A letter to the day – share with friends who are frustrated in love

管理 / 2018-10-11

Do you know why the poet died in the spring when everything was revived? That is to say, I am glad I can’t write poetry, so I still live to zero: when I see a letter, I also send my most sincere wishes before I start writing. I hope you will have a happy and satisfactory day by day.! Recently, my mood has been very low, and just today I received your letter, saying that I am still a very happy person. I think nothing in this world is more valuable than getting a sincere friendship, so I am glad to have you as a friend. I think even if I can’t breathe one day, you are still the warmest sunshine in my heart.. You said that people will live their lives laughing and crying. You said that I would choose to laugh instead of cry. However, when I wanted to do this very much, I couldn’t be sure to rest assured myself, because I don’t know when I will cry and laugh. Perhaps when I cry, laughter will become a stronger cry..       One day, two ants met, but they only touched each other’s corners and crawled in opposite directions for a long time. Suddenly, I felt very sorry that two animals in such a large world met and we didn’t hug each other. I like Yu Qiuyu’s words and share them with you, hoping to calm your sadness. In fact, the author is a man with insight into life. He could express this uncertainty and helplessness in life so thoroughly and clearly. I think sometimes we humans are not as good as this tiny creature.! They can meet somewhere, touch each other’s antennae, and prove that they have really met and admired each other in this boundless space, while the men and women we live in will eventually become strangers even if they meet and embrace each other one day.. We can call this encounter fate, we can also call this helplessness fate. So dear friends, please accept the appointed arrangement, because its arrangement has its clear reason, and in the end it will give you a destiny of love that will not heal till death..     I would like to share this article with my friends who are frustrated in love.!!!