Dressed in camouflage uniforms to climb the mountain

管理 / 2018-10-25

That year, comrade Meng guanghua and I went to his army to see him. on the train, we chatted day after day. Meng guanghua, who had few words at ordinary times, suddenly became bright and bright when talking about his enlistment. he couldn’t help but get excited and talked to me about his whole training process in Xinbinglian.. After that, he muttered to me in a slightly thoughtful way: ” eldest brother, a soldier, regrets three years.”. Not a soldier, regret for a lifetime. I didn’t work as a soldier. I couldn’t understand Meng Guanghua’s thought-provoking words at once, and I didn’t pick up his words.. Thinking in his heart, the meaning of his previous sentence may be that it is hard to be a soldier. What is the meaning of the latter sentence? I think it’s quite abstruse. I can’t think about it for a while. After thinking about it for a while, I don’t want to think deeply about it. The question mark will disappear after hovering in my head for a while..   In recent years, TV stations in all provinces and cities across the country have been broadcasting some TV series on the theme of fighting the Japanese invaders, regardless of whether it is espionage or guerrilla warfare. I like watching these TV series, because watching them is like watching those ancient costume martial arts movies and science fiction movies made in Hong Kong. Adult fairy tales look happy, not tired, not tired of the brain.. Moreover, some of the soldiers in the TV series are dressed in camouflage uniforms, making people look very proud..   That night, when I watched the TV series of my regiment regulations, I was attracted by the character of dragon article, which was laughed at and denounced.. The dragon article, which does not hesitate to use some of the next three abuses, awakened Meng Fanle, fan dragon and hao veterinarian, who had almost become social scum in the war, and led them into the battle against the Japanese invaders without hesitation, writing the solemn and stirring war song of ” iron and blood defending the country” with their flesh and blood.. Moved, the in the mind thought, in this life I am not a soldier, also can’t get to fight the Japanese devils. However, when to climb the mountain in camouflage clothing, it is also quite meaningful to exercise.   The next morning I went to work. I asked Comrade Kong Lingfang to go to the city armed forces department and find me a camouflage suit.. At work in the afternoon, Comrade Kong Lingfang not only brought me a brand-new camouflage uniform, but also brought me military shoes and caps. I was extremely happy and hurriedly got up and handed me cigarettes for tea and said several words of thanks..   After work in the afternoon, I came home like a child. I immediately put on camouflage uniforms, military shoes and caps from head to foot, looked left and right at the mirror and felt funny. I laughed and laughed uncontrollably, and a question mark appeared in my mind: Is there any reason for this camouflage uniform? Thinking about this, he immediately came to the study, sat at the computer desk, turned on the computer and searched the internet for the origin of camouflage uniforms.   The prototype of camouflage uniforms is a jacket decorated with many ropes and cloth strips invented by Scottish young hunter Geely.. In those days Geely was hiding in the jungle hunting in his coat and coat, and even some very alert birds could hardly find him.. Since Geely put on his coat, he has been able to catch some prey to go home almost every day, and the younger the family, the better. gradually, the secret of his coat spread among some hunters, so everyone imitated the coat worn by Geely and went hunting with the coat. the harvest was really much better than before, so they all called it Gilly’s coat..   The first real camouflage clothing was born in Italy in 1929 and has four colors: brown, yellow, green and yellow brown. During World War II, Germany also invented a three-color camouflage uniform, which is covered with three irregular colored patches, which can distort the outline of the human body on the one hand, and on the other hand, some patches are similar to the natural background color, and some patches are significantly different from the natural background color, thus dividing the shape of the human body from the visual effect, thus achieving the effect of camouflage deformation.. The camouflage uniforms were popularized in the second world war, also called sniper uniforms.   Since I got this camouflage uniform, military shoes and cap, I don’t want to stay at home at the weekend. I just want to go out for a walk, climb the mountain, move my legs and feet, and look for the feeling of young people and soldiers..   That morning, the sky was grey and it rained Mao Mao from time to time.. Du Ning took Ji Hong, Zhang E and I to the foot of Nishan in Qufu in his car. We started climbing Nishan in the drizzle and mist. I was extremely excited all the way to the top of the mountain. I took some pictures of the scenery at random on the top of the cloud and mist mountain and improvised a poem to read to everyone..   Nishan mountain peaks let me step on them, and Wuchuan confluence is poetic. Confucius would like to know what happened after death and respect Jicheng to drink wine.   When I got home from climbing Nissan, my legs and feet were sore for several days, but my physical strength actually went through an intensive exercise. Since climbing Mount Ni, I have enjoyed climbing mountains. The more I climb mountains, the more relaxed I am and the younger I am..   Du Ning watched a man nearly 60 years old, but he didn’t look old at all. He was much stronger than me.. Du Ning’s hands and feet are very sensitive. Climbing the mountain is no less fast than those donkey friends who often climb the mountain to play..   Du Ning likes to climb mountains and play. He is extremely excited when he climbs mountains.. Every time the four of us climbed a mountain, he was under his active advocacy. Every time he climbed a mountain, he was both our commander and a pioneer. He encouraged the three of us to overcome some difficulties, overcome their own physical limits and finally climb to the top of the mountain..   That morning, the four of us went to climb Jiuxian Mountain in Qufu. On the way up the mountain, I kept my strength constant and followed Du Ning to the top of the mountain.. When joining forces at the top of the mountain, Zhang E and Ji Hong were both excited and excited like a little girl. I looked at their red faces, bright eyes and dancing, thinking that while the four of us were still healthy, we must climb all these mountains, large and small, in our nearby counties and cities in recent years to fully enjoy climbing..   In today’s economy and society, people’s work pressure is quite high and life rhythm is also quite tense. Many middle-aged and elderly people are in a state of sub – health. It is really a good thing to walk out of a small room made of reinforced concrete on holidays and climb mountains and bathe in the fresh air of nature, both exercising their bodies and releasing their hearts.. Climbing a mountain can make people optimistic and enterprising, love life and love life. Mountain climbing is not only a challenge to nature, but also a challenge to oneself. Every time I climb a mountain, especially when my feet step on the top of the mountain, a kind of the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky. will immediately emerge in my heart to conquer nature.. That kind of feeling is undoubtedly the best mental health care for me, who is deeply troubled by the disease of modern civilization..   This year, Du Ning, Ji Hong, Zhang E and I climbed more than a dozen mountains together, leaving me many beautiful memories every time I climbed the mountain.. When we climbed Lotus Mountain in xintai city, we climbed one mountain after another. When I was panting and hissing, sweating like a pig, I climbed to the top of the mountain and stood there looking across the hill. The villages, rivers and woods under the mountain were half hidden and half hidden in the clouds.. The scene made me dance excitedly, let go of my throat and sing for a long time.. When I climbed to the top of the mountain on Tianma Island in Junan, I saw many tourists burning incense and making vows in the temple? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers?KW TYPE = 0 & KEYWORD = + % C1 % F4′ TARGET =’ _ BLANK’ > Miss Nanyan ( U.S. ) Zheng ( U.S. ) Yu Yu Yu In this case, our school ( U.S. ) Mu Yi ( U.S. ) Yu Yi ( U.S. ) Yu Yi ( U.S. ) Yu Yi ( U.S. ) Yu Yi ( U.S. ) Yu Yi ( U.? Br / > now, I feel from my heart that life is like climbing a mountain. the joy of life is what I think and think in the process of climbing a mountain, as well as the fresh scenery and colorful people I meet.. Man is a strange senior animal. In the past year, when I climbed the mountain to the top of the mountain, I felt a sense of pride, but occasionally there was a feeling of being too cold at the top of the mountain. The feeling of emptiness, loneliness and loneliness reminded me of many things. It was really complicated and changing rapidly.. However, one can enjoy the process of climbing mountains freely in one’s lifetime and meet with one’s own soul in nature, which is really a very interesting and wonderful thing..   I have been working at leisure for some time. I have sorted out some scattered travel notes I wrote in the past and have intentionally or unintentionally sorted out such a travel note essay. I have named this book a draft of the regulations on participating in casual activities and published them one by one on various literary websites to play with my emotions..   Although I know that my travel prose is less than a month old, I still feel that there is a little bit of taste in the book that is worth chewing, because it is my sincere emotion to treat people, my messy thoughts in social life, my elegant and unrestrained soul in this life, my real image of this world, and my wish for the readers..   To be honest, casual style, casual pen, casual person, casually writing out the daily life of a little guy living at the bottom of the society, is also a kind of thing that is quite interesting and meaningful to life..