A real couple, will be repeated countless times these two things do not say you have not

管理 / 2018-12-29

A real couple, will be repeated countless times these two things do not say you were not husband and wife two things 1592 words long since four minutes recently popular circle of friends when recommended to read such a piece: the real marriage is that, sometimes, you love him, sometimes really I want to have shot him.Most of the time you buy a gun on the road met his favorite dish, buy food but forget to buy a gun.Then after a few days, I thought, no, I have to buy a gun…This sentence I suddenly recalled a scene: once, and mother watching a marriage program, a star couple said two people know 2078, did not mix over the mouth, how loving, etc..Mom then inserted the sentence: it is estimated that you are not far from divorce.At that time, I said to her, this look your mouth, do not say something nice Xing.Who knows, a few months, the couple parted ways really!Mom had to admire this vision!With mother’s words: the couple living in a home, how can pan does not touch the bowl thing, marriage is running out, the feeling is out to get along, Zuanjinquantou guess the other side, the distance across a river Guarantee.1 courteous marriage is the biggest lie there is a story: A young monk went to visit, they talk, they made an appointment to dinner at noon.During the meeting, the monk bowl pushed in front of the young man said: you eat a bowl of it!As usual reason that young people should be pushed back in front of the bowl monk to show respectful, but he did not even sometime a little, eat mouth.Monks see him, could not help frowned, thinking: I thought he was by nature not shallow, but actually not a bit understand etiquette!After eating, seeing the look of monk’s face, he smiled and asked the monk: You retain what my purpose is to?A monk: eat.Young pointed to the front of the empty bowl said: That you do not really enthusiastic?Dayton monks have realized: polite means hypocrites.When couples get together, too, if courteous in marriage, applying it as a goal, is in fact a disguised form of polite, courteous false.From this understanding: I prefer to believe a little Fei Qi between husband and wife, to go straight to say: do not lie on the couch playing with the phone, and carefully porcelain blind your eyes ah dog!Then very accurate throw you a pillow, drink come home late, his aging mother let you overnight at the door, the door was found, in fact, has long been ready to give you a bath, do not wear more cold days, you deserve to freeze to death and then you put on their coats to.Love’s in the dictionary, politely say no, we do not just want to strive life infinitely close to each other’s heart it?Finally, happy to live with each other left and right hands, pinch will be stinging!That is the most sensitive place of marriage.Courteous, treat than acquaintances warm, polite people than the family.The couple is used to accompany and bald, closer than family, closer than family man, hand, foot and congenial, people Erbinsimo.Once the barriers will be polite, respectful once would have reserved.Imagine if one day kind between husband and wife, love is kind polite as pie: I can do on you?That is what kind of situation, sex is there, there is interest in it?Farthest distance in the world, not life and death.But you and I have to go to bed, but especially what you put me into a kind guests!2 The so-called good marriage, not life without a fight, but a fight still life!Two people get along, not always calm, it is inevitable bumps; two people in the world, can not always kiss me, disagreement is inevitable.The more care, the more care about each other’s every move, a little dissatisfied, will be angry; the more value, the more care about each other’s words and deeds, have slightly perfunctory, sentimental heart will.Contradiction, because their own ideas, did not know each other; angry because their feelings, the other are unknown.Quarrel, was a hot head, blurted out the hard words, give each other a fatal pain; break up, it would be a fit of anger, loss of expression of reason, hit the pain of the other crucial.Then the Cold War, who do not turn to the.In fact, they are helpless, always want someone with a pet, just waiting for the other to take the initiative to coax; so silent, and do not say a.In fact, very sad, very I do not want to lose each other, and do not know how to reconciliation.And I do not want good, but pride refused to be contacted; do not want to repair, but stubbornly refused to admit defeat; do not want each other, but refused to bow reserved.Finally could not resist, and everyone began to miss, because no one who is accustomed to.Finally, still can not afford to boil, and no one wants to compromise, because in the end no one who can not do without.The pride of the people willing to lay down the initiative to speak, is the most reluctant of your people; people are willing to ease the personality always given way, is the most want to cherish you people!The so-called true feelings, not life do not fight, but a fight still life!What is marriage?Marriage is in real life collide comfortable running into each other’s way, not only are children, too busy and forget to care about gains and losses, to form a solid alliance in squabbles in a same boat, no blood the day after tomorrow relatives.Good marriage, is to expose weaknesses frankly in front of you, understand each other’s well-being, with other lonely, wind and rain under the eaves of a degree, two people enjoy understanding!If you are for the education of children thing to worry about, it is recommended that you add Jiaoziyoufang micro-channel public number: Jiaoziyoufang press can be copied to the micro-letter, add a friend, paste to follow, where two million parents and discuss your godson together method, worth having!This article is the original headlines Author.Without authorization, shall not be reproduced.