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管理 / 2018-03-27

  Source: Designate president of Chinese People's Daily President Jin Liqun Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Xi Jinping put forward in October 2013 to build infrastructure investment bank in Asia (hereinafter referred to as "sub-investment bank") initiative, widely Asian economies outside the region response。 At present, 57 countries signed an intergovernmental agreement, there are many economies in Asia and elsewhere are joining。
After more than two years of intense preparation, Asian investment bank was December 25, 2015 formally established。 This is the first co-sponsored by the Asian developing countries and the leading multilateral development financial institutions。 Asian investment banks will follow efficient, streamlined, clean, clean principle, through loans, guarantees, equity investments and other financial instruments, we are committed to the Asian regional infrastructure and interconnection to promote regional economic integration and regional economic prosperity。
  More blood flow to promote global economic responsibilities of major Asian investment bank is: through the development of financial instruments, focus on promoting the construction of infrastructure and interconnection of the Asian region, to break the investment between the economies, trade and personnel exchanges barrier to drive investment growth promote trade and the world economy more blood flow, to build a broader, higher level, a deeper level of open regional economy and the world economy to provide basic security conditions。
This is the Chinese government to join the international community to build a new era of development and open world economy, stick to opening up, integration, and actively reflect the great development of the road。   Highlighting inclusive, Pratt & Whitney, joint development concept。
Asian investment bank is the first developing country dominated by the preparation of multilateral development finance institution owned by 75% of the members of the Asian region mainly developing countries in Asia and the emerging economies hold。
This will greatly enhance the voice and representation of these economies in the global economic and financial governance, to promote international economic cooperation equal rights, equal opportunity, equal rules, is a useful complement to the world's financial system and mechanisms of economic governance。 Asian investment bank build process to fully consider the strength of small economies and infrastructure investment and financing needs, drawing on existing good practice to multilateral financial institutions, ruled in favor of small economies in terms of equity, voting rights, currency and other capital to pay body equal consultation and full participation in flexible arrangements。 According to the share allocation mode as the fundamental basis of GDP, China is the largest shareholder of Asian investment bank。 But the Chinese government has repeatedly stressed that preparation in terms of Asian investment bank or in the future decision-making, management and operation phase, will be a consistent adhere to "jointly sharing" principle, China by no means a dominant, Asian investment bank is always all members co-owner of the multilateral development banks。 It is expected in the second quarter of 2016, Asian investment bank to provide financial support for the first major infrastructure projects。
This will greatly facilitate the construction of infrastructure especially in low-income economies of the developing countries in Asia, pushing its accelerated integration into the regional economic integration process, to share experiences with fruits and global development of the region and enhance its own development and emerging market economies with, joint development capacity in developed economies, the world economy development results to benefit more people。 This is what President Xi Jinping in many international occasions reiterated inclusive, Pratt & Whitney, joint development concept powerfully demonstrates, is to implement the 2030 sustainable development agenda to eradicate poverty, achieve common development of pragmatic action。
  Highlight win-win cooperation, innovation, the concept of sustainable development。 Preparation process AIIB shows the Chinese government and world peace and development cause highly responsible for the area, the courage to take on the attitude of solidarity, human community awareness of the fate of woe, to jointly build, promote world economic and financial system continue to improve the sincerity and ability。
Unanimously adopted by all the intention of the founding members of Asian investment banking business model of governance policy documents, clearly defines the major issues and bidding will be open global professional recruitment。
Asian investment bank to take this excellent absorption of resources and talent gathered around the world, continue to strengthen its capacity building, actively participate in the construction and improvement of mutual benefit and balance diverse, safe and efficient open economic system。
Innovation is the main driving force of the healthy development of Asian investment bank, to play an active role。 A founding member of both the serious intention to absorb good experience of existing multilateral development financial institutions, but also face up to its problems and lessons, seeking differentiated positioning, focused promotion of regional economic cooperation and integration。 In the efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, transparency, under the guidance of the goal clean, green and sustainable development, give full consideration to their respective advantages, innovatively designed governance structure and operational management decision-making mechanism of public and private sectors, and strive to become a high level AIIB the new multilateral development banks。 Asian investment banks actively seeking existing multilateral financial institutions and the various possible cooperation, and jointly promote the construction of infrastructure and interconnection of Asia and the broader developing economies and promote regional and global economy towards open, inclusive, cooperation, mutual benefit, joint action, innovation, sustainable development forward direction of Pratt & Whitney。   Features promote information infrastructure and interconnection investment Currently, the world economy has shown innovation and development, joint development of。 Science and technology innovation in a broad cross and the depth of integration in a wide range of countries to promote innovation in the development of economic cooperation。 On the intersection of the new technological revolution and industrial revolution, proposed by President Xi Jinping "along the way" initiative has aroused strong resonance, the effective series convergence from the development strategy and plan economies along the route, merging innovative new growth and development pattern is the rapid formation。 Xi Jinping said: "The new round of technological and industrial revolution is creating a historic opportunity," "The Internet is increasingly becoming a pilot power of innovation-driven development"。 This means that in order to network infrastructure as the main information infrastructure and interoperability, has become a key element in accelerating economic development mode and the old and new power conversion, promote strategic adjustment of economic structure, promoting regional and world economic growth and an important support for innovation。
Based on this, Asian investment bank to promote the construction of information infrastructure and interconnection investment as the starting point, to strengthen the technical cooperation of Internet sharing, promoting regional and world economic integration, to promote a new round of technological revolution and the development of innovative play its due role。
  Asian investment bank to support the construction of information infrastructure has an advantage。
Currently, the Internet based on the new industry and new formats with each passing day, produced a huge demand for information infrastructure construction。 As a new multilateral financial institutions established in the 21st century, Asian investment bank born in the information age, with the inherent advantages of Internet technology based on innovative thinking and promote information infrastructure。 Meanwhile, the Asian investment bank can draw on existing multilateral development finance institution operation for many years of lessons, give play to advantages。 Combining the advantages of both, to improve the governance mechanisms for the Asian investment banking, innovative business management models to determine target investment support, optimize project selection and layout provide important protection。 Asian investment banks will give full play to the advantages, support the establishment of a multilateral, democratic and transparent international Internet governance system to support work together to build peace, security, openness, cooperation cyberspace; carefully study the Chinese government's "Internet +" action plan proposed by the EU "digital single market program," Internet and digital development plan majority of developing economies raised effectively support the implementation of these programs and promote regional cooperation in particular the development of the Internet "along the way" economies along。   Key investment information and related infrastructure areas。 On the one hand, information infrastructure and its interconnection with due inputs。
Many members AIIB attention include fixed broadband networks, especially cross-border land communications cable submarine cable, wireless sensor networks, satellite services, next-generation mobile communication network and Internet facilities, facilities of Things, cloud computing and big data platform investment and construction of facilities and other areas of information infrastructure。
Future Asian investment bank board of directors will be based on the needs of developing members to develop appropriate business policy, boosting the popularity of the Internet in developing countries, bridging the digital divide, to break the information barriers, foster new economic growth, shared economic and social development outcomes。
On the other hand, planned, systematic give the relevant fields of infrastructure and interconnection to focus on investment and appropriate support, including transportation roads, bridges, waterways, ports, aviation, power transmission especially in power grid construction and upgrades energy infrastructure reconstruction, oil and gas pipelines, wind, hydro, nuclear, solar, biomass power generation, power storage, distribution and other areas of new clean energy infrastructure, urban water supply, drainage and sewage, garbage and other urban infrastructure as well as heating and cooling field facility areas, water-saving irrigation and other rural infrastructure, agriculture, warehousing and distribution and other logistics infrastructure equipment in the field, etc.。
These entities support infrastructure and intelligent transformation projects, both to promote the use of the Internet in these fields, and promote the Internet penetration in these areas and the broader industry, the use of the Internet to enhance the breadth, depth of。 Online and offline mutual promotion and mutual integration, we will continue to birth "along the way" along the new and global economic growth, promote win-win cooperation for sustainable development。   Financial Services is committed to the development and integration of Internet technology。 Financial institutions themselves convenient, efficient and safe operation, is the prerequisite and foundation giving strong support for its long-term investment projects, which is inseparable from scientific applications of Internet technology。
Aspects of Asian investment banking beginning of construction, we are committed to building a number of multilateral development financial institutions, opening will use information technology tools to analyze big data and cloud computing technology, continue to strengthen the search for project, project evaluation, implementation, evaluation results and other information network , automated, systematic gathering capabilities; information to achieve operation of the project focused on the whole process, integration, sharing, analysis application; improve the timeliness of decision-making, accuracy and effectiveness。
On this basis, the development of rich and appropriate financial products, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, control risk, expand service side, enhanced support for targeted investment credit。
Carefully study the lessons of existing multilateral financial institutions and major financial institutions lessons in Internet applications design technology, and strive to build a bank to cover the whole process of management information technology support system in a new starting point and a higher level, to create financial services new templates and integration of the development of Internet technology。
  In order to better promote the construction of information infrastructure and Internet technology upgrading, Asian banks will be in line with inclusive, open, open and transparent principles, actively seek and welcome the Governments of Member States, relevant agencies and the private sector to discuss and carry out various forms of cooperation ; also welcomes the economy has not yet Jia Ruya investment bank in the relevant institutions and companies to follow international practice, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with Asian investment bank, to jointly promote economic and social development, ecological protection, cultural exchange and prosperity, and jointly promote the sustainable development of global balanced and continuously enhance the well-being of the people of various countries。   (The author is Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President Designate)。