Father and daughter two books ( 45 )

管理 / 2018-09-29

Dear Dad: When facing the new-born sun every morning, you can receive warm text messages from Dad. You don’t know how much motivation and hope this brings to your daughter: ” All our dreams can come true because we have the courage to pursue them.”!     ‘ One’s greatest awakening is how to accumulate and exert one’s own energy to live one’s own life.”!     Good morning, baby princess. I wanted to harvest a wisp of spring breeze. I didn’t expect you to give me the whole spring.!     ‘ who is the richest man in the world? Not god, not rich businessman, but broad-minded and peaceful baby you. You won’t be hurt. You live in a world of love, sunshine and happiness. You live in the rhythm of your life you like.. Lying in bed, eating breakfast and sitting in the classroom, I can receive your text messages every day at different times, every word of which makes my daughter deeply touched and warm. even when the sky is overcast, my mood is low, and I am helpless, reading these sentences will make me full of vigor and spirit to face a new day..     In the past 19 years, the daughter has now grown into a lively, cheerful, open – minded, natural and graceful, courteous young man, treating others with tolerance and peace of mind, looking at life with a new vision, pursuing and dreaming forward, hope and sunshine coexisting.. What is the origin of this? Of course, it is the education and training you and your mother have given your daughter over the years.! – Mom taught me how to live, and you taught me how to live. Mom’s love is the driving force that inspires me to move forward, and your love is full of magic and great power in this driving force.. Now I can only make myself better, better and stronger to repay you and your mother for what she has done to me – but it is not enough to express my endless love for you.!     Seeing the reply from father to daughter, I know that this time Tsinghua really made you glad you came. ‘ Walk out of the Tsinghua Gate and take away the soul of Tsinghua” – I feel the constant weight of self – improvement; I also felt dad’s surge of emotion.     ‘ Tian Hangjian, gentleman to self – improvement; The terrain is Kun, and the gentleman carries the goods with virtue. ”. Ding Ling, a famous modern writer, said: As long as people have a belief and pursuit, they can tolerate any hardship and adapt to any environment.. Constantly striving for self-improvement is a spirit of pioneering and innovation, which requires us to constantly have new pursuits, constantly absorb new knowledge and skills, and constantly create new achievements.. Self – improvement is a positive attitude, pursuit and realm of life, and a profound understanding of the meaning of life.. So in life, for the sake of ideals and goals, we must learn to strive for self – improvement.     And my dad also said: A person’s starting point of life is only once, and the starting point of life can start at any time.! If you don’t give up your dream, you can set sail from a new starting point! My daughter once wrote a passage about youth and dreams in her blog: youth is always a vocabulary we talk about or a carrier of pride. Yes, we are still young. I always want to write about youth, but I just want to know if my youth is still so empty.? For a moment, you will feel very close to your original dream. For a moment, the thought of being able to use Buzz Lightyear’s energy soared into the sky!     Every once ideal is lying on the way to growth, you can’t kick or wake up, and it’s no use scolding – the ideal that really remains is dementia, and you won’t sleep or rest.. Our youth is always in passion, rebellion, longing, disappointment, confusion and similarity. We are not the proletariat, youth is capital, we are very rich, so we often squander money and blindly pursue the world in our hearts, youth is wanton and will fail, which is the inevitable result of natural laws.. The butterfly has the beauty of flying after experiencing pain and breaking through the cocoon.. However, most young ideals are stillborn. This is also the law, the law of nature. Immature ones will eventually be eliminated. Maturity does not mean losing innocence and original color.? ,, many questions, so lost.     But the dream is a dream, the reality is a reality, quietly packing up the sadness and carefully placing the impulse and vision in your arms.     What we have, we enjoy it. What we don’t have, we go after it.     Today’s life is the time to pursue, go crazy, and rush recklessly!     I’ve read a sentence: At the age of eighteen, it’s time to travel and organize a band. That’s not a dream, just because it’s a youth thing to do. Although he is over 18 years old, his youth is still alive and his dream has not changed.     Daughter is very glad to have a father like you, who has countless hours to do what he wants to do and is willing to do – I will try my best to fly!     Love your daughter 2011 – 11 – 4