July August

管理 / 2018-11-25

‘ July’s tail you are Leo, August’s prelude you are Leo.” Remember Zeng Ge in July and August of that year, she was not a pure man, and she was also very talented. She wrote a song to herself in June and July of that year called ” Joining Leo Regulations.”.     I like the rhythm of that song very much. It has a kind of young romance and freedom. It is like a young man writing a dream..     I just can’t imagine how a short-haired man like Zeng Ge can be called sexy and cute in the lyrics. Anyway, I can’t appreciate it, but there are short-haired beauties in life. This is certain. The little prince is pretty cute when he has short hair. His lips are red and his eyebrows are thin. Ha ha, the little prince is a short-haired beauty..     June and July are the words of July and August in English. I like these words very much, probably because I like these two passionate months. It’s only good that they can cool down a little more, so I can savor the sexy and lovely women with short hair carefully..     July and August are also two romantic and magical seasons. Do you meet your dear ones? Will you accompany her out for a walk on midsummer night to see the stars in the sky?     Among the mysterious stars in the sky, are there any romantic stories about your previous life in this world?     Unfortunately, this July and August of this year, I haven’t been to Suzhou Library yet, and then go there and open the quiet location bill I wrote at this time of that year. At that time, I opened my own writing in Suzhou’s cool Suzhou Library, still feeling a sense of accomplishment. What was the story of the little prince in July and August??     When will I listen to her story? If it’s good, I will also write a song for her, haha..     When it comes to the end, this summer night, July and August, will you look up at the stars in the sky and look at the mysterious signs of the zodiac and what sign are you?     Will you become a saint? Save the earth with me?     This summer night night sky, will you look at the sky and your constellations, and will your constellations give you some guidance from God?     Recently, I met many people who are talking about God. She asked about birth, astrology, fortune telling and astrology. Can these give me any other guidance??     Life actually needs mysterious power, so fortune-telling signs can be turned over occasionally, which may make you more confident. When will you become the brightest star in the night sky?? I just do myself.