Autumn wind homesickness

管理 / 2018-10-16

Autumn wind homesickness Zhang Linfeng, class 17 – 2, journalism and communication, school of culture and media, central university of finance and economics, will always float in his mind with the help of a certain material carrier at a certain time. at this moment, the autumn wind outside the window seems to blow up again the sadness that haunts my mind, which comes together with the distant call of his hometown.. The autumn in Beijing is different from that in the south. The autumn wind seems to prefer to care for the dry and cold north, making people feel uncomfortable and looking at the shivering people in the campus. My mother said to me many years ago that the people in the street were frozen in my ear. That sentence is: ” Cold jumped up.”. When I first heard this, I laughed at my mother’s lack of culture. Now I think of it, there is really no better word to describe this feeling than’ cold jumped up’. Mother used the simplest language to explain the attributes of autumn. The cold in the north is a pure cold. Different from the wet cooling in the south, the wet cooling in the south is accompanied by rain, making it always feel warm and moist in the cold. But this kind of pure cold in the north is a kind of lonely, pure cold with no other material accompanying it.. In this environment, people are most likely to cause sadness. Indeed, the environment can change a person.. The autumn wind can blow the dead leaves away, but it does not affect my imagination of my hometown’ thousands of miles away from cool colour’. When I was not in Beijing, the fallen leaves from my hometown did not change my feelings too much. Perhaps it is the pressure of the college entrance examination that makes me too busy to take care of it. Perhaps the autumn wind hometown evergreen forest does not show its true colors under its natural attributes. Perhaps it was just summer before he left, and all memories in his hometown were still as deep as the hot sun. On the way back to the dormitory, I felt the raging autumn wind, and others wore hats and masks to treat it with absolute defense. But I am enjoying the bitter feeling brought by the autumn wind, because it can make me find some comfort in this lonely and unfamiliar environment. How I wish the autumn wind would send me back to my haunting hometown. In high school, I was in the south and my heart was in the north. After going to college, I came to the north, but my heart went back to the south. Sometimes I often ask myself why I always want to go back when I have reached the city I once dreamed of. Is the dream no longer the driving force for progress?? Now, the autumn wind gives me the answer.