At night, sleeping on the shoulders of men hugged his wife, suddenly fondly

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At night, sleeping on the shoulders of men hugged his wife, affectionately suddenly asked: SRC = “HTTP: // mmbiz.qpic.CN / mmbiz / ORfkY1z3yF8yHsWWNKKenaJfajicBUkIv6wIDibAOKkTSXPGrnZNCEVUB6U4 OeMB1bRIwuLerib5AJ7hFbFsdFicMA / 0 “width = 644> evening, the man hugged his wife sleeping on the shoulder, suddenly affectionately Q: What is the greatest pain a woman?And loved ones separated.Afterwards he sad endless, I have asked: What is that woman’s greatest happiness is it?And their loved live happily together.As this is hiding in his arms, he looked on his shoulders every day to sleep.Dark night, a man’s tears quietly streaming out.  After a while another child, a man and calmly asked: Do you know what a man the greatest happiness and greatest pain is that right?Woman shook her head, squint fans thickly did not know.The man said slowly in addition to parents, men greatest happiness is to let their loved life happiness; the greatest pain is not and loved ones together.The woman just silly man in his arms.The next day, the man kissed his wife, said that he would go abroad for some time, and insisted that his wife sent him.Far, also saw his wife standing in the wind to their own waved, tears it down uproar  . A month later, the man came back, but bring back a beautiful woman.Wife hesitated, saying it is your colleague.The man looked at her frightened eyes and said, No, my lover.His wife was pale, his eyes filled with tears.Man relented, would like to say no, no, but refrained.Only indifferent to say that we divorce it.Ignorant woman lived, thought he got it wrong.The man said: Our divorce!Pretty woman pointing brought back to say: she is what I really want to find the man.Pretty woman suddenly turned away.In any case the wife is not confident in front of the scene: You said you would always love me! at last.Woman or pick up clothes, left the house.Pro go out, she took out to buy a new bottle of stomach medicine, he says you have stomach problems, they have to think of medicine.Man endured the pain of heart, will face torsional elsewhere.The woman cried, and yet they can not think of a man to love me a month ago, but now it has become so callous a.    In the women stormed away, the man and the tears rolling down, then burst into tears.That beautiful woman handed him a towel, said: catch up with her, she said, to understand, too late now.Man shook his head.    After three months, both signed their names on a divorce settlement, but the man immediately in front of the woman disappeared. In fact, at this time, a man has been unusually severe stomach cancer, are dependent on daily medication to maintain.Every time the onset of pain made him overwhelmed with sorrow.That beautiful woman is a doctor, I have been giving him medical treatment.Advised him, this is why it, without telling his wife, hiding in here endured mental and physical torture of dual.  The man said: Rather than sell off all her possessions in vain to save my life, so I might as well leave here quietly; her exhausting life of its affection to recall certain to leave, I might as well let her early off this infatuation continue life in the future. A man curled up in bed, groaning with pain, shouting his wife’s name day.That pretty female doctor asked what men wish, he said he wanted to see his wife face.When people go to his wife female doctor, she had left the city, who do not know where she went. Ten years later, he found a woman to love themselves and their love of men, but also gave birth to a lovely child.She took advantage of the opportunity to travel back to the love and hate that she Mingxinkegu city.This year she wants to find out why her husband can love another cruel to leave her within a month.She had asked himself many years. By neighbors message, she has finally found the less beautiful but still dignified woman doctor.Female doctor tears, she did not say anything, just took her to a cemetery Grass desolately, pointing to a tombstone that he had been ten years ago here. Female doctor tell a woman that I’m just a doctor of the hospital, in charge of the treatment of your husband’s illness.Before your husband has been hospitalized understand his illness is incurable, so he did not want to give him medical treatment while you drag.More because you do not want to miss him and delay your future life.So in his family begged me to do your third party.    Woman looking at the tombstone, tears rinse rinse down.She now understand why the man said: the greatest happiness of man is to allow people their loved ones a lifetime of happiness; the greatest pain is not and loved ones together. Cherish their loved one, and I see the tears, How about you friends see this log reproduced to log their own, you can always be happy and loved ones.    There are one thousand grain Tam, also three meals a day; there Qianwan Guan is also black and white one day; ten houses, also the couch one; Bai Cheng Po-car field, there is also a worry trouble; and office, but also to work every day; wives into group, but also a night of joy; delicacies, is also a pot; wealth, is also a thing of the past; much or how little, enough to pay enough.People ugly people beautiful, pleasing to the eye like.Few elderly people, like health.Poor family home rich gas is like.My husband comes home late, there is enough back.Nagging wife, Gu enough.Kids, will teach.Dr. Ye Hao, Ye Hao vegetables.Grow up, like peace of mind.House size, can live just fine. Not famous brand name, can wear just fine.Two four-wheel drive can be like.Bad boss, may be able to like.All the troubles, can answer just fine.Adhere to perseverance, to lay down the best.Human life, like peace.Not money, will be better.Well merciful heart, good life can change  .Who is right, like the weather, know.Salford Xiuhui, better afterlife.[Copyright] above stated sources: network, if infringement please contact deleted, we paid tribute to the original author.