar and drank it gurgling, and the internal heat dropped down.   He squatted on the edge of the kang and said sadly, ” Son, your mother died early. In recent years, Lao Tzu has been working hard to earn money and is intent on marrying you a daughter – in – law.”. Add a woman to your family, you have a hot kang, and I have a hot meal. But why are you so disobedient? I don’t want to die anyway! ‘ Maradona saw her sad voice didn’t impress her son, and her anger whistled again: ” What star lady did you have a crush on on on Donkey Day?”? ‘ Son said: ” Li Lan’s daughter, Ye Ye. I will not marry her, she will not marry me! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! You! ‘ son’s words surprised horse almost planted down from the kang. ‘ no! Absolutely not! I can’t even spell this fate! ‘ The son kicked the stool under his butt and stared at his eyes. ” Of course you can’t. Who doesn’t know you have a crush on Ye’s mother?”! You have a crush on you, I have a crush on me, we don’t violate the rules of the river.Bullshit! ‘ Maradona gave a roar, picked up a stick and beat his son, and his son fled when he saw him fighting.. Linyi also said, ” Radish and cabbage are loved by each other, so we just don’t violate the river water by well water.” ( Ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha! ‘ Old horse didn’t hit his son, but ate a cold loss. More importantly, a kind of sour crisis, like mud and water all over the body, is cool enough to twist..   When they saw that the old horse was only turning the water on his skirt, they were silent.. Thought the horse was choking on mud and water. Someone stretched out his hand and touched the horse’s head. The horse pushed his hand and said grumpily, ” Touch a ball.”! ‘ The crowd laughed.   Maradona knew he had lost his word and was not good enough to say anything. He only wrung water and sighed. Sigh, wring water . Ah, on the road, there came a woman. Wearing a coat of red and white flowers, light blue trousers and flat velvet square-mouthed shoes. In his forties, he was of medium height, not fat or thin, with a white face and vivid eyes.. When you start, you have a pretty chest.. Maradona saw the bearer and suddenly got up. The mud toad jumped into the canal.   After much thought, all thought the horse was mad. Some people say that this is Li Lan, the companion of Maradona’s phase … Everyone seems to have some idea.   Yes, the woman who came in leisurely is Li Lan, who is indeed the companion of Maradona.. Maradona’s wife died and he was single for three years. Recently, I was having a private talk with this woman, and I have had some discussions.. This woman, a man, was in a car accident and has been widowed for three years and has not been married. If she is released, she will not consider her support until she has married her daughter..   One evening, she lowered her head behind the wall, picking at the sand on the wall and quietly listening to the old horse’s wishes. She didn’t raise any objection. She only told Maradona that I knew you were a hard man. If you could wait for my daughter to get married, everything would be easy for both of us.. Then, with a twist of his body, he jumped onto the main road and walked leisurely away … Ah Ma even said that he was in the middle.! Then, like a happy shadow, he went into the woods.   Li Lan went to the canal and watched the old horse bow in the water constantly digging into himself. Funny: ” Her uncle Ma, are you suffering from drought or what?”? How vigorously to dig water on the body? ‘ Maradona’s body was flooded with water and said, ” Wash clothes, wash clothes.”. Washing clothes? Do you have any clothes washed like this? Yes, it is. It’s easier and easier to wash both inside and outside.. Ha, ha, ha . ah, how can I bask in it? ‘ Li Lan’s words were so hot that they all burst out laughing. Some people say: You have to find a way to bask in it!   Li Lan’s almond eyes glared, criticising, ” Those who eat grass.”! ‘ continued again.” Her Ma Shu, you go back and change your clothes for me to wash. The water is cool, be careful of exudation. Some people say that the torches in the old horse’s cavity will burn the liver and lungs!   Li Lan’s almond eyes glared, criticising: ” Dog’s mouth.”! ‘ At this moment, Ye Ye shouted in the distance: Mom! Mom! Our cattle are gone!   Upon hearing this, Li Lan hurried away and said, ” Her uncle Ma, the water is cool .” Maradona jumped up from the canal and ran along with Li Lan, spilling water along her crotch..   The crowd laughed and said, ” Old horse, take care of the cows. Don’t soak them in water.”!   Maradona responded much faster this time and said to the crowd, ” I’ve made you unintelligent.”! ‘ in the distance, there was a moo of cattle, and everyone went along the prestige and saw the old son leading a big yellow cattle out of the woods..   Leaf sharp – eyed, loudly say: mom! Mom! The cow has been found!  Maradona saw the son holding the cow, bent down to pick up a stone, folded his body and ran after him, shouting, ” I’ll give you a chop suey, Lao tze won’t spare you.”! ‘ Li Lan mother and daughter don’t know fine bottom, also followed by chasing.   When the son saw that Lao Tzu could not let himself go, he slapped the cow’s butt and went into the woods … ah, in the woods, leaf touched the cow’s back and asked, ” why did you Lao Tzu beat you?”? ‘ Maradona’s son scattered a sokcho flower in his hand and said, ” Jealous.”! ‘ At the gate, Li Lan took over the old horse’s mud clothes and asked, ” Why did you beat your son? The old horse rattled his joints with his hands: ” hey, it’s too sour to say! ”