Snow Mountain testified for me

管理 / 2018-10-08

[ Editor’s Note ]: Most of the time, fatherly love is a mountain, silent and majestic, maternal love is a river, gentle and long. However, the author of this article has opened his heart to express a father’s deep love, which touched him deeply and caused us to miss and love his father.. I wish the world’s father well – being!  Shiqu, which means’ a place where birds can’t fly’, is located in the eastern part of the Qinghai – Tibet Plateau, with an average altitude of 4300 meters and an oxygen content of only 50 % of that in the mainland. Guinness Records says: the county seat with the highest altitude. ‘ Life Forbidden Zone” is synonymous with Shiqu. However, at the foot of this snow-capped Gongga Snow Mountain in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, an olive green team is active. They fought against snow and wind, fought against cold, worked through rain and wind, climbed ice and lay snow, and guarded the southwest border of the motherland day and night..    They also have elderly parents, worried wives and children, heavy worries and hard – to – swallow ” bitter wine”. However, why did they choose ” snowy plateau” and take root ” snowy plateau” without hesitation? They can neither fight the sea, show their skills in business, nor go home to serve beside their parents and be filial to their sons. Neither can we hold the arms of a wife lightly and do our duty as a husband. And can’t guard at the cradle of children and fulfill the obligation of being a father. . Ah, why do they keep the ” incomplete” of the world? Please listen to Wang Mingfa, captain of the shiqu county Squadron from the Ganzi detachment of the Armed Police Force, tell his three-year-old daughter the truth – Snow Mountain testifies for me.     Little raining, you don’t make any more noise, don’t cry, it’s all dad’s fault. In your age and age, you should have been lying in the arms of your parents enjoying the happiness of family relations and all kinds of care, but you are like a child nobody wants, living alone at home and living apart from your parents..     It’s all dad’s fault, dad’s fault. I’m sorry for you. You’re 3 years old since you were born. You haven’t ” met” dad well yet. In the first year of your birth, because dad just became captain, the squadron has many things to do for me, and dad only cares about the squadron but doesn’t care about you. In the second year, Dad took a three-day vacation and hurried back to the squadron because the instructor’s home was in a hurry. In March this year, Dad was preparing to go home, but he just received orders to perform special tasks.. As a result, father and daughter are only a few hundred kilometers away from each other, but it is difficult to meet each other for a long time.. You still can’t remember what dad looks like.     Your nanny and aunt wrote to tell me how many times you heard other children call’ daddy’, whether your daddy or not, you followed suit, and the children didn’t want you to call, so you cried and asked why you didn’t call’ daddy’? Aunt told you that dad was a soldier at the remote snow mountain border and pointed to a man in military uniform, telling you that the soldier was the same as’ dad’. From then on, when you see a soldier, you call him ” Dad.”. And often pestering your aunt to take you to the streets to find’ Dad’. If you don’t go, you won’t break your throat. There was a time when you dragged a female soldier’s skirts with the name ” dad” and made the female soldier in distress situation and did not know what to do.     On that day, Dad was appointed by the army and was ready to go back to a place close to home on business, so he called home in advance.. How happy you were when you heard dad was coming back. At an early age, I thought so much. This night, you didn’t sleep all night, waiting for Dad to come back, leaving Aunt Nanny awake all night. The next afternoon, three men in military uniform entered the house. You jumped up and asked’ Who is my father’. All three uncles laughed, but the nanny and aunt cried because none of the three soldiers she met was your father. Originally, the traveling staff temporarily adjusted, and Dad did not come down from the snow mountain because of his work, which made you cry very sad..     Besides, your mother. She was a talented student who graduated from Beijing University of Foreign Trade.. After graduation, she voluntarily gave up a good chance to stay in Beijing for her father and went to Ganzi with him. In the past five years of marriage, her father seldom came home because he was busy with his work. She did not get happiness and happiness from her father.. Especially after her father transferred from Kangding to shiqu county Squadron of Plateau Frontier Defense, she suffered even more.. That year, when your mother gave birth to you, your father was not around, and dystocia almost killed your mother. Since your mother conceived you – with a drag on her, she has not received a penny’s bonus, nor has she ever commented on an advance. Your mother is a very strong person. She doesn’t want to waste her career, so when you were half a year old, she hired a babysitter to take care of you.. Mom often runs away and goes abroad, and seldom goes home, so she leaves you without parents at home..     ‘ There is only a good mother in the world, and no mother’s child is like grass, leaving her arms and looking for happiness … ” When you sing this song, you can’ touch the scene and live with love’ often shed tears at your early age.. Others said that you threw the wrong tire on my door and neither my father nor my mother cared about you. It’s really hard on you. Other children, like you at your age, are still playing in mother’s arms and sitting on father’s neck, but you have never experienced these tastes. You are too poor. On one occasion, the parents of a child cried because they robbed the child’s toy. They called you ” a child who has no one to teach in life”. After reading the letter from your nanny and aunt, the father’s heart was broken.. Swear to adjust the plateau snow mountain and return to the mountain to do some care and love that the father should have given his daughter..     In those days, Dad had a very difficult time. He couldn’t sleep all night long. His heart was very contradictory.. Because I love you and my daughter, I also love plateau, frontier defense, squadron and snow mountain. I want to go back to the army at home and take good care of you, but I don’t want to give up the uncles of the border squadron.. Because it was the plateau snow mountain that trained dad to be a man of indomitable spirit and the plateau snow mountain that trained dad from ordinary soldiers to be an officer of the Republic and a captain of the border squadron, how could dad be willing to leave?! Moreover, at this altitude of more than 4300 meters, high and cold, lack of oxygen and extremely harsh environment, it is called ” life forbidden zone” and ” snow mountain border defense” and it is very important for cadres to take the lead to guard the border peacefully.. Dad is a long team, with hundreds of people watching behind him. If Dad wants to leave the snow mountain for his own difficulties, how can he stabilize his morale and do other people’s work?? There are more than one family with difficulties like ours. If they all want to leave the frontier snow mountain, who will guard the western gate of the motherland?Therefore, dad tore up the application report for transferring from the plateau snow mountain and stayed in the snow mountain.. Dad is an incompetent dad. Dad owes you too much and too much. Dad is sorry for you!     In order to make up for your guilt, I will call you almost every day. Every time you’re on the phone, you’re so good, so sensible, so ” reasonable”, and your father is really a good daughter of his father.. But not long ago, Dad went down to work and went home. You made Dad angry. On the phone, you said you remember your father’s appearance, but you did not know him when you saw him. You said I was not your father, and you also wanted your nanny to call’ Dad’ on the plateau snow mountain, let him come back and say’ Daughter dreamed of Dad and missed Dad again”, which really made him cry and cry.. What’s more, Dad is only on 5 days’ leave at home. You are not allowed to stay at home for 5 days without saying that, and you are not allowed to be hugged or touched by Dad. Your impatient dad beat your little ass in a hurry, and you cried very sad.. Other people’s children cried, and their mothers coaxed them, and who did you say to when you felt wronged?. I regret, regret should not hit you. In the snow plateau with high cold and anoxia and strong ultraviolet rays, I kept watch for a long time. My face was black and purple, and my face was wrinkled and turned out. Don’t say that the children were scared and even the adults were uncomfortable. How can I blame the children?? Looking at your tears streaming down your face, your father relented, you cried, and your father also cried … Ah, good boy, although you don’t have parents around you who care about you and love you, you are also happy because your parents are all contributing to the construction of the country.. Looking at the country getting stronger and stronger day by day, here is your mother’s contribution to strengthening the country and enriching the people in foreign trade, as well as father’s contribution to guarding the border and defending the country.! In recent years, your father has won many awards for meritorious service, and the company he brought out has won three collective second-class merit awards and one collective third-class merit award. The squadron was set up as a model unit by the Sichuan Provincial Armed Police Corps, and the squadron party branch was rated as an advanced party branch by the Armed Police Headquarters.. Recently, dad was recommended to the corps for commendation. the people’s armed police newspaper also reported on your dad’s advanced deeds of leading officers and soldiers to work hard and build a squadron in an all-round way under the condition of suffering from various plateau diseases in the headline of the first edition … ah, these achievements make dad so happy and glorious.! For this reason, please forgive my father for not caring about you. My father does not love you, but he can only wronged you on the balance between ” everybody” and ” small family”. All this I said was true and true. Snow Mountain testified for me!   ( Editor in Charge: Gardenia Bloom ) )