40 and confused ( 4 ) )

管理 / 2018-10-09

( 4 ) When you stand by the sea and watch the tide rise and fall, watch the waves beat rocks and wash away the years, even if you are the one dancing at the top of the waves, you dare not say’ This world is my master’s ups and downs’, you will like most people lament that you are like a grass plant, which seems to catch something but can’t catch anything..     The financial tsunami was not the first cause. The change of political and economic environment at home and abroad is the deep-seated reason. RMB rises outside and falls inside, export orders decrease, domestic raw materials rise, labor costs increase, labor relations are tense, the transfer burden of enterprises is becoming heavier and heavier, coupled with vicious competition of overcapacity, lack of commercial integrity and fraud, industrial capital fleeing real property speculation and speculation … Ah, various factors are intertwined, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, especially labor-intensive processing enterprises, have moved or closed down.. Yinghai was also inevitable, and immediately after 2009, he fell into a vicious circle of worrying about orders when there were no orders, worrying about not being able to do them when there were orders, and worrying about not receiving money, adding that a dispute over the transfer of creditor’s rights left Li Sheng exhausted, and the boss finally reluctantly gave up his love and turned the enterprise out..     There is a feeling of relief and some loss. The ship I took ran aground, but life will continue. The ship, big and small, is still passing through the side of the boat and in the fog.. I know that I actually need to stop for a moment, but I can only stop for a moment. Old and sick parents, uncles and aunts with no children and no women, brother and sister with no skills and no fixed occupation, son of a junior high school just now . How can a migrant worker without a sense of social security take it lightly?? Taking advantage of the rare leisure time before the next voyage, I have to take the time to repair my unbalanced state of mind, clean up the messy past, or throw or save it, then play a deep meditation and think about my life.. In the past 40 years or so, there has been a lack of excellence between the fingers and the fingers.. The joy of childhood, the confusion of youth, and the joys and sorrows of making a living are nothing more than these things that ordinary people deserve to pick up, shake and shake each other.. As for what we live in this world for? What is the value and significance of life? Should I go back or should I go back? The Buddha has not yet pointed out my wisdom, nor have I thought out a complete answer.     Yesterday is a thing of the past, today is a foregone conclusion, tomorrow is not where it is, so it is 40 and confused.. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s get confused and live in peace.. Also, don’t always think about your mother’s area, but also about the people who have helped you over the years.. I wish myself and all the good people in the world good luck all the way!     ( End )