Are you lonelier than fireworks

管理 / 2018-10-17

She was always moved by the beautiful pictures in Hillary and Jackie. Each scene will deeply touch your heart and make unremitting efforts to create a brilliant life than anyone else. She will struggle under the starlight, and finally, she will be lonelier than fireworks..     When we were born, we stood at the intersection where we could never see the end. Some were on the road, some were off the road, some were carrying luggage, and some were looking back alone.. There is no end to the world. The only thing we can do is to quietly go to our own end.     Like this kind of lens, everything around is brilliant, quietly looking at their vagaries, seeing more is illusory, not seeing his shadow quietly sticking to his back..     Always feel inexplicably warm in the face of such a picture, like his clean and contemptuous eyes, he is a child and he is very cute. Everyone once had an era like this. How much position does it occupy in your heart.     Having such a position is a very happy thing. Through the window, you can see a lot of things, land, the world, and the aperture that appears inadvertently.. Like this light feeling, it makes me feel that the world is clean.     Do you have a quiet insight into this seemingly bustling city on a special night and in a special place, do you feel that it is actually cold and is in the midst of that little light.     Remember, in fact, we all have a lovely time like her when we don’t understand anything. In our own world, we do things that others don’t understand and remember happiness that others don’t understand.     This seems to be a moving scene. She didn’t stand in the splendid hall, but did she find that everything around her was not out of place. At this time, they all set off each other’s beauty.. The world, everything, so what, in my own world, I have a better life than everything else.     Everything around me is endless. I saw a zebra crossing extending far beyond the boundless grassland.. Have you ever stood in the middle of the road and looked far away without end? At this time, have you ever found that you have never left the shadow that forms a 90 – degree angle with you?. Even if you stand alone in the distant horizon, but you are never alone, right, get these pictures from the year of the Seven Viola and from the poison. In my opinion, everything that moves me to tears has its charm. Looking at them, I can think about everything. Be unique, happy, and never find a second person in the world. Also, don’t be lonelier than fireworks, after you get everything you want. I will never, you.