Beard said ①

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After saying beard ① summer swim for a while Chang ②, more than a month, came back Hulihutu.Know a friend asked me: “What do you say there?”This way, I naturally recall Li Chang, I remember seeing a lot of poplar, a large pomegranate tree, tract drink a lot of water of the Yellow River.However, these have nothing to talk about it?I then said: “There is no how.”He then went to waste, however, I still lived waste, however, is nothing to feel ashamed of ‘help in the field’ ③ friends.  After a cup of tea today, we read, dip a little water on the book, I know that upper lip beard began to grow again.If you flip through “Kangxi”, upper lip, lower lip, cheek next to a variety of beard on his chin, about posthumous name has a special strike law, ④ but I do not have such unique leisure.All in all, this beard began to grow again, as usual, I have to cut short his first lest dip soup with water.Then find out mirror, scissors, to cut the hands, which is aimed at his upper lip and the upper edge is flush, the official script into a word.  I cut one side, and the side Quehu remembered Chang, remembering my youth, sent to the endless emotion.Chang thing, no longer remember very clearly, some indeed are traveling Confucius Temple, when including a house, hung with Indian paintings, Li two ⑤ like, there are emperors like, of which one is brought in or what were I can not remember, in short, is wearing a robe, beard and tilt upward.So a scholar resolutely said: “This is the Japanese fake, you see this is a Japanese-style beard beard.”Indeed, their beards indeed the case Alice, they may not not fake brought in portrait or what were, but faked portrait Chinese emperor and must be a mirror to his beard for the French, the bizarre it means and thought, described as “beyond outside Yibiao” ⑥ the.Qing Emperor Qianlong, the Emperor Huang Yi Liang temple unearthed stone portrait to ⑦, the man’s beard multi Alice; we now see the believers as ⑧ Northern Wei Tang Buddhist statues of the bearded where also many Alice, until yuan and Ming’s portrait, beard probably the center of the earth by the suction effect, drag on to the following.Japanese afraid to repeat itself trouble, Zizi engrossed to make this a lot from the Han to Tang fake antiques, be buried in the ruins of the mountains deep valley wasteland China’s Qilu Yan Jin Qin Long Basu’s?  I thought dragged under the beard touches Mongolian, is caused by the Mongols, but our clever celebrities but as the quintessence.Japanese students studying in Japan because of hate, he charmed in Dayuan, said “At that time if non Tianxing, this island has long been exterminate us!”⑨ then dragged under the beard is considered the quintessence equally acceptable.And yet how are the children of the Yellow Emperor?How can people say that the people of Taiwan beat China in Fujian ⑩ is slavish?  I had wanted to argue, but I do not want to argue the immediate.Study in Germany patriot X Jun, – because I forgot his name, tentatively to Generation X, the – since married a Japanese woman, so for them promoting their harm is not to say my slander China, is not it?But just give me the previous few shortcomings China, the street is expected to implicate “Jiannei” changed nationality, not to mention the problem now is on Japan?Fortunately, even if brought in or what were the bearded mask some unrighted wrong, that does not mean there are floods, earthquakes there, there is a big coherent.So I nodded and said: “hum, hum, yes.”Because I really seem much more slick than previously, and – good.  I cut the tip of his beard left Albert, think, Shaanxi people worry about labor, prepare a meal of money, with car ⑾ carrier, loaded with a boat, pulled by mule train, truck-mounted automatic, please go to Chang’an to lecture about Wan although I could not imagine a fatal disaster for absolutely no little things, he refused to directly express their opinions, only “Om, Om, yes,” the strike.They are simply deceived the.  I again toward his face in the mirror, look set right mouth, the tip of the right cut beard, scattered on the ground, to think of my youth – it is already saying that about sixteen years of strike.  I returned home from Japan, the mouth or what were brought in to keep the upward tilt like beard, sitting in the boat, and the boatman chat.  ”Sir, you speak Chinese very well.”Later, he said..  ”I am Chinese, and is a fellow with you, how would.”” Ha ha ha, you will say this gentleman joke.”I remember that time I do anything, indeed than to see X-Jun communications to more than ten times.I did not carry with genealogy, indeed we can not prove that I am a Chinese.Even with a family tree, but with only one name, there is no picture, we can not prove that my name is.Even with the portrait, the Japanese will fake stone from the Han to Tang, were brought in portrait or whatever, do not fake a partial family tree woodblock it?  Where is the truth in order for the joke to joke to tell the truth to the joke is a joke, only one way: just do not speak.  So I will no longer speak.  However, it would help if now, I have to say about: “Om, Om,.Okay how the weather today?.What is the name of the village over there?.”Because I really seem much more slick than previously, and – good.  Now I want to change my nationality boatman, and probably different X Jun Takami.The reason is that only strike beard, mustache because I often suffer from.  The country will die, the quintessence of home is not small, but as long as the quintessence of a lot of home, this country would not die.Quintessence of the Homeless, who also saved quintessence; and quintessence who is also my beard.Although it does not know what is “logical” method, but at the time of the facts Queshiruci.  ”How do you learn the Japanese way, both physical stature, beard and so,.”A quintessence of home and the Patriots sent an article on Hong Chong Yee later, it reached a conclusion.  Unfortunately, I was still a boy does not know the ways of the world, so angrily argued.First, my body is only in this way would have been high, what is not deliberately trying to foreigners with compression machines, made him a little, pretending to UN demands.Second, my beard, the same is true of many Japanese and, although I have not yet studied the history of their beard style changes, but have seen portraits of ancient pieces, not upwards, but outwards, down, and our national essence almost.After the Restoration, but he stuck up, and that is to learn about the German.You see Kaiser Wilhelm beard, not the finger Yanshao, parallel and bridge of the nose to make it positive?Although he later burned because of smoking one side, both sides had to cut the level.But in Japan, the Meiji Restoration ⒄, he has not been on this side fire..  This is an excuse to be about two minutes, but the solution can not anger the quintessence of the home, because Germany is the foreign devils, and the status of my body and little peace.The situation is very quintessence home a lot, and very unified opinion, so I excuse it very often, but the total is not valid, a back, two back to back to ten, a dozen times, even I myself feel bored and cumbersome up.Bale Moreover, modified beard glue used oil are also rare in China, I would let things slide from.  After run its course, both ends of the beard on the show border phenomenon ⒀ to heart, and so also the ground right angle of ninety degrees.Quintessence family really no longer speak, or China has saved strike.  But then he recruited offensive reformers, so it should be.I then divided into sparse, one back, two back, and even many times, even I myself feel bored and cumbersome up.  About four or five years, or seven or eight years before the strike, I sit in the clubhouse, the theft of my beard sad unfortunate situation, so you have to study the reasons for his slander, and suddenly understood why, knowing that the seeds whole on the tip of both sides.Then remove the mirror, scissors, a flat cut immediately, so that he did not bend, it is difficult dragged, the official script as a word.  ”Ah, your beard so the?”Someone had also asked.  ”Wu Wu, my beard so the.”But he did not talk.After I do not know whether it is because could not find two tips, so lost, according to the argument, or my beard, “so”, it assumes responsibility for the survival of the Chinese.In short I would never have peace of until now, the troublemakers, it must always Shear.  October 30, 1924.  ① Benpian was originally published in the December 15, 1924 “Tattler” magazine fifth.  That ② Xi’an Chang’an.July 7, 1924, at the invitation of Northwestern University, left Beijing to Xi’an, stresses “the changes of history Chinese novel” for the school and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education jointly organized the summer school, August 12 return to Beijing.  ③ “help in the field” language, see “The Analects of Confucius Gongye Chang”: “sensitive and eager to learn, help in the field.”.  ④ “Kangxi” in the names of various beard is: upper lip is called “mustache”, the lower lip is called “Tiao”, called “beard” next to the cheeks, chin, called “folds”.”Kangxi”, Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi Zhang Feng books compiled a dictionary, fifty-five years of Kangxi (1716) print and publish.Forty two volumes, income forty-seven thousand and thirty-five word.  ⑤ Li two (1629-1705) name [Yu page], the word Zhongfu, number two, Zhouzhi people, clear philosophers.Author of “The Four Books reflexive” and other.  ⑧ “beyond outside Yibiao” It is illogical statements Lin Qinnan article.Lin Qinnan, who was attacked new literary authors therefore advocate the vernacular, because they do not understand classical sake; therefore advocates the vernacular of those who often refer to them classical sentence does not make sense, and to laugh.  ⑦ Huang Yi (1744-1801) the word Big Easy, No. Komatsu, Zhejiang Renhe (now Hangzhou) people, Qing Dynasty stone collectors.Author of “small stone text Penglai Pavilion” and other books.Han Wu Liang shrine stone portrait, Wu Jiaxiang County in Shandong home Vu Thi Han Dynasty tomb stone chamber in the mountains, ancient walls engraved portraits and strange birds and animals and other things, one of the representative works of the Han Dynasty stone art.Mingcheng Song “stone recorded” had record.Later, due to changes in the river, not silt soil; Qianlong fifty-one years (1786) autumn, Huang Yi had to dig the stone chamber where the number at more than twenty portraits of stone, and “Wu spots monument”, “Vu Thi Que Ming Shi” and other.  ⑧ believers like our country starting from the Three Kingdoms, people believe in Buddhism, often invested in temples and statues carved cliffs or shape; sometimes also comes with sculpting during their funders like, called believers like.  ⑨ refers to the Yuan soldiers invasion of Japan regarding failures.Yuan Yuan seventeen years (1280), Kublai Khan ordered his troops Fan Wenhu so on more than 100,000 Japanese invasion.July the following year, scoring the Japanese island of Hirado.According to the “New Yuan Shi, Japan Biography” is written, the situation was very tense in Japan: “The Japanese warships small, before the enemy can not attack later who are defeated, the people agitated in the country, no city Tiao meters.Japan’s main pro-eight streamers temple to pray, and declared life in the sixth shrine, begging to put their lives on behalf of national calamity..A new moon in August, hurricanes masterpiece, (Yuan army) are destroyed ships capsize.”⑩ refers to the tragedy happened in Fuzhou.See page 293 of this volume Note ③.Taiwan was still under Japanese occupation, in this incident, but also to participate in Taiwan’s rogue.  ⑾ here “car” that train; hereinafter “automatic car”, namely car.Japanese names are.  ⑿ Meiji Restoration in 1868, Japan’s Emperor Meiji mastered the state power, ending the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate, the implementation of which are conducive to the development of capitalism reform.The nature of the bourgeois reform movement, known as the Meiji Restoration.  That trend ⒀ adjoin heart center; adjoin the heart of the phenomenon, it is that both sides of the upper lip should be pointed downward drag down.