Before you know it, the summer wind is long and the west window leaks starlight

管理 / 2018-10-17

On a hot summer day, the members of the small straw hat walked hand in hand in the roads and alleys of zhongtang village, looking for traces of our research object, the new generation of left-behind women. Family by family, visit one by one. As a result of our first visit, we also had a lot of closed doors, or they didn’t want to say a word with us. Sometimes they obviously turned us out of the way. Although we were somewhat disappointed, we didn’t give up.. Because it is understandable that if all other people are replaced, they will not reveal too much relevant information to the people they met for the first time, and everyone will be wary.. In the evening, after sunset, the sunset dyed the sky red, the villagers’ houses were located deep in the afterglow, and smoke curled up from the roof chimney, twisting Ana’s body like a fairy, slowly flew into the intoxicating sky.. The cricket symphony on the side of the road has been played, and the insects are preparing for their nightlife. The night is getting late, and we still walk side by side on the road, savoring the natural beauty while walking to the villagers’ homes and continuing our day-to-day investigation and visit.. We seem to be embedded in this beautiful country painting and gradually merge into a part of it. If we step into the villagers’ home again, perhaps our sincerity has touched them, and they are no longer so exclusive, and they are very enthusiastic in entertaining us and chatting with us, their vigilance has gradually been accepted.. Over the next few days, we sent the children home after the completion of their schoolwork tutoring many times and continued to chat with their parents, that is, our research subjects. We are becoming more and more familiar with them, even more happy that they can sometimes call our names and take the initiative to talk to us about their children’s study and family situation.. They are increasingly treating us as a part of them, not as outsiders, and we are gradually becoming one. There is no estrangement between students and villagers, only sincere and honest treatment of each other.. At night, Zhu Ming is already deep, the summer night wind is cool, rattan chairs under the trees shake leisurely, and the small stars in the green dome are broken into streamers.. The night is already deep, everything is silent, plumes of moonlight are wantonly scattered at the window, several friends of the newsgroup in the small room are still sitting in front of the computer, the faint light is softly accompanied, their eyes are staring at the computer screen, their fingers are beating the keyboard, their earnest affection is particularly beautiful and moving.. Everyone has fallen asleep, and they are still struggling to contribute to our research team’s press release and experience, never slackening their efforts.. Although they sometimes get sleepy, they just rub their tired eyes and continue to . Ah, slowly night long, but not as full of Xia Feng. You said the stars are shining brightly and I said the cool wind had a purple dream in their ears.. The thick summer is coming through the stars, rubbing the straw hat for a long time. Warm up your books and have a good time. Years passed, ten days a dream, and we left our footprints in zhongtang.