Departure note

管理 / 2018-10-24

On July 13, I bought a 3: 00 p.m. train ticket. Departure is about to begin, and the sunshine makes me a little agitated. Because of the need to move the dormitory, you came to the new campus to help me move things.    I had gastroenteritis two days ago. I didn’t have a good meal after losing two days of liquid. My whole body was soft.. I don’t even want to look at me in the mirror before I go out to move things. My hair is dirty and stuck on my head. The curls at the bottom of my hair are cluttered in my collar, and my white pants are dirty and stuck on my legs, giving off an unhealthy smell peculiar to patients..    Before you got here from downtown, the door began to move things in a bustling manner. I reluctantly put away my things and started to act. Fortunately, two familiar boys helped me move things, otherwise I really don’t know how to take my pile of things off the second floor and then on the fourth floor.    You just arrived when things moved downstairs in the new dormitory. When I saw you, all the hustle and bustle around me faded away. Only you, who is shining against the light, came to me..    When I saw you moving things, I suddenly didn’t know where the spirit came from, and began to move things upstairs with all my might.. You are carrying the biggest bag with all my clothes and books. I clearly know that a big bag of things don’t let me carry them, they are all drags? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0123 / 15744. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > likes to copy 6 – year – old mei – min and yi – yi Chu Hui?a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0104 / 15074. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > happy little ants, scrambling through the stairs twice to pick up all the odds and ends.    We all breathed a sigh of relief when we threw everything into the dormitory. My friend who helped me move things helped my roommates put the last thing in the dormitory. I said, thank you, you also said, thank you. At that moment I felt warm under my heart and we were one.    Without packing, I couldn’t wait to escape. People are always homesick when they are ill.    On the way to the railway station, we walked a long way. The busy streets were full of traffic, holding your hand, and we felt very steadfast in our hearts.. Curiously, walking along the streets of Kunming with you often draws some pictures in my mind. On a sunny afternoon, I will watch movies with you hand in hand. Sunset evening, you come back from work, and I have come back to cook in the kitchen before you. On the morning of the weekend, I make breakfast for you. Even, no longer young, we sat at the dinner table with our children. The children talked back to me. You sank your face and taught him how to talk to your mother.?    When I don’t talk, I think a lot of things in my head are irrelevant – but I firmly believe they are being realized.    The departure from the holiday has always had to be faced. At 2: 45 p.m., it’s time for me to stop and get on the bus, which means we can’t meet for at least a month.. Although I know I have to go, I still refuse to move in your arms. One more second or one more second is all right.. Tears dropped uncontrollably. I know I must be ugly. After suffering from gastroenteritis for two days, I was gaunt and dry, my lips were dry, and my face was sallow without a trace of color. Tears kept pouring in my eyes that were a bit trapped, and I rubbed them more and more..    At 2: 46, I queued up and walked into the waiting room. You sent me behind me. There are many people. I look back frequently. You said, go ahead and I’m behind you.. I didn’t look back.    I hate to leave. And if you have to leave, let me go, at least don’t watch you disappear in my sight. I often think so selfishly..    The train began to move, everything around was retreating rapidly, and I began to miss you. When I miss you, I am always addicted. Addiction is a kind of happiness. One day, we don’t have to leave. There will be such a day.    I love you more than I thought.