I love unfulfilled

管理 / 2018-11-17

A shrewd man. A person.     She sat on a wooden chair, swaying her broken memory, tears sliding down, her hands lifting gently, scooping up a drop in the palm and licking it, and smiling miserably and pale.. Hand is a paper familiar with very familiar ink, handsome font, white paper, black words. Between trance, some glittering and translucent pile in the corner of her eye, her brow full of depression. Only one glance, everyone can’t help but have infinite pity, but the one she loved never saw the pain in his eyes in his heart..     The wind blows feebly, and the withered branch never forgets the faith that the tree gave it breeding. It says, ” It is called the acacia tree.”.     Once upon a time, she lowered her eyebrows under the tree and started writing with her fingers falling in love with each other, hatred with each other and hatred with each other.. Tears flooded the vertical paper, and the black ink halo spread slowly, magnifying the original cloud lettering several times. It seemed that her thoughts, resentment and hatred had inadvertently become dark clouds pressing the city to destroy.. She didn’t want to remember! Why, why can’t you lock up the lovesickness pipa to make your heart smile?     All over the sky chill, very provocative, she is still in the chair, forget who is home.     Thinking about the sadness of autumn when the frost dyed red leaves, when it first appeared, the blue dress, gentle frame and quiet and light smile made her forget the suffering of the other side of the world of mortals.. She entrusted her infatuation to him and dreamed of him day and night. The reason why she died out was like magic, whether she committed iniquity or fate..     She teased him in a teasing tone, saying that she had a crush on him and that once she entered the drama, she would only be doomed and she should be robbed by him.. He didn’t say a word and lied to deceive the end of the world, she was deeply involved and he was cold – hearted.. In the vast sea of people, she sowed the method of love and lured him with Rao Man’s dancing all his life. He pretended to be poisoned by her and became her doom..     The text of a Chinese brush stroke book is an ambiguous love affair.     Remember that year, he 16, I don’t know is a coincidence or a mistake. He and the woman had a story about the joys and sorrows of separation and separation, and the moon was full of rain and shine, but she didn’t know that the moon was bored to break the red line, and carelessly wrong people and committed iniquity..     She is innocent. When will she see second time around again in life? God used a small red line to play with her in the palm of his hand. Seven days, he lied to her for seven days, but he still lied to her. He had promised, she had believed.     Love is like a chessboard. He is like a chess player. She is like a chess piece. Chess is laid with dignity. Chess players rack their brains and chess pieces are flattered.. He manipulated the game with his forefinger and middle finger slightly together, slowly twisting down, and the chess pieces fixed. He went up to heaven laughing wildly, controlling her life and death with his desire.     The laughter, sinister, sly, arrogant, and a kind of unpredictable feelings mixed. He is like an onlooker, indifferent, relaxed and ruthless in his eyes, and moves the chess pieces recklessly. Even if he turns the chessboard, he still does not place his soul properly, and his fingertips lightly command her from east to west, north to south, and can live or die..     In the story, she still swayed on the wooden chair, remembering a disloyal parting and lingering affection.. His smile was like a needle in a cotton thread, piercing her heart without mercy. Her insides were hollowed out by fate. Her tears flowed back to her heart to make up for the hollows she had exhausted. Tears were limited after all, and the cruelty of a gentleman was boundless..     The broken mirror cannot be re – rounded. After all, the broken mirror is connected by wires.. He coined the future of the two women with his sophisticated talent. Although the chess game has been decided, her eyes are full of love and hate, her pain and pain still cannot destroy acacia rosewood, and she has no choice and no way to ask who is right and who is wrong..     Only because she was stupid, because she was stupid, because she was confused. I don’t know whether the woman is taking advantage of the danger of others in her heart or whether she is pure scapegoat in her nature. She has used her endless tears to pray for his heinous reincarnation. He has never felt sorry to give up his retreat. It is absurd and absurd..     Ring thin circle after circle, her white hair has been half hidden, she is remembering, forbidding tearing heart crack lung, laughing and sighing like a ghost on the wooden chair, who will finish the mystery of the painting of vows of eternal love.? Is it because she has a clear conscience, or is it because the woman’s wild words are greedy for success??     Three thousand weak water, in order to fight for the flower yan cui temples to climb Long Kui, vowed to scratch the charm of the sky at any cost.. She had no words, no desire, no heart, no ability to compete with the woman to get the king’s heart to listen to the piano, and finally failed to live up to her resentment and devotion, missing her and cutting the old red beans around her eyebrows..     She said, ” All right, all right.”. Last night, my beloved went to the ferry to join the lotus roots of the former dust and to live on the road of reincarnation. When he stepped over the Naihe Bridge, he will know who killed his soul and moved his spirit with his talent and desire, devouring his conscience in the magic world and licking his lip angle to satisfy his face..     He will face pain, be emotional, regret the past and never forget the laughing stock. He will know who has lived and died for him and whose tears have withered away, and who put him in the throes and starts to howl.. He will certainly understand.     He was faint and sighing constantly on the Naihe Bridge, and she kept weeping on the wooden chair, and he fell into the abyss with the absurd choice, and she lived alone in a talent that could not love and hate the bone..     The wind, rustling and blowing . ah . return to the people, yi guest, changed the time, reversed the results. She was originally a red-pink homecoming, because the red line of the moon and the old had become his couriers with willows and willows, and she had a clever plan to turn the couriers into his homecoming through the rain and snow, putting the cart before the horse, and the fire of nirvana had become extinct and never resurrected..     Faint talent laughs at his gold medal nomination wedding ceremony, and Xi Xi wooden chair smiles and sings spoony and fickle wedding clothes, a leisurely song, who wants to come to the tune of their remaining love, absurdity and confusion … Ah Ling Shuge,.