Beans maid’s story

管理 / 2019-02-02

Hongwu 14 years (AD 1382) spring day, Xu Da Wei Guo Yan suddenly came to the palace, Meet the 17-year-old Yan Wang Zhu Di.  Da is who?Zhu Di very clear mind.The grand marshal his troops and horses Fu Huang Zhu Yuanzhang men, busy from Shanhaiguan to the capital, first came to visit him after the king face St., is for what he knew: the eldest daughter Xu Ying Da, the annual party 9.28 has reached the age of unmarried, he let Fu Huang Da Prince, optionally in the congregation in a do-law.Because of his similar age and Xu Ying, Xu Da so first came to visit him.It is nominally visit, in fact, in the study the election law ah!  This opportunity was too good oh!Zhu Di Da necessarily want to pick on him.Xu Ying Zhu Di he looks Biyuexiuhua not love Buxia.To be honest, even Xu Ying Zhu Di look fat or thin do not know, not to mention beautiful is not beautiful.He thinks the key is to do this Xu Da’s son is too important for him.Zhu Di in 24 because he though it is the fourth of the prince, but because of his mother’s former Hong Ji thorn wives Yuan Shun Di’s sake, he feels inferior in all the old prince in.If marriage with Alex, do high position, won the high regard of his Fu Huang Xu Da’s son, invisible will enhance his position in the court of Zhu Di.  Zhu Di Da tea and chat, surnamed beans maid constantly add water gets bigger and bigger in the bowl.  Two people talk very speculative, unknowingly over an hour, this tea to drink light, Zhu Di casually told: get a new tea.Beans maid came quickly reaching the end of the bowl in front of Xu Da.  Clatter a sound, a small bowl out in several, in the tea suddenly spilled on Xu Da Guanpao.  Damn slaves!Beans maid suddenly dropped to his knees, his face sallow, body shivering.  Da not heard anything about this incident, Zhu Di wanted to get angry, but see Xu Da Shenqingziruo, in order to show their generosity, but frown Bai Zhaoshou said: up, up!Down, down!  Palace according to the rules: Human occurrence of such errors, while stick to death; also Duoqu ranging from a finger, a punishment!After the beans maid quit the palace hall, housekeeper immediately let the guards of beans maid torture in accordance with the rules of palace!  Guards just want to chop off the hands of the sword, that suddenly sounded behind him shouted: Slow!I looked up and saw that it was Daoyan monk.  Amitabha!Good, good!Good, good!Daoyan declared strike chanted, that is to say to the palace butler, maid put the beans back, this is the meaning of the king.  After leaving the Da Yan Palace, Zhu Di Daoyan Bianxiang told him Shanzizuozhu put beans maid of things.Zhu Di Daoyan move breaking the rules because of his palace, the heart a little unhappy, but he depends on a lot of things Daoyan to plan, the matter Daoyan has done, what he is not good to say, had to say: Since large Master for my sake, that the matter would depend you now.  Time such as water, an instant 23 years later.This year, the emperor died.According to Zhu Yuanzhang given holy, Ming throne to the eldest son.Can the emperor’s eldest son Zhu Biao first emperor died, the eldest son Zhu Zhu Yunwen lunch the subject of the emperor, that the emperor in history.  Zhuyun Wen emperor of the blame, many of his uncle Prince did not mention too many objections.Can Zhuyun Wen was afraid of his uncle Prince soldier dead weight, a threat to his throne, came to the throne at the beginning, we accept the proposal Qi Tai, Huang Zicheng and other ministers, decreed cut fan, strengthen the centralization.  Our throne, seal Fu Huang, Fu Huang camp guard soldier, he Zhuyun Wen Zhashui Cancel to cancel it?Zhou, Hunan, on behalf of, Qi, Min, and several princes out to shallow Ayutthaya fierce opposition.  Do not respect holy to kill!Zhuyun Wen angrily, to show their supreme authority of the emperor, decreed kill the week, Gordon, on behalf of, Qi, Min kings, the kings of the rest want a cool feeling whizzing around his neck when decapitated, do not dare foul-mouthed.Zhu Di’s policy to cut fan heart also simmering sub-air, but he kings of Ayutthaya relative to other deeper, calm and collected surface does not say anything, but secretly in its own way, keep enrollment Guard, build weapons, ready at last resort when blockbuster, the great nephew and his fight on a fight.  Yan Wang Zhu Di duplicity, deliberate rebellion, must kill!Bingbushangshu close outs to Zhuyun Wen Qi Thai.Because Yan Ge Cheng Nagao palace secretly went to Nanjing from Beijing to report the facts Yan Wang Qi Thai prepare rebellion.This makes the emperor surprise, he had to take action on the surface of the honest uncle.  According to the emperor’s will, Bingbushangshu Qi Zhang Xin Tai to Beijing Douzhihuishi eight hundred urgent messenger: the immediate arrest of Zhu Di, the capital escorted face St.!  Zhang received a letter fierce urgency of this command, straight in the eye, and also a big head!He really difficult to have a good decision is to catch Zhu Di, or do not do a good job!This is because he Douzhihuishi dual leadership, both directly hang the Ministry of War, but also by the king restraint, should a land tax and the king are supplied, which are directing the post after the king or strongly recommended when on, he can the hand that feeds you arrest the king?Not arrested, defy the decree, and the king will sit in a counter-boat, the fix will Zhumie clan ah!  That day, Zhang was ordered letter indecision, has yet to start work.  I believe children have any thoughts?At home his mother see Zhang Xin sullen son, he asked Shunzui.  No, no.Zhang Xin looked at the mother, not telling the truth.Zhang is believed to be a dutiful son, he did not want twenties widowed, pull endured sufferings of his adult mother to worry about him.Moreover, this court event, illiterate mother said to listen to what use is it?