Wenchang series of cross-strait cultural exchange activities held in Zitong, Sichuan

管理 / 2018-03-26

  Mianyang March 19 electrical (Yong Dong Yuanyuan) 19, series of cross-strait cultural exchange activities held in Wenchang Zitong, Sichuan。 Guests delegates from all walks of life across the Taiwan Strait total of more than 300 people, at the same roots and ancestors homologous blood contact, in Wenchang cultural background of the same strain, gathered seven mountain temple, common worship Wenchang。
  9:50, followed the ancient custom of the temple, three holy drums, seven mountain temple main gate slowly opened, the Reform Movement in Wenchang ritual ceremony started。
According to the traditional ritual Wenchang "San Xian" regulation, the whole ritual dance accompanied by "six Yiwu", long-sleeved bright eyes, Yi Mei fluttering。
Early tribute ceremony, 41 students stepped forward on behalf of universities slowly along the channel together in song and dance festival, Christine offered books to Wenchang, then recite in unison known as one of the "good three books of the Bible" and "Wenchang Yin Zhiwen" famous "difficult economic person, anxious to save people, the people of Benjamin solitary, guest, too, abundantly Yinzhi, the grid sky……"。

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