Beak Lee III

管理 / 2019-01-26

Legend, there is a small village folk to rock surnamed Li, named Lee III.One pair of parents and two brothers have been blast died, the family was too poor to no food overnight, people rely on him alone to collect firewood for a living on a thousand mountains.He fearless, good record straight, as long as the main money to bully people, he went to judge, but he who can argue, local people gave him the nickname beak Lee III.Eight miles Township, mention beak Lee III, are stretched thumb head.  The village built a hell palace, set the eighth day of the first month for the annual big temple.That year, the temple is very busy, everyday, men and women, have come to the temple pilgrimage.Lee three also come with beak hall.He not only did not burned incense and bowed, but on the spot teasing those ladies pilgrims and heartless evil face charity.It is also offended that even Yan Wangye.Yan Wangye see the judge called the book of life and death, life number three Lee beak the 72-year note, Yan Wangye insist judge changed twenty-seven, settled in June that year to capture the Lee III netherworld, pending sentence.  Blink of an eye six months later, Yan Wangye it sent four when the poor kid, they called the day of the quarter to noon will be brought to justice Lee III.This big noon, damp and sultry day, Lee III is the next big willow south pit sitting enjoy the cool air, unwittingly stumbled and fell asleep leaning against a tree, a ghost who served up tied him up and put a pocket, etc. to a quarter to noon, he will be thrown into the pit and drowned.At this point, aside four kid will spend an hour playing cards.  At this time, there is a bad scar eye son to catch a flock of sheep, passing from here.A look at a person in his pocket, and asked: Who are you?How it was installed in his pocket?Lee thirty-one, the local moneylender’s henchman bad scar eye, replied: I am here to cover their bad scar eye, like a cover.Potamogeton a bad scar, said: you come out, I will cover all right, gentleman oblige, let you cover for a bar.Bad scar Potamogeton unlock the pocket, let Lee III crawl out, he slowly got in.Lee had a three pocket plunged tight on his flock back home.  To a quarter to noon, four kid did not ask 7 March 21, will rack up pocket, splash, thrown into a pit to.Then, the kid went back to the temple, to pay the difference to the Yan Wangye.  Hades has been to see the hour, but could not see Lee III came to report, they also sent that kid to Lee three in four for news.Four kid just entered the Lee III’s gate, I saw Lee III are sheep, a kid say: We do not throw you into Nam gone, how alive it?Lee III said: Wow, that Nam under but a paradise, there is a building full of bright tile roofs, everywhere gold and silver.These days, I made a mutton addiction, I do not want other treasures, only to catch up with this flock.This does not, I’ve killed a friends.Were a kid, you want to see the scenery under the bottom of the pit, a kid say: Can you take us to see it thinking?Lee III said: Well, I put you all tied up, thrown into the pit, you can see the quasi-fill, you can also get a lot of baby mile!Four little devil promised.In this way, Lee three they tied up, thrown into the pit and drowned.  An hour later, but not echo Hades, also sent a message asking to go ghost tip Ding.Lee III, appeared sharp Ding had a ghost, went next door to the king carpenter busy at home, to just swim bladder Aohao pot, pour in the end to the door of the house pestle nest.That tip Ding Ding pointed ghost because, love to sit pestle JINWOZI, Lee III will let him sit down and pull fox.Ding pointed ghost just have not had time to sit down and put down to business, to see Lee III brandish a whip sheep came.Ding pointed Ghost momentum is not good, think of it running, but he’s Ding was stuck swim bladder, where also afford to stand?!Lee III will use a whip Ding ghost sighting sharp about face and drawing up pits sharp Ding called ghost bellowed, struggling, ripped off two meat Ding, a slip of the wind and ran away.Ding Yan Wangye see sharp miserable askew like a ghost, nor crying, nor laugh, also sent bald ghost to go catch Lee III.  After a while, Li three to see the bald ghost, carpenter He also borrowed a drill.Bald Ghost shouted: Lee III!You get to do drill?Not quickly follow me!Lee III said: Please wait a minute, I went to the king bald hair safety, security, etc. I just finished hair to go with you.Bald ghost touched the shining scalp, happy, he said, This is OK, but I have to give complete security, to give people security.Lee III promised him, put the bald ghost tied to a pillar, with a drill on his scalp drill up.This is where bald ghost bear, pain fierce jump, pull up the post.He toting wooden pillars, drill head, fled to the palace of hell.Hades look, even the blood boil, and loudly shouted: just a bunch of waste!This time, Yan Wangye personally, to go catch Lee III.Yan Wangye came to the edge of Nam Hang, Lee III is rolling on the grass cattle pit.Hades shouted: Li three bold, sir, I repeatedly send someone to arrest you, why you do not, what tie the grass cattle in handy, not quick to go with me!  Lee III said: Yan Wangye, you do not look down my head cow grass, it is a sacred cow, run particularly fast.Ride it a mantra, it will run up, but also good luck, avoid misfortunes miles.Hades heard, believed, and asked how this spell read the law.Lee III said: mantra is this: pat; go eight hundred.Pressing a walk ten thousand.Pull the pull asshole, crossing the river over the sea.  Yan Wangye thought: I misjudged a lot of cases, one day, committed a crime, Jade can not Qingrao.If the grass With this head of cattle, misfortunes, and ride will be able to escape, this nice ah!Thought of this, he said to Lee three: If you could give this classic cow me, let you live, do you think?  Lee III said: can Yes, sir, but on one condition.Yan Wangye said: What is the conditions, quickly speak to!  Lee III said: my cow, I wear only know that if I do not wear clothes, ride it, do not listen to your beck and call of.Classic willing to try, put your change into clothes with me for a while.Hades nodded in agreement, and then Lee III for a wearable.Who knows Yan Wangye to ride a cow grass, grass that the cattle suddenly step on the rack, Yan Wangye was cast in a small pit.He got up from the water, have a look at Lee III ran towards the direction of the temple, Yan Wangye catching up on the past.Lee III came to the palace of hell, just so steady on the throne, Yan Wangye chase into the hall began to argue with Lee III.Yan Wangye see a little kid sentence askew bear-like, something must have confused.Arguing for a long time, let Li three seat hall.Lee pleaded Hades had three clothes back to him, the throne to come out, what conditions have to be agreed.Lee III said: I do not want to be here when the evil Hades, you quickly put a thin life and death brought me, gave me the change altered to Come.Hades had to let the judge hands out of the book of life and death, so look over Lee III.Lee III Lo, let the judge to change all the time that life extension bully bully people short number of years, for those good people can benefit of the people, gave life extension extended number of years.And arrange judge shall not tamper with, otherwise, he would do the King of Hell, one by one child rule their sins.  Hades and judge who served and ghosts, again and again nodded yes.Lee III and Hades changed his dress, his throne.Paipaipigu ran.