Father’s Sandals

管理 / 2018-10-02

My mother said that before I came into this world, my father was a handsome young man in the countryside.. But in my impression, apart from the black-and-white photos of my father when he was young, I can feel that what my mother said is true, it is difficult for my father in reality to associate him with’ young and handsome’. Dark skin, old face, thin body, ruthless years and heavy farm work have tortured my father into a withered old man. My father has changed, becoming so that I can’t remember what he looked like when he was young, and making my unhappy son feel miserable.. If the father has not changed anything, I’m afraid he will only have to toil all day long and those sandals that accompany him for countless summers..     It was a pair of leather sandals made by my mother when she was young, and I wore them on my father’s rough feet before I could remember. As long as I can remember, I can still clearly remember those sandals – soles made of black tyre leather, which are wear – resistant. Brown cowhide’s vamp looks good – looking – it looks very energetic on his father’s feet. Father wears it every summer. It hasn’t changed in more than 20 years and hasn’t changed in more than 20 years..     Father has been busy in the field for many years and has dealt with the plowland for most of his life, with the diligence and thrift of plowmen.. When busy in the field in summer, my father would take off these shoes and put them in a flat place on the ridge. He would rather work barefoot than wear them out.. In summer leisure time, my father always puts on these sandals and walks around the village with a cheerful face. Everyone praises these shoes for their good looks and durability, and praises his wife for her good workmanship and ability.. If he won the admiration of others, his father’s heart would be flattered and his eyes would be narrowed with joy.. After the summer, my father washed the sandals clean and put a layer of oil on the leather surface. Then he wrapped the shoes in a neat white cloth and put them neatly in the box with the summer clothes until next summer..     Father regards these shoes as the most important thing in his life and cherishes them because they were made by mother herself. However, more than 20 years of wind, frost, snow and rain have traced the traces of years and carved rough wrinkles on his father. Also left numerous scars and numerous repair marks on this pair of sandals. But no matter how badly the shoes are worn or broken, my father will always try to mend them and put them on his feet happily. He is extremely happy and praises everyone … Ah, my mother wants to make a new pair of shoes for my father. I also want to buy a new pair of shoes for my father, but my stubborn father refused.. My father said that my mother worked very hard when she made these shoes. Her hands were bloody and painful. She could no longer hurt her.. My father also said that these shoes fit well. After wearing them for a long time, if they have feelings, they can be mended if they are broken. They can also be worn. Buying new shoes wastes money. Why spend the money in vain?.     Although I could not twist my father’s stubborn temper, I quietly bought him a pair of new sandals and brought them back. My mother called to say that my father looked at the new shoes and though he blamed me for wasting them, he was still very happy in his heart.. Father also oiled the new shoes and stored them well. He said he would put them on when the sandals were worn out and repaired..     I don’t know what my father will look like when he puts on his new sandals, and whether he will boast of his son to everyone happily … Ah, may my father be happy, healthy and long – lived.