Grow life into a happy flower

管理 / 2018-11-07

Early in the morning, the sunshine spilled into the small building, and the interior was bright and bright.   I scooped up some water in the fish tank and poured it on the cash cow. I heard people say that the water used to water the flowers is the best.   Dundun quietly watched me watering the flowers and suddenly asked me, ” Grandma, can you grow flowers?”? I said, ” Of course, when I lived in a bungalow, my flowers were planted by me.”.   The pier asked again, ” Can you plant the sun then?”? Can you plant stars?   I wanted to say, ” I can’t plant the sun, but I can harvest the sun. I can’t plant the stars, but I can enjoy its splendor.”! ‘ Pier asks again: ” Can you grow a life then?”?   I marveled at the child’s strange thoughts, thought about them, and then said to him, ” Life is a kind of ordinary and also a kind of mentality.”. In the ordinary state of mind, we can plant life into a flower. ”!   Second, planting life into a flower is only my personal yearning.   Because in the ordinary life of reality, we have too many disappointments.   Countless people have a home, want a house, have a house, want a car, have a car and have a higher desire to live all day long..   The constant enrichment of material life makes people constantly confused inside.. Today’s fashion materials are updated far faster than most people’s pursuit to obtain, that is to say, the most advanced products you buy now are the best. But when you bought it back, you found that it was already backward and had a better product to replace it. Our purchasing speed is far behind the speed of product renewal.   Desire never ends. The more desires, the more troubles. You did not see that many corrupt officials had a lot of money, but they were still taking bribes and embezzling for his shameless greed, ignoring the law and finally falling into disrepute..   People need to know the trade – offs. Take the person you need, live simply and live happily. Take the person you want, the life is complicated and the work is tired. Such a person will suffer the consequences..   Therefore, life tells us that it is the true meaning of life to learn to abandon endless desires, to be less troubled, to be more happy and to make life more energetic..   The attitude of three lives should be a kind of happiness. Now that you have come to this world, and you have no regrets in your efforts, learn to face everything with a smile..   As an ordinary me, of course, I have the same troubles as most people. He also lamented fate, complained about heaven and earth, was dissatisfied with the status quo, and was depressed and depressed.. However, after years of baptism of life, I realized my own shortcomings and understood the benefits of building happiness. I wanted to make my life colorful and learn to look for happiness in plain life..   The first thing is to learn to change one’s mind and abandon trivial and impetuous feelings.. Get up and play a beautiful piece of music every day to make the cabin flow with the sound of spring water. Then hold a book of your choice and read it with your heart. Under the sky of writing, it has opened up a vast field of vision. In reading and music, I have harvested a paragraph of writing, a mood, a truth and a peace..   I like to watch the 17 – inch LCD screen intently on a quiet night, watch the friendly smiles of my friends and listen to the songs they sing from the bottom of their hearts.. On the screen, a flower quietly blooms in autumn, and the flowering sound is engraved into a beautiful scenery in the heart.   Looking tired, he looked into the night sky. There were several lonely stars in the sky. The bright moon was shining, and the cool autumn wind inadvertently blew through the flowers and trees in the courtyard. Leaves fell in pieces, and the night was getting deeper and thicker..   Four lives were originally fragile, regardless of men and women, in the rolling world of mortals, there will be worldly cares, natural delusions and desires. If you want to live happily, you must change your mind.   In the face of life, we face up to our troubles. However, if you change your worries into another perspective, life will be much happier.   I like the feeling that the wisps of sunshine pass through the window. A little bit of golden light is sprinkled on the fish tank, reflecting colorful neon lights. A basin of twining green roses and a basin of flamingos in full bloom are my simple home.   Occasionally, I will look up and look at the trivial matters that I am entangled with, and they will surround me to see how I face them? I only smiled gently as if I hadn’t seen it!   I have also pursued luxury, but now I just want to be a simple woman. A bucket room, a bookcase, a computer, a swivel chair, a pen, a piece of paper and a cup of tea are enough.  A piece of red maple leaf, carefully preserved by me, was given to me by Third Sister and carefully sandwiched between the pages of the book.. When no one is there, gently hold it in your hand and enjoy it at the last moment of life, still leaving me such colorful colors. Close the pages of the book and life goes on … Ah Wu has a saying that depression is a day and happiness is a day. Why not make yourself happy??   There are always some reasons for life and some moments make people laugh.   Although we are approaching the age of flower armour, we have slight ailments but no major diseases. Healthy health is the basic factor of happiness. Therefore, there is a reason for happiness..   Although the salary is only 1,000 yuan, in addition to food, clothing, shelter and transportation, it is enough to buy some ink for practicing calligraphy, learning and being happy..   During the Spring Festival, there was no family in prison, no patient in hospital, and the family was reunited and happy..   Looking for the best mood in the morning and experiencing the clumsiness of childhood. The buttons on the clothes were tied wrong and looked at the long and short skirts, which triggered a heartfelt smile..   Give my mother a greeting call, listen to the disease has greatly improved, a long sigh of relief, smiled.   The TV shows Zhao Benshan’s sketch, watching him fool Fan Wei into limping, and the happy smile continues to spread..   In autumn, I travel with my friends, looking to the green hills and rivers, gazing at the brilliant flowers, flying in my heart and enjoying myself immensely..   On the bus, always willing to give a seat to the old man. When shopping, beggars in Lu Yu often give more or less money to beggars, although some people say they are cheats, they do not miss it.. Only for this small help, planted the seeds of happiness and harvested the happy mood.   I know that many unhappy things do happen in real life. But I know how to make choices. Look forward a little, work harder and be happier when something goes wrong.. Seize the hand of time and happiness will be with life.   All this makes me have a good reason to believe that life can really be planted as a happy flower through the window of my heart.!