Bear population rest of his life

管理 / 2019-02-08

Eight hundred Funiushan maybe I was the only group out of a donkey.  A dense mass of silent forests, round moon outline the landscape, driven to distraction mood pallid, which are like a stream unheeded cry into the lake.  Furrowed brow knife knife mountain rocks, fallen leaves decay, went up foot deep shallow kick, empty heart firmly no foundation, I subconsciously bind tightly holding the shoulders of the jacket called a charcoal stove Way back, the original Greenfield green water attractions, has become a prison at this time.  Fortunately, I have not heard the story often mentioned howl, did not hear the cry of an owl that’s creepy, but does have insects have not lump a ride to play with, one point among the dead gift apprehensive.  Moon Shadow West Ramp, sleepy beat my head from time to time, between the bow and looked up, his eyes cast unknowingly sleep.Trance there was a stench in the nose like an oven Tim arch my face, between horror, a greedy black bear being looked at his supper, I Mother ah, so I have not said so, all of a sudden the soul from the body loosed.  I do not know is what insect bite, or icy mountain woke up, tentatively opened his eyes, and perhaps really as legendary as bears do not eat food will not move.Four weeks empty, tree or trees, or those wind wind, with deadpan.  I tried to get up, but the calf that had melted effort, then I thought, this forest do not know when there will be more and bigger danger, therefore, do not know where it came from the spirit of supporting, actually stood up and casually find a stick, looking down the road.  Groping forward less than 50 meters away, a dull growl came from the left, shed by the moon, a black bear is slowly came up to me, I do not know how, and I would calm them, I I did not think so much, what is there after all the relatives and friends of all, just want to get rid of that head demon Zayang.  Xu is my rock figure so that the first black bear excited again, which significantly accelerated the pace, it is the moment, instinct told me to run, but I never ran black bear.Looking for a tree, only to climb the tree to avoid this disaster, for me, the disaster than the 2012 Earth disaster prophecy to be more terror.  God helps me too!Two meters away a crooked neck tree just as I loved ones standing there.  At this time, the black bear also target fast forward swiftly.A bear attack, “thorn friends” sound, are like a sharp knife drew a knife in my back, my jacket was apparently torn beast, panic in his left foot in a shoe off, rub rub rub three times five in addition to two pounced on the tree, really convinced myself, there are so original talent, if held what if the international tree-climbing competition, I definitely want to break the tournament record.  Lying on the tree in shock, but finally took a deep breath, I glanced at the tree’s enemy, it was looking up at their prey, do not know what it wants.Anyway, I will not say dead under the tree.  Time is ticking ticked away, I most want to see the scene appeared, suddenly, it actually black bears climbing branches also came to climb, and I except to go to a higher place, where it can, duo shiver winded toward a thick side branches to climb, although it would only bear clumsy body, but the tree is very deft, which I did not expect.  Thinking is, how can we let the hand of delicious, maybe it was considering my thighs do is eat, or to bite my arm.Perhaps proudly whispered: “sample, and I do on the game tree, you have a little tender.”Trunk is getting smaller, I have nowhere to run.  Such a large mountain no one actually save my people, stop stop stop, order the case.Thought of this, take a deep breath and think firmly God, may originally trembling legs still trembling, uncontrollable stress makes me shake in horror branches.  Bears a step by step approach, tree branches as it advances in constant shaking, and my weight when it is concentrated in the Okanagan branches, I could hear the brittle branches crackling sound, then, to survive the desire I had an idea, I stomped on the trunk kept shaking up.  Bird animals must also be fear, stopped squirming body, glanced at the front of the mouth of the approaching prey, like a dark hill no more.  I am still shaking branches quickly, and perhaps the temptation is far greater than the risk, the bear actually came at me quickly.Fracture of crackling branches seem harsh but startling in the silence of the mountains, at that moment, I quickly climbed the branches closest to me, that is, at the same time, a roar, Flanagan sticks no longer afford not to live weight and thus the trunk and shaken vigorously and separated.  Bird black bear crashed landed, it was presumably the hill like the skeleton of these woods smashed sore pain.