Bear tugged at me because she was afraid that I hurt

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That year I was four, you are sent to the remote mountain village to support education, when you go, you Dad and ferocious fights.He said you’d rather go to the backcountry to teach those Changeling, nor her own son.Dad said, if you must leave, he would divorce you.  As a result, you really gone.Before leaving you hugged me, took off my necklace around his neck to put on.  I asked when you go home, you thought, draw a horizontal line on the wall.You say, wait for you to grow so high, my mother came back.  I believe you, standing straight foot of the wall every day, looking at that road horizontal line.One day, I found that it was gone, crying.Father angrily hit me, he said I would never do not grow so high horizontal line, said you do not want me.  You go half a year later, my father brought home an aunt, he asked me to call her mother, and then I called up.  I was ten years old, you actually come back, you dark and thin, as if the whole body cover with a layer of dust.My mom and how can you do together?She was so pretty, young, still with a touch of fragrance.  But you call out my name, I conditioned reflex by pushing you, loudly say, Who are you, you are not allowed into my house.  Dad came back from the supermarket to buy food, he stared at you.Dad said, quickly called her mother.  I opened my mouth, actually blurted out, aunt.  Later, you again came to the door, I posted on the door overheard your conversation: writing has always been his weakness, I would like to tutor him.Once a week, scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  I think you do take advantage of the weekend remedial classes, there will be a lot of kids listening to you, in fact, only one person.You rented a small house, I entered, they saw a picture hanging on the wall a large photo.It is our group photo, and you took me in his arms, crying my mouth open look very ugly.This is the only photo you take, follow you for many years.  You come up with a lot of snacks, I feel like, but hesitated.I said, my dad would not let chaos take other people’s stuff.You surprised a moment, then eyes with tears.You say that I’m someone else do?I quietly open a pack of plum, including the one that is very sour, it has been acid to the heart.  To tell the truth, that you put terrible lesson.You also left me a worse essay topic: my mom.  I handed over the written essay, your eyes are very bright, I can not wait to open.Down line by line to see the light in your eyes become dim gradually, I write not you.You laugh very reluctantly, you ask, is it true?  I nodded..You gently sigh, relieved that I.You said, in fact, I quite envy her, I want to do but can not do something, she does it all done.  You’re being sent to the West to teach, after three years back, are you afraid of me sad, so I walked out.  I was mad to learn, only to meet with you as soon as possible.Two years later, I was admitted to a university in Beijing high marks.I was 18 years old, my father also higher than half a brain, I should form a strong little man.I think I finally grew up, then you can take care of you.  That summer, I no longer contain himself anxious mood, pestering my father took me to see you in West.Then, my father shed tears.  He quietly took me to a hill was short, pointing to a raised mound that your mother here.  I am reminded of a very old legend, two identical women say their own children, they were pulling the child’s arm, no one let go.  God said, you grab it, who send their children to pull over, who is his mother.  Finally, God looked at the empty hands of woman, child, she is your mother.Because she was afraid of your pain, you could not bear tugged.  I also understand that, so many years, why do you never once and dad fight me.You put all the pain gave myself left me, only printed on the letterhead of faint writing, and my chest While olive-shaped pendant.  I put it off, buried in the mound.It is close to my heart for many years, my body temperature above the ironing, the ironing I miss all of you, all the love.Mom, I gently call, you hear me?