Hometown memory

管理 / 2018-10-04

Hometown is a familiar landscape, Meixiang is a strong hometown sound, hometown is mother’s white hair and father’s wrinkles. The mark of my hometown, like the stars scattered in the sky of memory, sparkles with glittering and translucent light and always touches my boundless homesickness..   ( 1 ) The dog tail grass is on the ditch ridge in the hometown field – what? There are many nameless wild flowers and weeds. In these flowers and plants. – What? The most unforgettable thing for me is the dog tail grass.   Also don’t know who gave it such an image and clumsy name. The dog tail grass does look like a dog’s tail, and the furry head pokes out from among the leaves. Sometimes with your head down. – What? Sometimes I bend over. – What? Very modest gentleman demeanor. Whenever the breeze blows. – What? They’re like naughty children. – What? I’m beginning to shake my head. When I was a child, my friends and I used to play crazy in the fields. – What? When you are tired of playing, you sit on the ridge and gather some dogtail grass to weave a garland. The boys are responsible for collecting the dogtail grass and weaving the dogtail grass into a garland shape. The girl is responsible for collecting wild flowers, and then she will put them on the garland according to the size and color of the flowers.. In a short time, a wreath full of flowers and fragrant flowers was made. Then we will also play the game of throwing handkerchiefs and eagles to make chickens, and who wins can wear a dogtail garland. At that time, in my eyes and those of my friends, the dogtail garland was attractive. The happiness it brings to us is incomparable, and it also makes us linger for a long time.. With the company of the dog – tail grass. – what? Our lonely childhood has also been blessed with a few more joys.   Home a few years ago. – What? In the fields they saw their familiar figure again. Just think it also fell silent a lot. There are still many wild flowers and weeds around him, but there are no more wild boys and crazy girls. Children now. – What? Childhood was either occupied by one cartoon after another or indulged in endless video games. They basically don’t know what the dogtail grass is. As our wild boys and crazy girls grew up – what? The dog-tail grass can only swing in the field with the wind, watching the time flow and the sun and the moon reincarnate..   In a foreign land. – What? It’s full of tall buildings and broad roads. – What? It’s hard to see the dog tail grass. Once I saw a picture of the dog tail grass on the Internet, I put it on the computer to make a screen, and it lasted more than a year.. Colleagues all find it strange that this grass has nothing to look at? How can they understand that dog tail grass is a best friend of childhood to me. In the long journey of the years, even if it is only a picture, it is so rare to meet and depend on each other again.. Just as there are some feelings in this world, it is difficult for others to understand and feel the same way if they do not experience it personally, whether it is warm or cold..   Once I met a dog-tail grass while climbing the flag peak mountain, I rushed forward and collected it. Put it on the desk. – What? From green to withered, I don’t want to take it away. Looking at it is like seeing the warm eyes in the depths of the years – what? The simple and elegant paintings, the pure faces.   In many cases, intentionally or unintentionally – what? I can’t forget the dog-tail grass on the ridge in my hometown and my friends who played together.In the pure time when the garland was made of dogtail grass, clouds floated in the sky, streams flowing in the river, and fragrant flowers in the fields – what? The laughter of my friends like silvery bells is like scenes of slow motion in my mind, which comes to mind on a sleepless rainy night..   If childhood is the source of my memory, dog tail grass is the purest ripple in this source. The clumsiness and childlike appearance, the character of not choosing the soil and offering silently, is a beautiful scenery that embellishes the past. It is also a life example for people on the stormy road. Dreams in the heart always touch those distant and clear memories.   ( 2 ) The mountain is silent. In the wind and rain of the world, it greets human joys and sorrows with a broad mind..   The mountain is leaping. In the vicissitudes of the years, it interprets the true meaning of life with its gigantic body..   Walking on the mountain road, the chirping of birds and the babbling of water in the mountain stream were heard in the ear, and the breeze brushed the surface – what? The faint scent of flowers wafted around. – What? In addition to the faint shouts of farmers while ploughing, the mountain is quiet.   The mist floats on the top of the mountain and on the mountainside. At this time, the mountain looks like a shy village girl. The body looks like a veiled cloud. In a short time, the sun comes out. It steals half of its smiling face from behind the mountain and looks happily at the whole mountain. The mist begins to quietly disperse. At this moment, tranquility seems to be a flowing liquid, clear stream edge, brilliant mountain flowers, rugged rocks, lush mountain forests, they wander around the mountain bottom, wandering on the mountainside, and wandering around to the top of the mountain for a while.? More gentle, wild flowers are more delicate and charming under its kiss, and the sun is brighter under its cluster.   At the end of the mountain road, there is a verdant bamboo forest, where several mountain families live in the depths of the bamboo forest, and houses with white walls and grey tiles are shaded by rolling hills, simple and quiet, with clusters of golden corn cobs and fiery red peppers hanging under the eaves – what? A flower cat basks lazily in the sun. – What? Suddenly a few barks broke the peace of the mountain forest. It turned out that the owner of the spring ploughing came back and plumes of smoke rose from the gray-brown roof. Then the smell of the food spread all around..   There are several beds of vegetable in the sunny area behind the house, and green vegetables are growing vigorously – what? A few chickens were playing in the vegetable field to catch insects. On the edge of the vegetable field, there was a mountain spring, and the clear spring water was trickling out slowly..   On the vegetable patch. – What? It’s a narrow path. The trail leads to the mountains behind. In the mountains. – What? It is a sunny slope where Auricularia auricula and Lentinus edodes are cultivated. On this relatively open grassy slope, rows of wooden frames in the shape of’ people’ are neatly placed. After a few soaking rains – what? The whole family, old and young, will turn over to the wooden shelf.. First turn over the side that basks in the sun, then turn over the wet side. After all the wooden shelves are full of drinks and basking in the sun, the mushroom and fungus will grow in full swing.. As long as the rain shines hard enough, the harvest will be good. The mushroom, fungus, dried in the sun, have good quality, little water and no adulteration, and many businessmen have come to buy them at high prices.. Gradually, the fungus and the fragrant shavings became the main sources of income for people in the mountains..   A few children returning from school are coming down the mountain, playing and playing all the way. Their appearance has brought some vitality to the silent mountain forest and heard their voice – what? A clever little black dog wagged its tail and threw a smile – what? To meet its little master.   Gradually, the evening became dark and bright lights shone from the depths of the bamboo forest, so the night in the mountains came unconsciously..   All around quieted down, except the sound of the wind blowing through the mountains – what? Everything was silent, so the mountain gently entered a sweet dream .