20 years old like people, I declare to

管理 / 2018-12-17

20 years old like people, I declare to reply “Good night” to send you a heart-warming bedtime, then 20 years old like the people, I declare to text / Lin Wan central day, a student and a friend to chat.She said: You know,?A?A few days ago I declare to.I said: Well, I still remember, when you are obsessed with how Ah?.Now their god confession, it must Anshuang.She shook her head and said: You know that it is the year.Life hated word is this year.I do not know why, I did not feel a little excited, but saw it.It is like your favorite thing, who can not afford to, and then they also have to get the people have changed.If we had, I am brave, dare he say when faced with my mind, even if that time is rejected, it may not be so lost now.At least, I have worked hard and seriously too, did not miss.She asked me: Do you understand this feeling?Frankly, for the love of the people, I have always been straightforward and straightforward, ask yourself, did not miss any feelings.But for the matter, I do have my own regrets.My memory will always have a white skirt, A-shaped waist, corner group has a cluster of elegant ink gardenia.That year I was probably 18 years old, saw this dress in the window, amazing.But I do not even have no courage to try, the price tag cards on clothes scared me stunned, it is not an ordinary family can afford college.Inquiries by telling her and I leave that day, many times I look back, look around skirt, secretly vowed in my heart that one day I want to earn enough money to buy this dress.I work very hard year, several students work part-time for several, also received the highest scholarship, spent about a year’s time, remove the overhead of ordinary life, had enough money to buy a skirt.But when I walked into the store, the chances that dress is not already, I did not even try on.This has been a great pity me a teenager, though a few years later, I bought almost the same dress in another city, but that the mood was very different, and there is always a feeling of melancholy.Probably because people are become of it may also be because always the best, so when young and then like things can not get, until not feel grown up and we have to have a rare, will find no meaning.But my heart will be cursed: MD, why can not it a little early.So those moments missed, can never rewind, become a permanent regret.Whether it is a friend like that person, or my favorite thing ever, is really good for a long time dummy, is a missed helpless.Such regret and frustration, we are experiencing every day.That day, you feel pretty poor mood, drank wine, a stomach, buried in the bottom of my heart wanted to speak out, just ready to open, but he received a phone call, so he came back to say you want to hear when you find those mind, mood nothing left to say.Only courage that moment, like a flame, the time it was extinguished, since it can only dim.Or, one day, you get encouragement of the most exquisite makeup, I want to go to him, to say: I love you.But he looked around, as if do not care.Only this moment, all you want to say, little by little sank.After later, there are some things you could not say, in later time, some people do not love you gradually.Until one day, he suddenly came in front of you, you find that he’s the phrase I love you not only unimportant, even people feel the irony.Because, no matter how good those years, he is not your cup of tea now, because at that time, you still not quite courage.No wonder Eileen Chang to say: known to be as early as possible, came too late, then not so happy happy.Yes ah, wait for old age, but also walk the walk, to sit safely over a lifetime, to stimulate so much, so much vigorous, his mother who bear ah.People and things, all the feelings of the world, the best time to have missed it go back.Like a person, as early as possible, do not wait tea cold, cold heart not wait.Aiming Ya wrote an article saying: Last year no matter how good the clothes, but also good enough for me this year.Similarly, last year the people, and how it will be worthy of this year’s mood.So, I always said to myself: take advantage of today, to take advantage of this moment, say want to say, people who want to love love.I do not like grinding mill chirp of the pass, I hate middle of the night feeling alone time: If we had.Woman between gain and loss, between fortune and misfortune, the difference is the timing of this, less of it is that courage.The more courageous, more regrets.Life, not so much had already gone into the space between If love most afraid consider.You know, like people 20 years of age, 30 years old come to tease you, do not call got what they wanted, but only read one sentence: the Bowl.- End – reply “good night” before going to send you a heart-warming words * Author: Lin Wan Central, columnist, wrote warm words of healing, too cool calm of life, and every girl together to find a password quality of life.New book “deep time, my heart elegant” is hot.Sina microblogging @ Lin Wan Central, micro-channel public number: Wan Central Women (ID: Apple1990-kun).▼ like a person, as early as possible.Like it a point