A story about love

管理 / 2018-10-12

By the time she got married, she had reached the end of the year. However, after only four days of marriage, the husband went to Beijing, because there was something in the unit, he was urgently called back. She was left alone at home with an unfamiliar family. After a few days, she really couldn’t stand the deep-rooted thoughts and loneliness and wanted to call him. However, at that time, the telephone was not popular and there was no telephone at home. She asked her mother-in-law who had a phone call and she wanted to make a phone call. Her mother-in-law took her to her neighbor’s house. She didn’t remember what she said at that time, only felt that many people were playing there, joking with her, the new daughter – in – law, everyone could have fun with her. Later, when she wanted to call him again, her mother-in-law was a little discontented, with disdain and disdain in her eyes..   After that, she was carried away by love and finally realized that separation was her future life.   Since then, separation has become a common occurrence. A few months at most and a month at least. They can meet each other once. After ten years of separation, she felt that they had been together for more than a year.   She left her thoughts in her heart.   What kind of thoughts is that? Deep – rooted, like live fish fried and roasted.   What her mother-in-law told her most was that one in the village went to work outside and returned home once a year, and the days were not the same.?   She is pregnant and naturally she is looking forward to his return. Her mother-in-law was whispering in her ear that there was a soldier in the village. Daughter – in – law was at home and pregnant. He came back to visit relatives and aborted the next day.. Say that finish, but also a meaningful look at her.   She felt a twinge of nausea.   With the child, he is close to home. He came more frequently than before. When the phone is set up at home, they sometimes exchange calls, of course, while their mother-in-law is not at home. If her mother-in-law finds out unfortunately, her mother-in-law will ask her: Who will call who first? She didn’t have so much calculation, she said she played first, and her mother-in-law snorted scornfully.. From then on, every time she calls, she learns to be smart, and whenever her mother-in-law asks, she says her husband calls..   My son has come frequently. By rights, my mother-in-law should be happy. However, her mother-in-law blamed her son for coming too often on her daughter-in-law and felt that she could not leave a man.. Since then, every time the son comes, when the son comes back, she nags her daughter – in – law, nagging her for a week at a time..   She told her more than she did, you know? The so-and-so in our village returned home only after working outside for three years. She asked her how old she was.?   The mother-in-law didn’t watch out, saying that all the children were married.   How old is your son? In your early 30s, you don’t want to call him, so tell him! She didn’t good the spirit to return her.   Once, when he came and told her a joke, she laughed heartily. It was in the evening that her mother-in-law was even more displeased. She told the person who gave them the job of matchmaker, and she asked her what was going on. In her heart, she felt only helpless to her mother – in – law..   She won’t let her talk to anyone, including men, of course. Even if it is a simple greeting, she will shout her home and ask what she said.? On one occasion, a young neighbor’s daughter-in-law spoke to the second brother of the bride’s family. She stood there holding the child for a while and listened, but did not say a word. Her mother-in-law was basking in firewood and saw it. She shouted her home and angrily said, ” What do you say?”? You see how much your second brother said! More down the popliteal ditch drips down! She was very angry, but she couldn’t say anything. Mother – in – law said this, what is said about yourself or the second brother? You speak for yourself, but her mother-in-law’s hard mouth will surely say it’s second brother, but clearly she’s coming for herself..   The elder brother and daughter-in-law of the bride’s family, fearing that her husband would not be able to do well outside, went to see him in married with children, where her mother-in-law said, ” You cannot leave a man.”!   She heard her mother-in-law say this sentence, and she thought, mother – in – law, haven’t you ever walked past when you were young??You also have a daughter. If this happened to your daughter, would you still say that?   On such a day, she suffered for ten years. She doesn’t know how she survived it. She has the normal feelings of all women, she yearns for her husband’s warmth, she yearns to be held to sleep by him every night, and she yearns to lie in his warm arms and listen to his story every night.. Her thoughts, like a thread, just stretch and stretch in the night sky for no reason. Her thoughts are like weeds in the wasteland, where they grow crazy and grow crazy. No one knows, her inner loneliness; No one knows her inner feelings. She passed the difficult time by writing a diary, by being busy and by forgetting. In order not to trap herself in endless thoughts, she took four examinations in a year, a qualification certificate for a professional undergraduate teacher, and she must pass each examination. She repressed her emotions and felt that in this way she could forget. It also saves her mother-in-law from saying that she cannot leave a man.   In this way, after ten years of separation, she decided to go to him. Her mother-in-law was furious and almost jumped up and said, ” Go and find him.”. If you want to go, all the grain will be sold and nothing will be left for you!   Her mother-in-law tried her best to stop her from quarreling with her. As soon as she resisted, her father-in-law also quarreled with her and turned the tables on her..   Finally, she went to her husband’s place.   She felt that she was relieved and she began to be happy. At last she was with him.   She said, you should be good, good to me. He said, OK.   However, before long, the unit organization examined the body, and he found proteinuria, which is related to the kidney. Say this to her husband’s sister, who said, ” Do you know?”? Husband and wife, once every three months. She paused and returned: I have no desire for this matter for a long time, as long as he can insist on it.   Together, they are still separated: sleeping in separate beds. She’s with the kids, he’s with her.   In her prime of life, she said she had no desire. It was fake. Sometimes she wanted to be with him.. Two people together, will be touching, can’t help it.   However, this is not good for your health.   They have reduced the number of times to a minimum.   Once, they were together and couldn’t help it. After a day, she asked him again. Later, he blamed her a little and she regretted it.   She was already very depressed, even more depressed.   How she wanted to cuddle in his warm arms all the time. She longed for love and passion. She was full of romantic feelings. She wanted to be like a bird in his tender palm all the time.. Or is she playing coquetry and being a gentle little woman, but she can’t.   She sometimes asked to be with him, and he allowed her to hook his neck and enjoy the happiness of skin – to – skin dating.. She felt that she was the happiest at this time. She thought that the combination of spirit and flesh was the supreme state of love between the two.   However, when she was happily closing her eyes and enjoying this rare moment, he gently pushed him away with his hand and said, ” Don’t do this, I can’t stand it.”.   She had to return to bed with her daughter.   Such a moment, often on.   As a man, it is not easy for him to do this. What can she do? Only accept the reality, for the sake of the health of the people around her, she should try to forget these things.   She worked hard to keep herself busy. She started abstinence. She must make herself have no desire. She felt that thinking about it was ugly and she would not suffer.. Although she knew that she was wrong to do so.   She remembered her grandmother, who died when she was only 19 years old. She did not live for the rest of her life.? She thought of her colleague again. She had just given birth to a second child, and the man abandoned her and stayed with the woman she liked. They did not divorce, but they never stayed together. This has been going on for more than 30 years. Until now, how did she get through it?   If others can insist, she can also insist!  To be a person who wants nothing and wants nothing, as long as health exists, everything will be happy, she hopes.