Ma brief appearance in the 18th Yabuli forum to show his face did not speak the whole two hours

管理 / 2018-03-26

  Sina Financial News "Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum 18th Annual" on February 27, 2018 – held on March 1。
Last night, the Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Jack Ma appeared the main venue of the Mediterranean hotel, but rarely, as a director of China Entrepreneurs Forum, but also verse Wang, Ma did not speak the whole speech did not only participate in the opening ceremony , quietly listening to the speech of other guests, and other entrepreneurs took a big group photo, the entire process only showed up less than two hours, followed by one hundred meters walking speed evacuated from the venue。
  It is understood that Ma the day after the opening ceremony about ten-thirty with other entrepreneurs also eat supper, and participated in the routine of "peasant families: the true nature of our lives" link。 "According to the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum of one version of the agenda, the organizers should accommodate Ma's time for him to set up a separate special at 10 am on 00 February 28th, 'letter to 40 years'。 All other guests in this part of the opening ceremony is scheduled at 19:30 in the evening, but according to the final version of the agenda, Ma of the trip has been canceled。   Ma would have thought that would be absent, but the evening Mudanjiang large Xue Piaopiao, Ma is scheduled to main venue Yabuli。 However, before the opening ceremony of reporters waiting at the gate did not catch Ma's shadow, after the start of the opening ceremony, Ma did not appear。
  Ma day wearing a navy blue long-sleeved sweater, black trousers, with almost the whole cap, I could see that he really loved the hat。
After taking a seat, he is relatively silent, only occasionally come say hello and greeting guests, while guests on stage to speak, he occasionally lost in thought, occasionally yawning。   Subsequent entrepreneurs large group photo session, presenters Xu Gehui please entrepreneurs came to power, and the focus of the name "Ma Baba", Tian Yuan, chairman, Chen Dongsheng and other entrepreneurs, Ma also took part in the group photo on stage, revealing a large iconic smile。 Later, when the opening ceremony, Ma patrol staff, then he quickly evacuate to one hundred meters walking speed, the Jingan washed up on the elevator to their room。   For Ma's come and gone, the scene of the guests is also a little disappointed, after all, Ma's verse is notoriously。
Moreover, Yabuli Forum main venue from Mudanjiang Airport about two hours drive from Harbin airport four hours by car, plus the start yesterday afternoon, heavy snow in the Northeast, high-speed road closures, traffic is not convenient, a trip can be said to be wholly consumed most of the day on the way, even if a trip is also very frustrating Ma okay。 (Xu Wen Sina Finance from the bottom of Yabuli)。

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