Home day

管理 / 2018-11-10

There have been no jobs for some years. When I was young, my dream was to become a professional woman, clean up myself every morning, dressed in professional attire and walking on the road with bright clothes to meet the eyes looking around and start a busy day’s work.. However, contrary to expectations, the unit was in the same compound as the dormitory at the beginning of the work. It is conceivable that the short distance is less than the journey, but it is also less than the display of the skirt fluttering in hot weather, and the long hair blowing away in autumn wind flutters like a windbreaker in the wind.. Suddenly one day I became home. As the unit was close to home, the responsibility for children and housework naturally fell on me. Fortunately, my husband was not at home, so I hired a nanny. The day was to extend and enlarge day by day in the process of pulling up children..     At last, I can calm down and experience the pleasure of work, but I was brought to the edge of a city in the south by my husband, with a new visual impact and a new concept model, making it an extravagant hope to find an ideal job.. Due to lack of competition consciousness and inertia to retreat from difficulties, staying at home becomes the best choice. Finally, I can sleep in a state of natural awakening without smelling the chickens and dance, so that my mood can expand rapidly and germinate.. The day continues in the multifarious and trivial housework. In order not to be despised or forgotten by the rapidly changing times, it weaves the most beautiful dream of childhood: to hold a favorite book in a tidy home, or to lie or lean on or move a chair on the balcony to back against the sun, and to enrich one’s dwindling spiritual food on a sunny winter day..     At home, the mood is sometimes very grey, Hu Sihai will think, he will look at a place in a daze with ecstasy and often return from a fugue, only to find that he is still in place and never leaves.. When the family returned, the dust in my heart had swept to the corner of the wall, and my heart was never changed by random thoughts..     Only occasionally will I think of the value of being alive and have a moment of trance. One day, I took a walk with a friend who has a job I envy. When talking about her job, she said I really don’t know what it means to be so busy and alive.. Her complaint made me realize that we were all in the same value. She complained about being too busy and losing herself for work, while my complaint was too idle and losing the value of public identity..     Maybe we should all adjust our state of mind and welcome the fate arrangement with a relaxed attitude in the days when we can’t grasp our own fate.. At the friend dinner of the recent National Day party, there were two seemingly unfamiliar and familiar faces, and finally friends broke the deadlock: we saw you six years ago, and you were still the same as before! In addition to the word ” thank you”, I also want to thank my family for these days, so that I can rearrange my own value..     Perhaps the ordinary days did not allow me to live untidily, perhaps I was used to a kind of elegance in my bones.. If there are only two choices in the world, I would rather grow old gracefully than live untidily.!